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  1. Frank1940's post in 2 shares with identical settings, 1 is showing as protected, the other isn't was marked as the answer   
    That should do it.  If it does not, post back and we will go from there...
  2. Frank1940's post in Active Directory Setup was marked as the answer   
    Start by reading this post:
    If that does not solve your problem, ping  @Geoff Bland and describe in this thread/topic what you are trying to do and what result you are getting. 
  3. Frank1940's post in Bizarre - After new home router can't access UNRAID box, but it is online and can ping devices. was marked as the answer   
    Try this.  Boot up into the GUI and generate the diagnostics file.   Look while it is being generated and it will tell where it is being saved-- most likely in the /log folder on the boot drive.  Shut the server down and get the file copied back to your PC after you do the next step.
    In the GUI, go to   Settings   >>>   Network settings     Then look for the "IPv4 address assignment:"  setting and change it to Automatic.  (You may have to shutdown the Docker service.)  You are now ready for the shutdown from the first step.
    Reboot the server.  (It may now have a new IP address.)    See if it works now.  Otherwise, post up the entire diagnostics file in a new post in this topic/thread.
    (I am suspecting that you have two devices assigned to the same IP address.   There are ways to prevent this but using DHCP should fix this problem...)
  4. Frank1940's post in unRAID & 2 LSI Cards was marked as the answer   
    Try this before starting down that route.  Change the setting so that the array does not auto start.  Settings  >>  Disk settings 
    Shut the server down.  Pull the working LSI card.  Put the new card into that slot.  (The one that contained the working LSI card)  Now reboot the server.   In the GUI, go to   Tools  >>>  System log     Use the browser search function to find the string    LSI      You should find it that string if the card is working.  If you don't find it, I would suspect that the LSI card is bad.
    I would also suggest that you capture the diagnostics file while in this configuration and post it up. 
  5. Frank1940's post in Download question was marked as the answer   
    I am going to ping @wgstarks as I believe he is a Mac user. Hopefully, he can provide you with some further insight.
    I am a Windows 10 User and have no problem downloading a directory from within a share.   (I can download a User Share with Windows 10 but it is not a straight click-and-drag operation.  However, I don't see much call to do such an operation as User Shares are usually so large that they would not fit on a simple hard drive.) 
    I believe you can.  Look up Wireguard by googling wireguard     for several guides on how to do this.  You should by able to mount any of your User Shares as a drive on your MAC.  I read into the above question that you already know how to so that. 
    Do NOT expose your Unraid server by putting it directly on the Internet.  It is not harden to withstand the hacker attempts that will probably start within a few minutes after you expose it!
  6. Frank1940's post in Upgraded to 6.11.1 but man that menu / bar is UGLY was marked as the answer   
    To go    Settings   >>>    Display Settings   and try all of the choices for the   'Dynamix color theme:'  setting.  You may find one that looks better to you...
  7. Frank1940's post in General Pre-Clear Question - Two servers Involved was marked as the answer   
    Yes.  In the back of my mind is a thought that the one of the preclears (plugin or Docker) would sometimes write the preclear signature to the wrong sector (depending on the starting sector, perhaps??).  But most of us use the preclear operation more for burning-in the drive to make sure that it will not be an 'infant mortality' victim. 
  8. Frank1940's post in Any recommendations for transferring large amounts of data? was marked as the answer   
    You can not mount those RAID10  drives in your Unraid server.   There is no provision in Unraid to read the data back off the disks.  You can read about RAID10 here:

    Understand that all of those disks will have to remain their present configuration until you have copied all of the data to your new Unraid server.  (When you read the link you will find that your individuals files are split into pieces and each piece written on different disks in the RAID0 portion of your RAID10 configuration!) 
    If this is true, you would install the Unassigned Devices plugin and attach the RAID10 box using the USB connection.  I am assuming that this box appears as a drive to your present server.  If this is true, it would be mounted using Unassigned Devices and it would probably appear as a disk drive.
    There is the  mc  (Midnight Commander) file manager built into Unraid.  (Type mc   at the command prompt in the Unraid terminal.) 
    There is also the Dynamix File Manager which is a plugin.  Support thread here:
    The Kursader Docker is another file manager  Support thread here:       

    A second option.  Use the Unassigned Devices plugin to mount your present server to your Unraid server.  (Unassigned Device is very flexible in its abilities to make 'outside' resources available for use with Unraid!)
    Third option.   Using a PC (or MAC) computer as a bridge between the two servers and copy the files over your LAN from one server to the other server.   This is the simplest setup for the neophyte to use as it uses a File Manager that you already know how to use.  It can also be the slowest method.  It will be constrained by both the network speed and the other processes being run on that PC.
  9. Frank1940's post in Reiserfs to XFS conversion (Solved) was marked as the answer   
    The only problem that I see is that if both drives are a part of the Global Share Setting (Step 4 of the instructions), then there will be two copies of the files (Source disk and target disk) copied on the array until the source disk is reformatted.  This should not cause any problem unless someone is doing any type of file operation (except for strict read operation) on those files.   I think that is why the Author had the conversion disk outside of the Shares.   (To be honest, as I recall, back in about 2018 when I did the conversion, I had the server totally offline at the time so that nothing could possibility access a file via SMB or NFS share.  If this is done, there should not be a problem...)   
    One more thing.  While it may seem obvious,  the ordering of the copy operation should start with the largest disk and work toward the smallest disk.
    PS----  I almost forgot, Unraid is now (apparently) defaiulting to a version of the XFS formatting that uses a lot more disk space for the storage of the file system than reiserfs.  This could present a problem if the source disk is virtually full and the target disk has the same capacity as the source disk.  (However, this XFS version provides for better recovery of data in cases of disk corruption.)
  10. Frank1940's post in Backing up a file to the USB drive? was marked as the answer   
    I would say that pulling the boot drive out of a running Unraid server is a really bad idea.  I do believe that the drive will be unmounted when removed and will not be remounted to    /boot     mount point when reinserted.  
    If you were do this with a BASH script file, you could provide for notification if the write fails to this backup USB drive.  Search on the APPS  for the 'User Scripts' plugin for help in setting this up. 
    EDIT:  Have a good look at the 'Unassigned Devices' plugin.  It probably provides for notification for drive failures. 
  11. Frank1940's post in Questions about Mover was marked as the answer   
    Remember that I said that is:
    Let me put it another way:  The Split level parameter trumps both the Allocation method and the Minimum Free Space setting.  It is as if neither of these exists!
  12. Frank1940's post in Unraid boot issue (hard reset before login prompt is reached) was marked as the answer   
    Try starting here:
  13. Frank1940's post in 4x the normal speed parity check? was marked as the answer   
    I believe the math is screwed up when you do the Cumulative Parity.  I have notice the same thing.  I suspect the formula is using the  total bytes checked divided by the time for the current session (rather the cumulative time for all the sessions). 
  14. Frank1940's post in Two drives missing all of a sudden (only one parity drive). I'm bummed. was marked as the answer   
    One thing to try.  There are a few WD drives that had an issue with the +3V voltage supply on an older STAT power cabling  that would force the drive into a reset state.  See here:
    If that is not the problem, I would try the drives in a USB housing connected to another computer to see if that can recognize them.   You could have two bad drives that both went bad at virtually the same time.  But that really goes counter to what I have seen in this forum.  At that point, I would be looking at those enclosures...
  15. Frank1940's post in No Network after 6.10.2 was marked as the answer   
    See here: (Release notes for 6.10.2):

    and here:
  16. Frank1940's post in unraid not work was marked as the answer   
    It looks to me that your Unraid boot drive has been 'lost' during the boot process. 
    This problem has occurred in the past when the Unraid boot drive is plugged into a USB3 port.  
    Try plugging the Unraid boot drive into a USB2 port.
    If that does not work, post back with a complete description of your server hardware.
  17. Frank1940's post in How to backup unraid license? Will do a fresh install was marked as the answer   
    Yes, IF you use the same flash drive.    Yes, the same .key file will work.
  18. Frank1940's post in Help moving licence to another server please was marked as the answer   
    Using this method means you have a valid key on bootup.  But it also means that you are using your old Flash Drive.  You should realize that you will probably have a problem when any flash drive fails in the future. 
    I would suggest that you connect LimeTech using this link
    and describe your problem.  They can do a manual transfer (Blacklisting the old Flash drive and sending you the new .key file via E-mail) but it is not as fast as the automated transfer service.
  19. Frank1940's post in gmail less secure sign-in will be disabled May 30 was marked as the answer   
    I assume this is what you are referring to:

  20. Frank1940's post in ExpressVPN Router and Unraid not cooperating was marked as the answer   
    You might be being bit by this:

    This is a part of the 'Help' screen for    Settings >>>  Management Access     screen
  21. Frank1940's post in Not Sure How To Configure NIC was marked as the answer   
    You could try to disable the MB NIC using the settings in the BIOS.   That way, your new 10Gbs NIC would become eth0.   (You would probably also have to rename (/delete) the network configuration files in the   /config    folder so that Unraid builds new one(s) on the reboot. )
  22. Frank1940's post in Parity drive with 8836 errors - how do I know which one to replace? was marked as the answer   
    This is your answer!   You are going to have to shut the server down to remove the bad anyway.  BUT before you start, print down the 'MAIN' page of the GUI.  Then as you remove each drive, look at its serial number and mark the drive position with the disk #, parity or cache  so you won't have the same problem again.