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  1. Have ordered another cable now. Thx for the help Oh, that explains the difference in some cables... Well I see that as a plus and anyway it will be until I need to connect the other disks. By then I anyway need to free up a slot or buy a bigger hba card.
  2. Thank you for your answer. 1) I think I should go for that on then an try another source. 2) Yes they are all connected. Or do you have a bios setting in mind that could case it to not being recognized?
  3. Sorry I have missed, that you have answered. My backplane is an SAS846A. The ones with an expander have an EL1 or 2 instead of the A. The "A" version has 6 SFF8087 connectors, each connecting to 4 drives. My HBA only has 4 connectors (=16 drives). The remaining 8 drives are not yet connected. At least as a mid term solution I wanted to use the reverse breakout sata (MB) to SFF8087 (backplane) cable for four of the remaining drives. Unfortunately they are not even recognized by the bios. I think I was able to test everything but the cable itself without any issues. As I don
  4. Not quit sure if I get your point right but when the same drive is connected with a plain sata cable it works. Meaning the MB would accept the drive as such and the sata port and the drive is working.
  5. Hi all, My system consists of a 24 bay case with an SAS846A Backplane. 15 of the drives are connected via LSI 9300-16i and are in use. As I need to connect more drives to the MB I have ordered a reverse breakout sata to SFF8087 cable (4 sata at MB and SFF8087 at backplane). Unfortunately the bios does not recognize any of the disks attached with that cable. The port of the backplane connected to the HBA works. Also the sata ports work with other drives. The only idea I have is a cable issue or something with the bios settings. Any idea if i have to change settings in the bios or wh
  6. Sorry for the long time... I have successfully updated the HBA card, thinking at first that this was the solution but it wasn't... I also tried another PSU, switching drives around, changing cables. By doing so, I think, I could narrow down the error to one SFF8643 port of the SAS 9300 i16. In that plug it is always the first bay/hdd of the four which has the error. I also got the impression that it occurs more often when writing to that disk than when reading from it but this might be wrong. Do you think there is a way to further trouble shoot that error?
  7. First of all thank you for your answer! Well not easy but I could use the one from my PC. I think I will first try to update the SAS 9300 16i as it should be done anyway. Do you coincidentally have some tips for that? How likely is it that I kill the card when having no experience with it at all?^^ (I would try to follow that thing I will probably try it on the weekend. When switching the PSU, would you suggest a specific test or should I just try, use it and see what ha
  8. Hi all, I have some weird disk errors that occur when I for instance start to copy files with the windows explorer onto a network share or otherwise use the system. It is not exactly logical to me what triggers the error. They happen usually on multiple disks at the exact same time and it does not seem to affect the system to hard but usually resulting in a copy error. After a restart they are obviously deleted but reoccur again. I am also not sure whether it is is connected to reaching a high water level mark. In those cases I get the following windows copy e
  9. Unfortunately not. I don't even know where to start... From what I have read in forums and all, it gives me the impression that it appears if Linux (unraid) and a X version of a Ryzen processor come together. Please keep me up do to date in case you find a solution. It kinda makes me worried whether the CPU gets sufficient cooling. As the MB reads them correct, I guess the fan is not affected.
  10. Thanks for your reply! I had a look again and after searching every single f...... folder I have finally found it: Advanced / AMD CBS / NBIO Common Options / MB Configuration / IOMMU --> enable AsRock did a good job in hiding it!
  11. Hi all, Unfortunately I don't know any further and google could not help... In the bios I have enabled SVM Mode (CPU configuration) as well as SR-IOV (Onboard device configuration) but Unraid still gives me an IOMMU disabled: Is there an option called "IOMMU" I have to enable additionally? If yes where? I have also noticed that there are no IOMMU groups shown in system devices (this may happen after unraid recognize IOMMU as enabled?) Thank you for helping in advance! Georg
  12. Sorry i did not get that you have answered. Could be but then the separator is not always transferred: (I have set the CPU as cpu temp and the smbus master as MB temp) Also the bios states different temperatures. Even if I read it wrong it does not move at all. From right after the start to continues loads of 50% it always says -62.5 C. Also because of: I understand that maybe not all the sensors are connected/ used but the CPU one? In the system is also an Avago SAS 9300-i16 card. I was not able to find out i
  13. Hi all Have a problem with the plugin in combination with the Ryzen 2700X and a AsRock X470 Taichi Ultimate (bios P3.30). The temperature displayed do not make sense as most of them are in the negative area. Temperatures I have found in the motherboard seem to be correct. Has someone any experience and hopefully a solution for that issue? Has someone an idea where I could start troubleshooting or at least gather more information? Thanks in advance! Georg
  14. Sorry but I don’t see which one has growing CRC errors. If we are talking about disk 8 (7HK8YNSF), it has 5 counts since they occurred a month ago. In the meantime, I have moved disks many times and added or at least physically touched several components and I have never noticed that there was a count added. These below mentioned disks are connected to different cables (at least if I follow the numbering of unraid). 0 is the parity and on one cable, 8,9,10 is on another (but just two of them with errors) and 11 is on a third cable. Disk 29 however I don’t know what this one is. The
  15. Thank you for your help! How am I going to find out which cable it is? I did a preclear in each bay and could not trigger an error. Do you have a better idea? Btw I did a new config now and did the parity check. Everything was fine and looked good until I have added a folder: My only clue is that it might be connected to the trial key which expired today.