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  1. Hey Folks, Been using the plexpass docker for a while now. Recently, I found it has been eating up a ton or ram, so much so I go from 50% to almost 90% ram usage. Is anyone else seeing this? How to troubleshoot?
  2. Brilliant. Thanks Op.
  3. I am unable to get pass this issue - a black screen after clover boot screen using vnc - with mojave. I've checked everything and I can't find what the issue might be. Also, do we know for certain nvidia cards will not work with mojave.
  4. Hi Op, Just installed airsonic-advanced. I cannot, for some reason, change admin password. When I make the change in the credentials section and hit save and log out, I still get the warning to update admin password and admin password is unchanged. Are you seeing the same?
  5. Love this docker, Op. Thanks. Installed without any issues. Any idea how to get images in the slider at the top?
  6. Yes. I use cloudflare and namecheap and I get this warning when i don't put the domain name in the "server =" field.
  7. If you're asking me.. I decided to use Spaceinvader One's tutorial and got things working after overcoming some issues.
  8. Only dealing with jitsi web right now. Do all the jitsi dockers need to be installed for jitsi web to install correctly?
  9. Having an issue with port forwarding with Jitsi. I am in host mode and everything appears to be forwarded correctly. I have a container running on port 80/443, so I am mapping 443 to 5443 on jitsi. But everytime i use the webui, I'm getting the other container. I am not sure what the issue is. Any advice? Also, lets encrypt appears to be built into the docker From what I can see if disable_https set to 0 it sets up let's encrypt for the first time to download a new cert. I would have expected enable_letsencrypt set to 1 to do that. Is that to be expected?
  10. Thanks for the link. Wish some of the transcoding chores could be off loaded to a gpu. I'm going to give your dockers a shot. The only problem I have with @SpaceInvaderOne approach is the lets encrypt config. Since I use npm, I don't want to be bothered with setting up let's encrypt docker and configs if I can avoid it. We shall see.
  11. This problem seems to have cleared up. Not sure what it was, but now I am connecting without an issue. Thanks!
  12. Looks like @SpaceInvaderOne created a video on Jitsi and lo and behold I see you have a docker container already made @A75G. This should make trying that video conferencing app out much easier. Thanks. Do you know how taxing Jitsi is on server resources like cpu?
  13. After some work I got this working on every device except my android phone (tablet works fine). Any insight as to why my galaxy s8 phone would not connect to the tunnel? What to look for?
  14. Dude your dockers are the best. Just installed another one. Keep em coming.
  15. How are folks checking to see if the docker is correctly pulling the ip? I'm usng namecheap and after a few attempts it appears to be working (I don't have any errors in the log). Also, how to configure with Dynamix WireGuard?