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  1. These changes are not working for me. Nginx Proxy Manager makes the whole ssl certificate, port forwarding process a snap. Confused as to why this is not working using npm.
  2. Ah! You're right. Once I actually added the IP address in place of <IP> that did it. Thanks! EDIT One other thing I wonder if you can help me with.... I'm using nginx proxy manager to handle the app with my domain so I can access on the wan side, but this appears to be failing. Any ideas?
  3. Hey OP, Thanks for wallabag docker. I've been dying for an app like this. Comparing what I installed to the actual program, the docker appears to be missing images and other textures. Was that an oversight or did I get something wrong here?
  4. If that's the case I'm showing b2net and igb. Agreed.
  5. I tried editing the line model type = 'virtio' by changing the value to 'e1000' and 'vmxnet3' and neither worked. I am a little lost here. I, of course, assume the drivers are installed in the Unraid host since this worked once before after passing through the nic. In addition, if the drivers were not installed in Unraid wouldn't the OS have an issue with network connects? How to check to see what network drivers are installed in Unraid?
  6. I think folks may not be understanding the true nature of this problem. The vm is not looking for a driver. The vm is unable to see the nic. Again, this was solved in the previous version on unraid. All I had to do is pass through the nic so that the VM can see it (as seen in the post above) So the previous posts about needed a driver is moot. The centOS vm is unable to see the nic. Without seeing the nic, what good is a driver?
  7. That did the trick. And it appears the youtube plugin was broken somehow. All is working well now. Thanks!
  8. None of the links for YouTube work. Other sites work fine. I look to the plugin and I see no options unlike others. Could the plugin be broken? If so, how to fix?
  9. This issue is pretty ridiculous. I had virtual machine capability on my qnap nas and it didn't have any of these issues. I thought Unraid would be much better in the implementation. Go figure it's worse! And the video in this thread which used to work is now useless.
  10. This is interesting. When I paste a link it search for downloads for about five seconds and then disappears and nothing loads. I think this has been since the update to Unraid 6.8.1. Docker does not indicate update needed. I can't see any issue in the logs.
  11. What your version? My build date is Feb 6 of this year. Docker is not reporting an updates.
  12. Really surprised (and disappointed) no one can help with this issue.
  13. Curious to know if anyone else if having a problem with this docker and youtube. Used to work flawlessly, now it doesn't. I thought, perhaps it was a network issue, but I did a download from another service and had no problems. So, is anyone having issues with YouTube?
  14. Anyone able to get CentOS vm to see the network adapter?
  15. replace names in json.list ... Dude, this is what I needed. Now I think I'm good. Thanks.