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  1. Yeah, sound like we have a similar setup. I have a 10th gen i3 nuc I'm using running windows 10 pro. What kind of latency are you getting? I'm seeing is like a 15 second. But I'm also using wasabi as a storage end point which could be part of the problem, not sure.
  2. I see. I was unclear in my initial question to you. I should have asked what you have obs connecting to, the domain name or the ip address of owncast. I have no issue with remote viewing or access the admin page from the domain name. For me it was always about OBS connecting to owncast. And it appears as if you are using the ip address via rtmp to do that as am I.
  3. Using https my owncast is totally unstable. Is your stream setting in OBS, for example, https://mydomain.com/live or https://mydomain.com:1935?
  4. Ummm, cause owncast tells me to???
  5. @alturismo Thanks for the feedback. I am almost certain cloudflare (which apparently now sells a streaming tier) is also involved here somehow. Fortunately I can reach owncast via the local ip address so there is no need for me to take on this task at this time. I was just interested if @Mr_Jay84 was working remotely and if he'd conquered the same problem.
  6. Hmmmm. I'm not at all sure what you mean. If you use owncast as advertised it pretty clear what needs to be done. To connect a streaming program like OBS to owncast you use rtmp as the protocol not http(s).
  7. I am using ngnix proxy manager and I have cloudflare as my registrar. I can reach the domain's admin page no problem, but I cannot access owncast using rtmp with the domain name. I believe it is because cloudflare is blocking it. I turned their proxy service off the cname and still no luck. I am beginning to believe I can't use owncast with cloudflare, but I cannot be sure. Maybe you can tell me if there is anything in the logs I should be looking at to see if in fact this is the problem.
  8. @Mr_Jay84 are you, by any chance, connecting to owncast remotely using a domain name or locally using an ip address?
  9. yes. two errors: [2021-05-10 14:24:40] [Connection 1] Closing connection with error: Error: WS was inactive for too long and guacd[489]: ERROR: User is not responding. Not sure what to make of it.
  10. I am seeing the same thing. Cannot log into calibre.
  11. Yes it can. Also, surprisingly, moments after posting of my problem again on this forum, I was able to update "fix common problems" plugin by going to the page and clicking on the yellow warning at the header. That was my major issue. But the plugins page still show status unknown for all dockers. I don't know what the heck is going on.
  12. Still don't understand why plugins section no longer displays update or status. Any suggestions as to what is going on here?
  13. Thanks for the additional information, @lnxd. Just to be clear, say github server was down, so you could not access the files from repository. How would a user access their files using the docker you created?
  14. I'm seeing the same thing on my end. I hadn't realized this until I read this thread. I recently increased the permissions on my access token to see if that could be the issue as well.