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  1. greetings, fellow organic lifeforms , i'm havings some problems with my cache drive and the mover as the title states somehow it seems that files end up on both the cache and array. i download my media using sonarr and radarr with the actual download client being sabnzbd. sonarr and radarr sort the Media into the appropriate folders in the Media share on wgich cache is set to 'yes'. afterwards I use unmanic to transcode all media to hevc using the igpu in place. I think that's where the problem lies. all the M should be on cache at this point and transcoded in place . afterwards every day at 16:00 the mover should run and move the files from cache to array. however the mover tells me that the file allready exists so i'm not sure what or where my problem is or that i'm simply running into a bug. unfortunately i was unable to capture a diagnostics file of a move on the day it happened with mover logging enabled. because due to the sheer number of entries in the logfile firefox would crash and chrome tiook 3 hours+ to generate it. but here is one of today without mover logging enabled however i captured the error at an earlier time and it looks like this: May 28 11:44:57 Zana move: move_object: /mnt/cache/Media/Series/Kaguya-sama- Love is War/Season 2/Kaguya-sama - Love Is War - S02E03 - Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Gaze at the Moon + The 67th Student Council + Kaguya Doesn't Want to Say It Bluray-1080p.mkv File exists beforehand thx for the help, Sages
  2. for anyone struggling with the same problem. make sure to remove the plugins manually from /boot/config/plugins and remove all packages from /boot/packages. nerdpack and devpack were bugging out for me and removing the plugins did not actually remove them from the plugins folder and removing the packages in the webui did not remove them from the packages folder either. don't forget to give it a reboot afterwards.
  3. i'm a third year computer science student and am well aware of the usage of most packages of both nerdpack and devpack . but having to go back and install every package when i needed them seemed tedious so i just installed them all . which worked fine for years . you were however right on the money and as soon as i uninstalled nerd pack poweroff worked as intended . after a reinstall of nerdpack i made a carefull selection of commonly used packages this time. dev pack however is still bugging out for me. even after a reinstall. thx for the second pair of eyes. sages
  4. Being an absolute baboon i just realised i forgot the diagnostics. I have no scripts that i'm aware of and i'm running unraid version 6.10.3 cheers sages
  5. this error occurs when shutting down using theither poweroff or powerdown as well as shutting down using the webgui or short pressing the power button. reboot however works just fine. i'm on the latest stable unraid release. reinstalling the powerdown utility also does not seem to help permanently sages thx for any help in advance
  6. Thx for the second pair of eyes. i'm not sure how the files got on the array without the mover passing them from the cache first but just to verify i synced the cache and the array folder first using rsync which completed in under a second . so i'm sure both cache and array are identical. then i deleted the Media folder of the cache. clearing up about 500GB.
  7. that's weird because why would they be downloaded by sonarr/radarr if they're allready there?
  8. hanks for the quick reply here are the diagnostics with mover logging enabled. for the complete info: the Media share should be moved from cache to the array thx for the help. Sages
  9. hello peeps, I seem to be having a problem with the mover refusing to move files from cache to the array. i have tried with a schedule, manually through the webgui and using the terminal through the "mover" command. none seem to actually empty the cache. I'm pretty sure the usb stick is not the problem since it hasn't been used for very long yet. attached are the diagnostics. thx for the help, Sages.
  10. Hey Josh, I seem to be having some trouble with transcoding to hevc using the "Video Encoder H265/HEVC - hevc_qsv (Intel)" plugin . It transcodes the files to hevc perfectly but when playing them back using either vlc over the network or plex using the media player . there is significant visual corruption present. My cpu is a i5-11400 with 16 GB of ram and i am running the latest stable unraid version with the adde doption of options i915 force_probe=4c8b in the i915.conf file . when setting the transcode plugin to cpu the entire pluginflow works flawlessly .so i'm curious as to what the problem is. because i couldn't find anything about this reported anywhere. thanks for the input Sages
  11. I love the ease of use while being able to extend the usability using the plugins what I would like to see: webgui part for tasks. Something like crontab or similair
  12. Shame that there isn't any support for it in Unraid. Waiting for Limetech to include it in Unraid is probably going to take too long. Going to see if iI still can anyway. Might be usefull for other people looking to use the same chip. Going to try and see if I can get a SFP+ to ethernet adapapter on the cheap through ebay. The 1.8 Ghz is probably because it's reporting the base clock. Thx for the info going to see if mine is just as fast Thx for the help
  13. whoops completely forgot Only one disk is attached. This was done to test if ubuntu was working but except for that it is identical. The usb device does show up using lsusb though. Would it then be possible to insert the driver manualy in Unraid?
  14. That would have also been my first solution, unfortunately this board has zero pcie or pci slots. So no hope there.