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  1. It crashed today with Unraid 6.5. I suspect now that issue can come from an overheated of the LSI card. I ordered a PCI fan, we will see if it can help.
  2. Well, tonight my Unraid has shutdown again. In the syslog, I don't see anything weird. Unclean shutdowns has come with an Unraid upgrade from 6.5 to 6.7.2. Is it possible ? Should I rollback this upgrade ? Anything special to do with this potential rollback ? Thanks,
  3. Hi ! I have succefully updated the Firmware from to and deleted the BIOS. It boots perfectly now, thank you for the help. I hope unclean shutdowns will disapear with this upgrade.
  4. Thanks for your reply Hi, It's a card bought on ebay. It was already in IT mode. In my syslog, I can see : LSISAS2308: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x05), BiosVersion( So I need to upgrade FW to P20.00.07.00 ? And delete the bios ? How can I achieve this ? The card is a lsi 9208. On broadcom website [ link ], I need to DL this one [ 9207-8i_Package_P20_IR_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows ] ?
  5. Hi, I just have one LSI card and after some tests : - When I boot and doing nothing : It doesn't boot from USB - When I press Ctrl + C on the LSI card boot screen : It says that it load the LSI config menu, but it doesn't and it boot from USB ! So I need to Ctrl + C to start my Unraid ! I also have updated Unraid to 6.7.2 and I have some random Unclean Shutdowns. (It happens even if all containers are down) Any Idea ? Thanks a lot unraid-diagnostics-20190713-0715.zip syslog
  6. Fantastic ! It worked perfectly. Parity is rebuilding. Thank you so much. (When parity will be Okay, i'll test again the boot from USB, it's weired.)
  7. Or, I can do following steps : - remove failing disks from array, and remove parity disk (which don't work now.) => (1) I'm not sure how to do this. Just putting them "unassigned", then start the array ? - Add the current parity disk like a new free disk, then copy a failed disk into it. => (2) using Unassigned Devices plugin ? Or putting the drive to copy like a Cache drive ? I don't know which works. - Add this failed disk to array, formatting it. - Copy the second failing disk into the array. - Use this second failed disk like the new parity disk. It sounds good ? [I know it's a bit risky because I won't have parity during operation, but I'm stuck.] Another question => (3) : cache drive is seen like "New Device". It contains some important data. Will it be reset if I start the array like that ? Best Regards, FP
  8. Yes, I should put the 2 failing drives on another computer and try to make them readable again. Then Could I re-add these drives on the array, keeping data on them ? Morning Edit : I'm at work, the "failing" drives are readable on ubuntu. Is there a way to re-add them on the array, then rebuild parity drive from actual data ? Tools => New Config ? (I'm not sure and a bit affraid) Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, thanks for your response. Weird, I can't access to the LSI setting card. (Ctrl+C when LSI screen appears doen't work.) I'll try tomorrow with a ps/2 keyboard. For my current Unraid state, do you know what can I do to retreive my data ? I currently can't start the array. edit: Do you think making an unraid new config is a good idea ? Regards
  10. Hello, I seriously need some help. I had some issues with two 4-Sata PCI controller. (One disk was on faillure, then recovered with a miracle xfs_repair). So, I bought a LSI 8-Slot card to replace them. First problem, le LSI card count as a disk. And I reached 12 Drives + LSI card => My Motherboard won't boot on USB with 13 Drive. (Don't ask me why.) I have read somewhere that I could use a trick with the hotswap feature. I can boot without one drive, then plug it. Unfortunately, when I booted, one drive was emulated, and another one missing. I tried minor things. (Hope no mistakes). Now, I have all my drive OK exept 2 (disk 5 + cache) which is seen as "New Device". I think I can recover lot of data with utils. And another one which is emulated (disk 9) (But the parity is broken, so... I don't know what to say.) I think disk data are 99% okay (sysfile are certainly broken). But I don't know if I can explore them, because I cannot start the array. What can I do to recover the most of data ? Thank you so much. FP unraid-diagnostics-20190708-2158.zip