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  1. Go through the dependencies list here
  2. Make sure you are using influx 1.8.x and that all the variables for nut influx are correct. Use your unraid ip if using bridge.
  3. I just checked. My disks spin down and I use the smart plugin.
  4. When you save, click the save variables checkbox
  5. You have uncommented the endpoint line in [[inputs.docker_log]] but not uncommented "[[inputs.docker_log]]"
  6. Use this as a starting point.
  7. As long as you have some cool artwork and logo you can customize pretty much everything there with the different css variables
  8. Share your complete telegraf container config, paths and variables ect
  9. What do you have in the post arguments for telegraf?
  10. Try SELECT DISTINCT "ID_SERIAL" FROM (SELECT * FROM "diskio" WHERE time >= now() - 1d) If that doesnt work, try SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "diskio" WITH KEY = "ID_SERIAL" If that doesn't work, your telegraf config is wrong.