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  1. Ok im a bit lost here. I installed TMM docker and have been using it. I installed this docker with a shared appdata folder. I now need to run a TMM command after Plex saves a DVR'ed TV show, to add the episode.nfo's tvshow --updateX=2 --rewriteNFO plex has a place to run a postprocess script after show is downloaded (as does radarr/sonarr), but I'm not sure how to get one docker to run a command in another. in addition i would like to add different command lines to radarr and sonarr. i see this im not sure if this is the solution or even how to implement it.
  2. +1 Seems as if the minimum width is 1260 Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for your help, yes that was for a test and has been changed. The container has works perfectly using openvpn just really slow. I just cant figure out what steps to take to setup wireguard for my vpn provider. Custom and wireguard are selected in docker setup. I set the endpoint in the wg0.conf and it added PostUP & Down to file. I also have both privatekey and publickey saved in the config folder. My VSP is: my local ip is my wan is: (for example) my dns example is (for example) and here is my incorrect wg0 config: [Interface] PostUp = '/root/' PostDown = '/root/' SaveConfig = true [Peer] Endpoint = AllowedIPs =, what should my config file look like?
  4. So I got this container up and running using openvpn, thanks to wgstarks pointing me in the right direction. Speeds are slow, so now Im trying to get it working under wireguard. I honestly don't know what I'm doing so please go easy on me. What should my wg0.conf file look like if my VPN servers address is or an example from someone would problly help. Thanks, Nathan
  5. I came here looking for an answer to what the above post are asking for. A way to restore only selected app(s). From the sounds off things thats not an option?
  6. Sorry about that, I though i just might have been missing a step. Here it is, thanks for your help! BTW I'm a novice here
  7. I'm having a heck of a time setting up this container to use a different webui_port. I've tried changing "Host Port 3" and "Container Variable: WEBUI_PORT" to 8090, that didn't work, then I came here. so next tried, deleting "Host Port 3" and adding another "Port", setting both container and Host to 8090, which i though is what was suggested here, but that didn't work either. Did i miss something?