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  1. What's with removal of user0? Where am I supposed to point my deluge and nzb?
  2. Ok, I'm confused, I tried searching for the answer, but I can't seem to find it... Why not just use duckdns/openvpn?? What's so great about wireguard?
  3. I really have to downgrade to make it work? So, this is a common issue, but no one really know what's causing it? Feels super odd to know that there's a major fraud in one of unraid's major sales point, yet the workaround is to downgrade...
  4. I've seen this happening, and it happened at least to my two motherboard. I don't know if it's HW specific, but it often happens when I have VM crashing, and when I try to reboot it literally takes everyone thing down with it. I literally had to get something like https://store.resetplug.com/ (but Aliexpress version) to powercycle modem and router when unraid crashes. Extremely frustrating...
  5. Hoping someone really could help... I'm even considering making unraid as just dumb NAS because of this issue... I have unraid with 1080 TI passed through to one of the VM. but sometimes the VM becomes very unresponsive, and when I try to reboot the VM, the entire unraid becomes non-responsive, forcing me to hard reset the entire server. Anyone else experienced this? and/or know how to troubleshoot??
  6. Is it just me or the development seems to have slowed down?
  7. No, even when it's converted, the HDR contents looks like it has white transparency sheet...
  8. Thanks for your input, I was going to do the same, but the only catch is many of 2160 movies have HDR, and based on my understanding plex doesn't de-HDR. That's why I'm going with two video file route...
  9. Thanks I created a separate folder for 2160 and 1080
  10. ok, now I'm having a different issue... I now have two instances of radarr, one radarr has a profile of 1080 and another radarr has profile of 2160. In the 2160 radarr, I added same media folder as 1080. But now I'm seeing a weird thing, as an example, a month ago, 1080 radarr downloaded a movie.today 2160 radarr found the same movie in 2160, and downloaded the movie, it then deleted 1080 movie file in the media folder, and replaced with 2160. when I go to 1080 radarr, it says the media was downloaded... do I actually have to separate everything??
  11. would I pick the same /data location? if so, how would main radarr or 4k radarr know which one is which? do I have to set up different category?
  12. Hi Team, I'm trying to have 2 instances of RADARR, one main, and one for 4k. Ideally I would like to have the same movies (if I add to the main radarr, it would add to 4k as well) Are there any tutorials of how I can get this done?
  13. I really hope it's the true remote/offsite management. I hate having to turnon VM on my work machine, just so that I can use openvpn to remotely manage unraid
  14. Everytime I have VM with GPU passthrough, it seems to take up all the CPU loads. Is this normal? It seems like the only reason my unraid is stable is because I haven't allotted all the cores... I am away from home, but I can't even reboot through unraid GUI. I haven't tried forcestop...