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  1. I have enabled remote access, everything "seems" to be working. I'm abit concerned about the comment above, so I'm going to try to explain what I'm seeing, though I'm helpless determining what exactly is going on though... - I have enabled remote access, in "my servers" page , it shows local access when I'm on local network, and shows remote when I'm not. - Everything appears to be working when with my browser's pia vpn turned off. - when I enabled PIA on my browser and when I'm on the same physical network as the server, and try to access http://serverip, it direct
  2. Thanks, I couldn't get the www. working (kept getting ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR), and I was kind of worried about disabling SSL given my unify keeps telling me there's an active threats against my unraid NGINX ports. But I was able to add the hash.unraid.net to bypass list, and is now working fine. thank you!
  3. what's interesting is that I can access all dockers fine even if I have PIA turned on, so I'm not sure if it's blocking accessing to my local network. when I try to go to my unraid server, it attempts to open hash.unraid.net (even if I type the IP address), returns an error ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED...
  4. When I said browser VPN plug-in, I meant PIA Chrome plugin that I have. I often user that browser VPN plugin. when I have that enabled, I cannot access unraid whetner I try the local IP or hash.unraid.net
  5. I'm also not sure what the issue is, but when I use the browser VPN plugin, it tries to connect to https://personalhash.unraid.net even if I'm on the same physical network, and returns an error saying ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. it works fine when I'm using non-browser VPN though.
  6. Are you saying I can't have unraid vpn turned on to use the remote access?
  7. For some reason I'm having issue with the remote access, I've gone through certification, forwarding my port. and on unraid setting it says "Your Unraid Server is reachable from the internet". Yet on my servers, it says "local access", and can't login remotely. not working is fine, but the biggest issue when I try to go to the server, it automatically goes to hash.unraid.net, and when I'm using vpn, I can't even go to my server even if I'm on local network, and rerouting from IP to hash.unraid.net won't get turned off even if I turn off the remote access. is there anyway
  8. I've been researching about nextcloud for the entire night, I'm seeing that I need to do ALOT of customization in order for me to get this working... I know this is "free", but is it just me or this is ridiculously complex compared to other docker containers? I originally thought it was a cool way of moving my OneDrive photos, but when I start reading all these customization to make nextcloud equipped with similar functionality, I'm starting to appreciate M365 more... am I the only one feels this way?? I can't be that stupid...
  9. I'm trying to install face recognition, and it tells me pdlib is missing... I'm reading that there was a plan on the integration back in January, anyone know if there's been any update?
  10. Oh Weird, I tried it today after reading your comment, and it seems to work fine now...
  11. I was reading that and unfortunately, I do not have pihole..
  12. I'm trying to provision certificate, and I'm getting the following error: Sorry, an error occurred in processing your SSL certificate. The error is: Your router or DNS server has DNS rebinding protection enabled, preventing The help message seems to show that I need to add configuration line: Ubiquiti USG router: you can add this configuration line: set service dns forwarding options rebind-domain-ok=/unraid.net/ and I've been reading that it seems like UDM Pro / UDM would not allow for configuration changes? Is this true? If it's this is possible are the
  13. That seemed to have done it! thank you!!
  14. I had Telegraf installed although I don't use it. I've removed it from the server, just waiting to see if it spins down...
  15. I realized many of my HDs aren't spinning down even though it's not doing anything, and I'm seeing that spindown issue isn't specific to my server. Anyone know the culprit?