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  1. Thanks I checked up their unify video app, it seems like a subpar product... I know synology has a decent security / Surveillance option. Seems like it's not the case for unraid?
  2. Can I still run their mobile app and access it remotely?
  3. I just watched LTT's implementation of Unify video camera. As always he didn't go into depth of how he implemented it. I'm thinking about putting video camera outside my house, and I'm wondering if I can leverage my Unraid server and not pay monthly fee, or I should just bite and pay nest / Amazon monthly fee. Any thoughts? If I want to have the full app services like how he is showing. Can it be accomplished with unraid through docker?
  4. Been looking to leverage unraid sever and storage, but it seems like most of docker focuses on camera and lacks integration with other security devices. Any reco on what I can use as all in one solution?
  5. I keep getting these errors in the log: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/RadarrSync.py", line 86, in <module> searchid.append(int(r.json()['id'])) TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str I selected profile ID 1 as My RADARR has 7 profiles (1 being Any), and radarr4k has only one profile (4k). Could someone help me understand what the issue is?
  6. I'm having a horrible experience with SABNZBD slow unpacking. Direct unpack is enabled, but it doesn't do it for some files. Right now everything is happening on non-cached folder on user0, I'm assuming it will speed up with utilizing SSD. how should I go by doing this? I don't necessary want to move the entire folder to user as SSDs space will be eaten up by SABNZBD. Should I just change the temp download folder or completed download folder local to a folder under user?
  7. What's with removal of user0? Where am I supposed to point my deluge and nzb?
  8. Ok, I'm confused, I tried searching for the answer, but I can't seem to find it... Why not just use duckdns/openvpn?? What's so great about wireguard?
  9. I really have to downgrade to make it work? So, this is a common issue, but no one really know what's causing it? Feels super odd to know that there's a major fraud in one of unraid's major sales point, yet the workaround is to downgrade...
  10. I've seen this happening, and it happened at least to my two motherboard. I don't know if it's HW specific, but it often happens when I have VM crashing, and when I try to reboot it literally takes everyone thing down with it. I literally had to get something like https://store.resetplug.com/ (but Aliexpress version) to powercycle modem and router when unraid crashes. Extremely frustrating...
  11. Hoping someone really could help... I'm even considering making unraid as just dumb NAS because of this issue... I have unraid with 1080 TI passed through to one of the VM. but sometimes the VM becomes very unresponsive, and when I try to reboot the VM, the entire unraid becomes non-responsive, forcing me to hard reset the entire server. Anyone else experienced this? and/or know how to troubleshoot??
  12. Is it just me or the development seems to have slowed down?
  13. No, even when it's converted, the HDR contents looks like it has white transparency sheet...