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  1. I managed to get everything working its really fast and I LOVE IT! BUT it only works if I connect to my "fault-tolerance (active-backup) IP not the "main ip" ? I have tried so many things but this is the only one working, any idea to why? and how I can change the priority for Wireguard? Network setup: eth4 Wireguard: Any suggestions?
  2. Just tried to reproduce this, and if I stop the array I get the new key error again.... So right now I have to do a reboot if I want to stop the array But after a full reboot again I get the normal write Key and start Array
  3. After upgrading to the new RC4 and doing a stop and start of the array I get this: After a stop it asks for a new key? Diag file: plexzone-diagnostics-20191029-1016.zip UPDATE: Did a reboot and it came back asking for the key and I could start.....haven't seen that before :-)
  4. Sorry no that didnt work spoke too soon
  5. SORRY spoke to fast Update No that didnt work either the handshake was cashed @bonienl Changed the static route to my primary IP and also the forwarding, changed NAT to NO and then no access
  6. Ok so I just tried my other IP on my Unraid server (have a backup) and then it just worked? (Bridge is enabled!) How can this be? what sets the priority of my IP's for the Unraid server? Have I configured the network wrong? Primary IP (Should be) Is it a bug? running 6.8 - rc3 Secondary IP: <---- Wireguard connects to this one?
  7. Any suggestions I have read through the post and I can't see anything wrong... I am only testing by phone app. Also tried to change tunnel to LAN but I still get no handshake? (Logfile on device says no to handshake) Regards Casperse Unifi settings: Port forwarding:
  8. Hi All I don't seem to see the option to change the "local tunnel network pool" anymore in Advanced view Also tried to delete the plugin and install it again, nut the last update made i vanish from my plugin list maybee by design? Should I delete the config folder on the flash drive to get back to "start"? UPDATE: Delete the folder rebooted the server, did the configuration again - found that Local tunnel was in the Peer name (Sorry) I am now connected but no handshake? Added the port and also the static route, and I see some activity so what could I be missing?
  9. Any input on how to add all networks to Plex (Multiple access?) I think I had this when it was running on my Syn NAS....
  10. I was looking into this card as well.... Any update on this or recommendation for other recommended "Ebay" 10gbe cards? Maybee a intel x540t2 ?
  11. Hi @binhex I just found by accident that if I used my secondary IP on my Unraid server then Krusader works? (Bridge as standard) But for some reason when going to my Unraid UI and to the docker for Krusader and select launch "WebUI" it did not open anymore (Got above VPN error) but if I manually changed the "WebUI" to my other IP 0.6 -->0.13 then it worked (Still in bridge mode) (UPDATE: I just tested this again same machine and now it works on both IP's - Sorry I haven't changed anything so maybe a glitch in my network?) Thanks for all of your work this is a great docker couldn't live without it - All servers need a filemanager
  12. I just got this after starting Krusader No changes to my configuration, auto update is enabled... Any breaking changes that I need to update my configuration with? As always your help is much appreciated Thanks! UPDATE: I found that if I changed my network to it works? I then tried to change network from Bridge to Host and then it didn't work on any network? This wasn't a problem before is my "primary" host network for Unraid so what can cause this? diagnostics-20191014-0900.zip
  13. Help setting up dual network in Plex docker? I have managed to setup the ethernet like this: And this: But how to add this to Plex in Docker (Sofar I have been unsuccessful) I use "host" which just uses the first lan group, changing it to "Custom: br0" doesn't seem to work Do I have to add it manually? As always your input and help is much appreciated Reason to do this: I want to setup different gateways to different internet connections And I think I saw Plex being able to have multiple network connection in the ui
  14. UPDATE: New Unifi update breaks this, you now have to add your DNS entries into the file also! https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Controller-5-11-39/6ab8ef1a-376f-41e6-85b2-ceec098b8462
  15. Hi All I have almost stopped using Ombi to many DB errors and restores that need to resolve problems logging in to ombi https://github.com/tidusjar/Ombi/issues/2750#issuecomment-531058053 Is there any Beta build available? and if so how to change the Docker to pull it? I paid for the App and really can't use it most of the time because of this?