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  1. Hi, I have not seen this. I should have been a little more specific with my issue.I have several computers on my network, 3 to be exact and I can access the UnRaid server on 3 of them. 3 windows 10 pc's and 1 Macbook pro. 2 of the 3 windows 10 pc's can see and access the unraid server. On the 3rd pc that cannot access the windows, the sever shows up in the File explorer but gives the error, Windows cannot connect to \\SERVERNAME. SMB is turned on on that pc. One the other Window's pc's, the \\SERVER is visible in File Explorer and you can access the public files as well as the private files. So this issue is specific to one device on my network.
  2. I am having an issue connecting to my Unraid server from some of the Windows devices on my network. The server shows up in the network drive but when I attempt to access it, it says "Windows cannot access \\SERVER."