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  1. Works for me Thanks for the work you put into this. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love containers, but I have to say, I'm old and enjoy dedicated Linux VMs--it's so much faster for getting something new up and running or even modifying an existing system, but prone to so much error. I appreciate you keeping the main .jar in the config directory, allowing people to make persistent changes--unless you're doing some sort of evil CRC/MD5 checking and replacing anything we change. People like you make containerization worth it. Nicely done, I hope you
  2. This is fantastic to hear, much less work for me! I suppose my kids are a bit impatient. What do you think of a config flag to let the end-user control when the .jar is updated? The Valheim container does it quite well, but I'm not sure of the logistics regarding the posting of the Minecraft .jar. It looks like the posted URL is likely dynamic and it may be a pain to scrape the downloads page with confidence. -Brian
  3. I didn't find any update feature or script. This is what I did for a manual update: maybe it will help someone. I'm new to Minecraft. If it updates often, I'll get a script together. 1. stop the container 2. ssh root@<my unraid raid server> 3. cd /mnt/user/appdata/<my minecraft container config directory>/minecraft 4. wget -O minecraft_server.jar 5. chmod 775 minecraft_server.jar && chown nobody:users minecraft_server.jar 6. start the
  4. Hi all, I'm having cert issues now with this Sonarr container. It looks like this new version of the container doesn't trust let's encrypt CAs. The previous container was running for 3+ years without this issue. Were the anchors removed? Error] X509CertificateValidationService: Certificate validation for failed. RemoteCertificateChainErrors [Info] RssSyncService: RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 209, Reports grabbed: 0, Reports pending: 109 [Error
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the help. I'll take a look at the posts and poke around a bit more.
  6. Thanks for the support. I wiped my steamcmd and serverfiles directories and started over. I left the steamcmd var default and pointed the serverfiles to a different directory under /mnt/cache as you suggested. This time the logs appears to look better but still contains loads of errors. (Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) 02/13/2021 12:30:25: failed to load MyWorld but now I see this, which I've never seen before. CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize CApplicationManagerPopulateThread took 0
  7. Thanks for attaching my log as a file. I'll do that from now on. I set: SteamCMD: /mnt/user/appdata/37648-valheim1 ServerFiles: /mnt/user/appdata/37648-valheim1 Server Name: Valheim Home World Name: MyHome Server Password: MyPassword (my actual password is 8 chars letters and numbers) Public Server: 1 Debug Log Output: true
  8. I had it blank and then set it to 8 chars. Is this long enough?
  9. Has anyone had issues with the Valheim container constantly looping through the startup process and never starting properly? I enabled debug: Valheim.log
  10. I'm glad it's useful. I haven't seen these errors before. Did they start after you installed the intel-gpu-telegraf container or after the upgrade of unraid?
  11. Certainly! I'll see if I can update the GitHub with the dashboards I use. I'll link them here when I get them uploaded.
  12. Very cool! It's great seeing someone else can use it. Thanks for the Grafana adds. If you don't mind, I may add some of these details to the main post and Docker page. You discovered I'm using the "exec" function of Telegraf. -Brian
  13. Hi all, I figured I would share the container I put together, maybe someone else will find it useful. The goal: See the utilization of the Intel iGPU in my Grafana dashboard. The how: Create a container running a tiny script to manipulate the output of intel_gpu_top and have Telegraf send it to a InfluxDB instance. The result: Docker template repo to add to your Unraid repo list: (the container is called 'intel-gpu-telegraf') Docker Hub repo:
  14. I just installed the 6.8.0-rc3 release. /dev/dri now appears and the Plex container is using it. The CPU doesn't even blip when I hit it with 3 4k streams, transcoding down to 480p. Fantastic!