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  1. So apparently it is accessible for others but i can only use the internal IP. Seems NAT reflection isn't working as it should for Teamspeak. I can connect to other services fine with NAT reflection working as it should just not for teamspeak for some reason...
  2. I can't get port forwarding to work. Ports are set correctly in pfSense but i can't connect externally. I noticed something in the logs: "Unable to open /config/licensekey.dat, falling back to limited functionality" Can that have anything to do with it? Everything else I've port-forwarded in pfSense work without any issue.
  3. Nice work man! Got a csgo server running so i don't have to run them on VM's anymore. Was wondering how to change port though, i tried setting the port in the docker settings but it's not working.
  4. Here is my banner. Think it fits unraid well!