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  1. Any thoughts on the DAS Enclosures like this one? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/144051079271?hash=item218a1d0867:g:DbYAAOSwQ3Jdk88s I'm running out of spaces in my 24 bay enclosure, so thought I would expand it using DAS connect via SAS.
  2. hmm wonder what it is then, everytime I see it not working, it's saying there's a new version of it available. next time I will check how long ago the update became available
  3. is there anyways to automatically update unraidnet? every time I find it not working, and I go to the setting, and I see there is an update. once I update the plugin it works fine... I have auto update turned on, but it seems like it's not picking it up, or update is being released after auto update checks for a daily update.
  4. did you recreate it? or decided not to use it?
  5. Anyone else getting error like the one below? It seems like it's working fine, but just get the error: 2021-06-07T09:03:11Z ERR error="Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: EOF" cfRay=XXXX-LAX originService=https://IP:PORT
  6. Something dumb, but would really love... I don't know if this is just me but my phone always tries to capitalize the first character of my username, and returns an error. can you add to markup something like autocapitalize="off" so that the first character of username isn't capitalized?
  7. thanks! I'll giver it another shot. May be I could just spin up the drives when I see the pools starting to get full
  8. I tried turbomode, but it spins up all the drives, and when I'm downloading 20TB worth of stuff, I'm concerned about all the drives spinning up 24/7. I also didn't see a significant improvements in performance...
  9. Thanks team! I just moved around files, and somehow it started working as I wanted. Not really sure what triggered it...
  10. All the disks are included in the share, split level is set to automatic, so based on what you're saying it should do what I assumed it would... I really don't know why it's not changing the drive it would move the files to...
  11. My share's allocation method is set to "fill-up" because I wanted my drives to fill up before it goes to the next one. And my drive 1 is completely filled, though I have 64TB left across all my drivers.. The issue is, my mover doesn't seem to be moving to the next drive. the log says "No space left on device", and just doesn't even move the file. How can I make sure mover is using fill-up approach when moving the files?
  12. I have enabled remote access, everything "seems" to be working. I'm abit concerned about the comment above, so I'm going to try to explain what I'm seeing, though I'm helpless determining what exactly is going on though... - I have enabled remote access, in "my servers" page , it shows local access when I'm on local network, and shows remote when I'm not. - Everything appears to be working when with my browser's pia vpn turned off. - when I enabled PIA on my browser and when I'm on the same physical network as the server, and try to access http://serverip, it direct
  13. Thanks, I couldn't get the www. working (kept getting ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR), and I was kind of worried about disabling SSL given my unify keeps telling me there's an active threats against my unraid NGINX ports. But I was able to add the hash.unraid.net to bypass list, and is now working fine. thank you!
  14. what's interesting is that I can access all dockers fine even if I have PIA turned on, so I'm not sure if it's blocking accessing to my local network. when I try to go to my unraid server, it attempts to open hash.unraid.net (even if I type the IP address), returns an error ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED...
  15. When I said browser VPN plug-in, I meant PIA Chrome plugin that I have. I often user that browser VPN plugin. when I have that enabled, I cannot access unraid whetner I try the local IP or hash.unraid.net