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  1. I've been waiting over a year to see resolution to this problem... I've actually changed how I use unraid to mitigate it's affects on applications and users. I've not had the time, but thought about doing a fresh install in hopes of fixing it since this install of unraid is pretty old and even has gone through 2 physical servers... But new users seeing it makes me think that won't help.
  2. Yeah, this is more than a year on at this point. And there's a number of folks with the issue. It'd be great to get a resolution, since I'd had unraid for YEARS without this problem.
  3. I've been able to limp it along by scheduling large write I/O jobs, but that might not work for everyone I'm actually thinking about building another install just to see if it goes away Additionally... I've upgraded from beta 25 to 6.9.0 and the issue persists
  4. I've not seen a fix yet, I've been experiencing it for nearly a year.
  5. Well, mine is in production with data... but I'd be happy to run some tests and provide metrics / data / output... I reproduce it daily. 😪
  6. My Christmas wish is for this to get fixed.... 😃
  7. Still a problem, this shows server temps and fan speeds, etc.... This is when I have it set to download and unpack files at 02:00 Any chance this gets fixed soon? Alternatively, @jonp / @itimpi do you think maybe a quicker fix for me would be to rebuild unraid from scratch? I mean one of the other side affects is that SSD write speeds are way way down, to 80MBps range... which also sucks.
  8. I think I should be OK on backup, this drive has been on the shelf for about a year. Thanks!
  9. Juussst..... want to be sure here.... But if I've got a drive that used to be parity under a previous build, of the same server (I've upgraded my parity drive to a larger one), all I need to do is add it as a new array device and unraid will clear it and then add it to the array right? I had thought about formatting it first... Tell me I'm not going to blow things up.
  10. I saw that beta 29 is out, does it address this in any way? Also, happy to provide any data that might be helpful... If you can tell me how to collect it.
  11. I mean, at this point I'm happy to actually rebuild the server.... fresh install... if that has a high likelihood of making this go away
  12. I've posted most of it to this thread, but when took it from 2 - SSDs in a pool (BTRFS) and had single SSD on XFS it was less of a problem, but still a problem. I could run some tests or tools and show you the results if you can tell me which ones would be meaningful. Basically it's any time there's a large write (20G) to SSD.
  13. Have you guys had any progress on this issue? Thanks