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  1. Squid/dockerPolice: Why not just let folks add their own repo URLs, like apt and yum have done forever. I'd like to publish an xml description of my app in my own repo, tell my users how to install it, and not deal with others repos at all. How do we get there? You know how GitHub and DockerHub avoid these confrontations? They don't dictate which software they'll allow users to download. Clearly users want more software choice, not less. The hoops devs have to jump through to get things they make into CA is not ideal. As a dev, I've never been confused by software/container choice, but I have been repeatedly astounded by how this system is put together, operates and moderates. I am willing to cite specific examples of things that have astounded me, but I'm more interested in how we move past a system that prevents access to software.
  2. The FAQ didn't seem to answer the question. Try this. location ~ /lychee(/.*) { proxy_pass$1$is_args$args; proxy_set_header X-Lychee-Base "/lychee/"; add_header X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN; }