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  1. I'm glad it's useful. I haven't seen these errors before. Did they start after you installed the intel-gpu-telegraf container or after the upgrade of unraid?
  2. Certainly! I'll see if I can update the GitHub with the dashboards I use. I'll link them here when I get them uploaded.
  3. Very cool! It's great seeing someone else can use it. Thanks for the Grafana adds. If you don't mind, I may add some of these details to the main post and Docker page. You discovered I'm using the "exec" function of Telegraf. -Brian
  4. Hi all, I figured I would share the container I put together, maybe someone else will find it useful. The goal: See the utilization of the Intel iGPU in my Grafana dashboard. The how: Create a container running a tiny script to manipulate the output of intel_gpu_top and have Telegraf send it to a InfluxDB instance. The result: Docker template repo to add to your Unraid repo list: (the container is called 'intel-gpu-telegraf') Docker Hub repo:
  5. I just installed the 6.8.0-rc3 release. /dev/dri now appears and the Plex container is using it. The CPU doesn't even blip when I hit it with 3 4k streams, transcoding down to 480p. Fantastic!
  6. Now that 6.7 is out with kernel 4.19, will we see kernel 4.20 in the next release?
  7. Are you guys seeing the PMS docker container fail to upgrade? Atempting to upgrade to: 2019-04-09 14:18:05 ERROR 404: Not Found. It looks like the folks at Plex changed their path? Update: I selected "force update" and Unraid redeployed the container. All is well now. Something changed on
  8. I'm looking forward to Kernel 4.20 for the i9-9900k iGPU driver support.
  9. Do we know yet if the next version of Unraid will come with kernel 4.20? I'm looking forward to the i915 driver supporting the i9-9900k igpu.
  10. Super simple and flawless upgrade from 6.6.5. Thank you.
  11. When do we get kernel 4.20? Really looking forward to the i9-9900k GPU driver. :)
  12. It looks like the GPU in the 9900k is only supported in 4.20+. The top image is from the i915 dev channel I found and the bottom image is from my unraid 6.6.5 system running the 9900k. Any idea when unraid will support kernel 4.20+? Edit: Just came to the sad realization the latest stable kernel is 4.19 .