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  1. I don't run rc releases so not sure.
  2. Nope. But here is how you can do it.
  3. Go through the dependencies list here
  4. Make sure you are using influx 1.8.x and that all the variables for nut influx are correct. Use your unraid ip if using bridge.
  5. I just checked. My disks spin down and I use the smart plugin.
  6. When you save, click the save variables checkbox
  7. You have uncommented the endpoint line in [[inputs.docker_log]] but not uncommented "[[inputs.docker_log]]"
  8. Use this as a starting point.
  9. As long as you have some cool artwork and logo you can customize pretty much everything there with the different css variables
  10. Share your complete telegraf container config, paths and variables ect
  11. What do you have in the post arguments for telegraf?
  12. Try SELECT DISTINCT "ID_SERIAL" FROM (SELECT * FROM "diskio" WHERE time >= now() - 1d) If that doesnt work, try SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "diskio" WITH KEY = "ID_SERIAL" If that doesn't work, your telegraf config is wrong.
  13. As I said, it works locally. Through the browser as your computer is on your LAN. So through the browser on the computer it has access.
  14. use command SELECT DISTINCT "ID_SERIAL" FROM (SELECT * FROM "diskio" WHERE time >= now() - 10s)
  15. Run it using
  16. The query from Falconexe post a couple of posts above this.
  17. Connect to you database using this and run the variable command there. It works locally. Or exec into the container and run it that way. That will atleast confirm that there is data in the dB. Have you tried to remove and re add the datasource in grafana.
  18. I'm just guessing here but I would think the server id is added as a field tag in influx ect