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  1. I'm just guessing here but I would think the server id is added as a field tag in influx ect
  2. Don't think you need multiple varken datasources. Nor sure how that looks in influx but I'm sure you add a variable to switch between
  3. If you hit f12 in the browser you can inspect the html and css. And you can use a browser plugin like stylus ect to inject you custom stylesheet. Check youtube for some css and html courses. You can add local pictures yeah, but you will have to change the script.
  4. Don't change the post arguments. Apk is for alpine and apt is for latest.
  5. You are using the :alpine tag. Switch to latest.
  6. You can copy panels from here
  7. @falconexe Btw, you should add a Datasource dropdown for the Varken panels. Not all have called their data source "Varken"
  8. You still need to do some of the "Dependencies" part in the instructions from this topic after you follow that guide btw.
  9. Yeah, default is :latest. I've updated my guide.
  10. Use the alpine tag in the Repository field.
  11. Yeah I think I do it on my dashboard. @RockDawg does work for your setup? You can add. .*/mnt/xxx/ for the rootfs stuff.
  12. If you reverse proxy it you can use subfilter to add it.
  13. You can change it the telegraf config file
  14. Just had a look at nzbhydra2 and there isnt an html file inside the container I can sed the stylesheet into. So it's not possible to create a mod for it.
  15. Hi, there is no Docker mod for nzbhydra yet. Only the ones you see in the docker-mods branch. So for this you'll need to use one of the other install methods.