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  1. Frank1940's post in Two drives missing all of a sudden (only one parity drive). I'm bummed. was marked as the answer   
    One thing to try.  There are a few WD drives that had an issue with the +3V voltage supply on an older STAT power cabling  that would force the drive into a reset state.  See here:
    If that is not the problem, I would try the drives in a USB housing connected to another computer to see if that can recognize them.   You could have two bad drives that both went bad at virtually the same time.  But that really goes counter to what I have seen in this forum.  At that point, I would be looking at those enclosures...
  2. Frank1940's post in No Network after 6.10.2 was marked as the answer   
    See here: (Release notes for 6.10.2):

    and here:
  3. Frank1940's post in unraid not work was marked as the answer   
    It looks to me that your Unraid boot drive has been 'lost' during the boot process. 
    This problem has occurred in the past when the Unraid boot drive is plugged into a USB3 port.  
    Try plugging the Unraid boot drive into a USB2 port.
    If that does not work, post back with a complete description of your server hardware.
  4. Frank1940's post in How to backup unraid license? Will do a fresh install was marked as the answer   
    Yes, IF you use the same flash drive.    Yes, the same .key file will work.
  5. Frank1940's post in Help moving licence to another server please was marked as the answer   
    Using this method means you have a valid key on bootup.  But it also means that you are using your old Flash Drive.  You should realize that you will probably have a problem when any flash drive fails in the future. 
    I would suggest that you connect LimeTech using this link
    and describe your problem.  They can do a manual transfer (Blacklisting the old Flash drive and sending you the new .key file via E-mail) but it is not as fast as the automated transfer service.
  6. Frank1940's post in gmail less secure sign-in will be disabled May 30 was marked as the answer   
    I assume this is what you are referring to:

  7. Frank1940's post in ExpressVPN Router and Unraid not cooperating was marked as the answer   
    You might be being bit by this:

    This is a part of the 'Help' screen for    Settings >>>  Management Access     screen
  8. Frank1940's post in Not Sure How To Configure NIC was marked as the answer   
    You could try to disable the MB NIC using the settings in the BIOS.   That way, your new 10Gbs NIC would become eth0.   (You would probably also have to rename (/delete) the network configuration files in the   /config    folder so that Unraid builds new one(s) on the reboot. )
  9. Frank1940's post in Parity drive with 8836 errors - how do I know which one to replace? was marked as the answer   
    This is your answer!   You are going to have to shut the server down to remove the bad anyway.  BUT before you start, print down the 'MAIN' page of the GUI.  Then as you remove each drive, look at its serial number and mark the drive position with the disk #, parity or cache  so you won't have the same problem again.