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  1. I have a several windows VM on my unraid box, and when I run iperf test, the highest I get is 1.1gbit/sec (with MTU 9000 on both unraid/vm). on Windows vm, it does say I am on 10gbe nic. Any thoughts on what may be happening?
  2. what's interesting is that most of us probably already have the licenses, so we already have a way to pay you lol
  3. Started getting an error in my deluge, so I started looking into what may be an issue, then fix common problems mentioned "Download" share is full, but all of my drives have enough free space. I also tried deleting bunch of files, krusader mentioned that FS is read only.... I saw that the FS could be corrupt, but I couldn't find out which ones I may be having issues. Are there anyways to single out what issue I'm facing? zeus-diagnostics-20211018-0025.zip
  4. hi there! I set everything up, and seems like it's working, but then I just followed what spaceinvader had. Anyone know if that is the optimal setting for GTX970? I'm reading that older nvidia cards may not be optimal for H265 and wanted to see if I'm actually making my videos worse by doing this
  5. THANK YOU! It seems like I did configure it correctly!
  6. are there anyways to know if my GPU acceleration is working? camera feeds are working, but when I don't see any processes when I run "nvidia-smi" in the terminal (I do see drivers wattage info, etc). anythoughts on what I can do to troubleshoot?
  7. Any thoughts on the DAS Enclosures like this one? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/144051079271?hash=item218a1d0867:g:DbYAAOSwQ3Jdk88s I'm running out of spaces in my 24 bay enclosure, so thought I would expand it using DAS connect via SAS.
  8. hmm wonder what it is then, everytime I see it not working, it's saying there's a new version of it available. next time I will check how long ago the update became available
  9. is there anyways to automatically update unraidnet? every time I find it not working, and I go to the setting, and I see there is an update. once I update the plugin it works fine... I have auto update turned on, but it seems like it's not picking it up, or update is being released after auto update checks for a daily update.
  10. did you recreate it? or decided not to use it?
  11. Anyone else getting error like the one below? It seems like it's working fine, but just get the error: 2021-06-07T09:03:11Z ERR error="Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: EOF" cfRay=XXXX-LAX originService=https://IP:PORT
  12. Something dumb, but would really love... I don't know if this is just me but my phone always tries to capitalize the first character of my username, and returns an error. can you add to markup something like autocapitalize="off" so that the first character of username isn't capitalized?
  13. thanks! I'll giver it another shot. May be I could just spin up the drives when I see the pools starting to get full
  14. I tried turbomode, but it spins up all the drives, and when I'm downloading 20TB worth of stuff, I'm concerned about all the drives spinning up 24/7. I also didn't see a significant improvements in performance...
  15. I have an array with 16SATA drives + 2 Parity (8-14TB SATA), and 2 pools (with 1TB SATA SSDs). They're all connected to 4*6 SAS2 backplanes. My array write peaks at around 110MB/s, but then drops to ~55MB/s, the 2 parity drives are shucked wd140edfz, which, from what I read, should give me a decent transfer speed. Other drives are mixture of 8-14TB SATA drives. The 2 pools are made up of 1TB 860 EVO, and I'm getting sustained read/write of ~160MB/s When I'm downloading it downloads using one of the pool (download), when it's completed, it moves to the other pool that has a media share (temp), then mover moves to an array. I'm using this approach because I then have 2TB of buffer storage, so that even if I'm only getting 55MB/s on array, it has enough buffer to move the downloaded files before it runs out of space. However if/when I'm downloading a huge list of files, it 2TB buffer isn't enough, and my downloader starts telling me I'm running out of space. So, I'm trying to see if I can increase array speed in anyways. Any thoughts / Ideas? My Tunable is set as "auto", if that makes any difference.