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  1. Try and set DISABLE_THEME="true", run it then DISABLE_THEME="false" and run again
  2. Hm, yeah its missing /theme.park after
  3. Look into the 404 error. See what url it's trying
  4. You can just update the repo through github btw. And yeah that works.
  5. Pretty sure your forked repo is out of date using the script. You are 440 commits behind.
  6. check your browser console for any errors
  7. or change this part to reflect your name change # Use correct domain style case ${DOMAIN} in *""*) echo "Switching to URL style" DOMAIN="${DOMAIN}\/theme.park" ;; esac
  8. @jawattus you renamed the repo. the name must be "theme.park" when using a domain. Assuming this is your repo
  9. What does it output when you just run the script. (Not in background) @jawattus
  10. When you run the script does it say "Switching to URL style"?
  11. Thanks @Didstopia, I've updated my script and added a check that switches the path automatically.
  12. The tag you are using there doesn't exist. Organizr doesn't have a docker mod because linuxserver doesn't have an organizr image.
  13. This was the reason: You can fix it with using the latest version of the script:
  14. I don't run rc releases so not sure.