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  1. I’ve decided to ditch SMB and move over to NFS. I’ve configured CCC to mount NFS shares when required and generated some desktop commands to mount other shares. I don’t think there is going to be an acceptable solution anytime soon so I’ve put the effort in to using a different method!
  2. I'm also suffering from poor SMB speeds from Mac OS Big Sur. (UnRAID 6.9.1) Via CCC and gigabit ethernet, backups run 10 times for an average... NFS (direct to disk 1) Disk 1: ~4 mins Disk 2: 1 min SMB2/3 (2 vs 3 makes sod all difference!) Disk 1: ~46 mins Disk 2: ~10 mins SMB mount points have their own entry in SMB-Conf, e.g.... SMB performance is terrible...!! Any ideas why it is just so bad?
  3. I'm trying to exclude my "_CCC SafetyNet" folders, using the following command in the GUI... -a '-noleaf \( -name "_CCC SafetyNet" -prune \) -o -print' However, the GUI doesn't like the quotation marks and I end up with just "-a '-noleaf \( -name" in the box. The command seems to be issued correctly however according to the logs, but it STILL looks through the CCC Archive folders (I'm watching lsof!) How can I exclude folders like "_CCC SafetyNet" in the GUI? Thanks!
  4. I've searched and found other threads relating to this but relevant, clear solution. Running 6.9-RC2 but I don't think it is explicitly due to that version because I've seen these entries in the log prior to 6.9. Setup is a OpnSense VM via a dedicated 4-port NIC. IPV6 works perfectly on the network, and all VMs/Dockers have internet access, etc... eth0 is on LAN 1 (X.X.1.XXX IP range) - A windows 10 VM uses this too. eth1 is on LAN 2 (X.X.2.XXX IP range) and has limited internet/network access (only enough for the dockers to work) Netwo
  5. Really? Seems a bit odd to create a dir/file in RAM rather than say "does not exist"? Alternatively, given that as far as I'm aware there is a fixed list of potential paths to the array(s). Therefore something like if the path contains "/mnt/user" or "/mnt/diskX" or "/mnt/cache" then it is an array dependent VM/docker and will be skipped at initial docker/VM starts. Then when you start the array you can see which dockers/VMs haven't been started due to having an array dependency and start them then. Given only one of the 20 odd VMs/Dockers I currently run de
  6. Surely the same way that you do now for a path that doesn't exist?
  7. +1 here. Daft that I have to stop my PfSense VM to do various things like change SMB settings, change array settings, etc. VMs/dockers should be able to run irrespective of the state of the array.
  8. Doesn’t the switch need to support bonding too?
  9. Updated yesterday. Due to the hard lockups I've experienced before and because I needed to upgrade a disk, I updated everything, rebooted and then shutdown. Replaced the disk, which is currently rebuilding with no issues thus far.
  10. Think I’m suffering from the same thing. First boot of an updated server results in a complete hard lock. Subsequent start from cold absolutely fine. I’m now thinking it might be caused by a restart as I think when I updated to beta30 it hard locked and a power down was required then 40+ days uptime. Updated to beta35, hard lock within a few hours then powered off and started again and it’s fine. Might restart (I.e. not a total power off) beta35 and see what happens...
  11. Something wonky is going on with first boot of a new 6.9 beta, the following has happened before on 6.9 but I thought it was just me. I.e. Update everything (plugins, dockers, OPNsense), reboot, server OK for a few hours then absolute hard lock, no IPMI view, no ping, no dockers or VMs. Only a full power off and on brings the server back. Then its fine... (Uptime for beta30 was 40+days), uptime now for beta35 is now 10 hours. Is UnRAID doing something funky on very first boot of a new version? Microcode updates? If not absolutely baffled why a to
  12. Ah, that probably explains why its now working properly after converting/balancing it to RAID0 again. Many Thanks, I thought I was going mad!
  13. Background Two 320GB 2.5" disks setup as a RAID 0 pool, total available space as expected (640GB) used as CCTV storage using beta30. (I'm going to wait until I have to disconnect the server to update to 35). However, I've noticed that the CCTV camera stops recording once the disk is "full", i.e. 638GB of 640GB used. I thought I'd messed up the config so I deleted the pool, wiped the drives and then configured another RAID 0 pool, again 640GB available. However the CCTV cameras have now stopped recording... Looking closer... (this is a
  14. b25 to b30 here 24 hours ago, all fine. Only issue is something setting /etc chown from root:root to something else causing ssh to fail, must be a plugin...!