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  1. Fireshare already handles scanning for video files recursively. You don't need to have them all in a single folder. However, on the frontend it will categorize all your videos based on the top level folders name. So if your media is structured like this... /media/game_1/awesome_clips/my_awesome_game_1_clip.mp4 /media/game_1/funny_clips/my_funny_clip.mp4 /media/game_1/random_clip.mp4 /media/game_2/awesome_clips/my_awesome_game_2_clip.mp4 /media/game_2/weird_stuff/weird_clip.mp4 The front-end web app will give you these categories that all of your clips will show up under. game_1/ my_awesome_game_1_clip my_funny_clip random_clip game_2/ my_awesome_game_2_clip weird_clip
  2. @NeldonadomI'm honestly not an unRaid expert so I don't know if using a cache vs not would be the cause of this issue. In my case I have all my videos on a share that is not using a cache. This is what I map in /mnt/user/files/videos I could see this being an issue if you are not mapping in a path off of your /mnt/user directory.
  3. @Neldonado I would do a reinstall of Fireshare completely then if the issue aligns back to when you had appdata issues. Delete both the data and processed folders. When you reinstall Fireshare your old links will still work so long as you do not edit the video files. You can rename the files or even move them to a different subfolder. Fireshare generates links based off the hash data of the file which will always be the same unless the file is changed. So you don't have to worry about your old links no longer working.
  4. If the files were encoded in h265 you'll see this issue. Most browsers do not support h265 playback. If your are certain that is not the issue you can stop Fireshare and delete your Fireshare database then start Fireshare again. After the initial video scan completes see if the videos play.
  5. @phreeq I have a fix for this in the latest develop image. It's not yet merged into the stable release as I haven't had a chance to personally test it yet but so far people have said it does work. Please try the following image and let me know if that resolves the problem. shaneisrael/fireshare:develop
  6. @colev14 I was the one replying to you on reddit. You'll probably need to request help from somebody who has experience with unraid folder permission issues. I would try posting in the General Support asking for help debugging file/folder permissions of your /mnt/user/appdata/fireshare and /mnt/user/appdata/fireshare_processed folders.
  7. That is the case, I tried that and it would not work. I'm assuming this was not an issue in 6.9 then?
  8. Thank you. If in fact it was pure luck that it was working correctly in 6.9 so be it. Its not like I can't add the chown command to the end of the script after each run haha. I guess that would work but it doesn't feel like a very elegant solution.
  9. Thats what I was thinking but its running via the Users Scripts plugin and as far as I know it didn't run as root on 6.9. How would I change the user that runs the script?
  10. Ever since I upgrade from 6.9.2 to 6.10 I have had constant issues when new folders get created in my seedbox share. I'm currently on 6.10.3-rc1 since I thought maybe there would be a fix in a newer version. I have an lftp script that downloads files from my seedbox to /mnt/user/seedbox/completed/tv-sonarr the lftp script is run via the User Scripts plugin on a schedule and starts on array start. every time it downloads something in a new folder, Sonarr/Radarr can not grab it and give this error. [v3.0.8.1507] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '/downloads/completed/tv-sonarr/[neoHEVC+ DB] Kaguya-sama - Love is War [Season 1 + 2 + OVA] [BD 1080p x265 HEVC AAC] [Dual Audio]/Specials/Kaguya-sama - Love is War - S00E01 - (S2O1 OVA).mkv' is denied. ---> System.IO.IOException: Permission denied Here are the permissions of my seedbox share. Here are the permissions of stuff being download to the appropriate folder by my lftp script. As you can see, they are getting set as root:root rather than nobody:users. Here are the Sonarr/Radarr puid/guid's which I haven't touched I can fix this termporarily by running "chown -R nobody:users" on the tv-sonarr directory and then Sonarr is completely happy. But that only solves the problem temporarily. The next time something new gets downloaded its the same problem all over again. I've been searching and googling this forum for 2 weeks now trying to find a fix but I have not found anything. Is this a bug in 6.10 that does not yet have a fix? Can somebody please help me.
  11. No I'm not using rclone for any of my seedbox downloads. I'm using lftp to download which I mentioned in my reply.
  12. Maybe somebody can help me out here but I keep getting a permission denied issues with Radarr and Sonarr when trying to move files from my /mnt/user/seedbox directory to my /mnt/user/media/ directory. [Warn] ImportApprovedMovie: Couldn't import movie /downloads/completed/radarr/Rush.Hour.1998.PROPER.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG/Rush.Hour.1998.PROPER.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4 [v4.1.0.6175] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '/downloads/completed/radarr/Rush.Hour.1998.PROPER.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG/Rush.Hour.1998.PROPER.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp4' is denied. ---> System.IO.IOException: Permission denied --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.IO.FileSystem.DeleteFile(String fullPath) at NzbDrone.Mono.Disk.DiskProvider.TransferFilePatched(String source, String destination, Boolean overwrite, Boolean move) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Mono\Disk\DiskProvider.cs:line 401 at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskProviderBase.MoveFile(String source, String destination, Boolean overwrite) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Common\Disk\DiskProviderBase.cs:line 245 at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskTransferService.TryMoveFileVerified(String sourcePath, String targetPath, Int64 originalSize) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Common\Disk\DiskTransferService.cs:line 506 at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskTransferService.TransferFile(String sourcePath, String targetPath, TransferMode mode, Boolean overwrite) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Common\Disk\DiskTransferService.cs:line 296 at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.MovieFileMovingService.TransferFile(MovieFile movieFile, Movie movie, String destinationFilePath, TransferMode mode) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\MovieFileMovingService.cs:line 134 at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.UpgradeMediaFileService.UpgradeMovieFile(MovieFile movieFile, LocalMovie localMovie, Boolean copyOnly) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\UpgradeMediaFileService.cs:line 51 at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.MovieImport.ImportApprovedMovie.Import(List`1 decisions, Boolean newDownload, DownloadClientItem downloadClientItem, ImportMode importMode) in D:\a\1\s\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\MovieImport\ImportApprovedMovie.cs:line 123 This was never an issue in 6.9.2. I'm currently running on 6.10.0. What seems to be happening is that Radarr tries to movie the Rush hour movie, but is unable to. The weird thing is that it shows up on Plex briefly under the "recently added" but then after a couple of seconds it disappears until the next time Radarr tries to move it. I have a seedbox download script that downloads files from my seedbox to my seedbox folder, it then calls the radarr/sonarr api to tell them that the file is there. They seem to move the file just fine and it will sit in my media directory for a couple seconds before its seemingly deleted and gone.. Here is what the permissions look like in my media folder. For some reason old stuff is root:root but new stuff being created is nobody:users? Here is what my seedbox folder looks like. Everything in my seedbox is getting created as root:root which I'm assuming is the problem? Though I'm not quite sure how to fix that. This didn't start happening until I upgrade to 6.10. I'm running a script via User Scripts that does my seedbox downloading. This is the lftp command I'm using which hasn't changed. lftp -v -c 'open -u xxxxx,xxxxx s; mirror --skip-noaccess --parallel=2 --Remove-source-files --size-range=150M-100G /files/completed/ /mnt/user/seedbox/completed'
  13. @Dafox There shouldn't be any special configuration needed. I also have it running off my unraid using Nginx Proxy Manager with https just fine. Are you sure port 8080 is free? You could try changing 8080 to some other port that you know isn't being used. Leave the container port set to 80 though. Does it work over regular http? Edit: I noticed you mentioned cloudflare, there is a chance they are doing something thats block https but I unfortunately do not have any experience with CloudFlare so that might be something you'd have to ask their support about.
  14. If you updated, and the application is not starting Please try deleting the sqlite.db file in your fireshare data directory, by default it should be /appdata/fireshare A change was made that requires a rebuild of that database file. You will need to re-run the Library Scan to re-populate the db.