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  1. So, it's normal that everything (including CPU load, memory/network usage are all showing zero? eventhough netdata works out of the box?
  2. Is it normal that everything is showing up as N/A? or did I screw up something during the setup?
  3. Thanks! for some reason I thought the guide had apt for alpine and apk for latest, changed, and the docker is running fine now!
  4. I tried that, and now I'm getting /bin/sh: 1: apk: not found
  5. I first installed telegraf without completing the config changes (some changes were there, not all). I then deleted telegraf including ISO, deleted the config file, deleted databse, and then re-installed telegraf after putting cofig file in the folder. Now, telegraf wouldn't start saying "/bin/sh: apt: not found". Any one getting this error?
  6. I have a server chassis with 24 bays (all 3.5 inches), and I'm using 3 for unassigned, 1 cache, and 20 for array). Although I've maxed out, I've been slowly replacing old 3tb SAS with shucked 12 TB drives. With the recent 6.9 release, I hear that I can now create various cache pools. So, I'm hoping to use this feature and potentially create 4 cache pools all with raid 1 (cache pools for different purposes to avoid IO Wait). But that's already 8 drives being used for cache, with 2 parities, I'm only left with 14 drives... So, I'm exploring how I may be able to separate array
  7. RAID 1 is still btrfs right? No concerns there? What would be UD usage scenario now? I used it for Plex / SABNZBD staging. If I can have three separate cache pools, I don't think I need UD anymore.
  8. I think I may have seen somewhere that now we can have multiple cache pools? does that mean we don't need data going to unassigned drives anymore?
  9. I've been having this issue where unraid comes to halt every 30 seconds. It becomes unresponsive, and would just freeze. I don't know what's causing it, but it seems to happen when SABNZBD is doing something whether download or unpack. Could you help me understand how I may be able to troubleshoot? zeus-diagnostics-20201130-0236.zip
  10. Can someone help me understand what's happening? This happens pretty often, where nothing happens when a file is post processing, eventhough I don't have "Pause Downloading During Post-Processing" selected. Any thoughts?
  11. yeah honestly, I made so many changes this week including going through somewhat complicated methods of getting rid of ISP's modem (I had to get us-16-xg to get full 1gb/s), I don't know what actually caused the speed to improve...
  12. It's been running overnight, it's holding up pretty steady, It really does depend on the file though it seems like more recent files are, better speed I get. but the speed does fluctuate, and drops to ~70MB time to time. I think that's more to do with IOs than WAN bandwidth.
  13. It really depends on the file, a few files, I get only 5MB, but in most of the time I get at least 80MB, and some files, I can actually get 1gb/s sustained
  14. Is there anyways to see the performance of indexers? trying to figure out which ones gives me the best result