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  1. I found that SpaceInvader Ones' videos so valuable to my understanding of how unraid, dockers, the kvm, virtual machines, preclearing drives and the rest of his video's so informative I bought him a beer last month and plan on it again in the future. Word of warning though, he covers a lot of material in a 15 minute video, watch it 2-7 times before you start some of the more complicated ones
  2. Drobo was just the name / max datasize that I knew off the top of my head that you could build up storage as you go and that had Plex server on it to offer the place to co-locate your backup for the least hassle and cost. The idea is to get your backup of the data away from your place, just thinking of Texas right now and the disaster situation they have now. Remember, the cloud is just someone else's computer! @TinkerToyTech
  3. ok, had another idea to add to my first: Make a bootable USB key that will boot to a GUI that has the neccessary drivers and software to image the boot drive, and then write that image out to a network share. you could have it setup with a directory on the server per machine, keeping the last 3, then each time you make a major change to the system, i.e. a minor upgrades, before each patch Tuesday, etc, you'll be at worst be a state of no more than a month of lost time, with the OS backing up your machines to their network shares personal directory on a file by file basis as built-in to win10pro... ok, my two cents is up to a nickel idea, because this is solving the same problem I'm having... @TinkerToyTech
  4. How about building a restore disc / usbkey for each client, then setting up a cron (curl?) job backing using control panel (win7) Backup & Restore method to user directories on the unraid? With CrashPlan Home Backup going away it's what I'm going to try. I'm also looking into Retrospect Network Backp for Windows but I don't know if it will do bare metal restore... @TinkerToyTech
  5. Perhaps buy a NAS such a a 5 drive drobo5N2 (max 64TB) outfit it with enough storage for redundancy, and giving them some read only accesses to the Plex server for their troubles and keep it updated with duplicati? If things go bad, goto the family members place, bring the device home, and you will have your data... That's my idea off the top of my head.... @TinkerToyTech
  6. if you have the SATA ports, add the two larger replacement disks, and copy/ merge the data by hand? I know of no program that will o it, maybe someone else does? I keep on a client backup drive library files of each /mnt/disk1 /mnt/disk2... catalog with voidtools.com everything.exe search catalog file to disc for this info if I lose a drive I know what was on it but none of that helps w/o a BACKUP! @TinkerToyTech
  7. on my Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 when I put a NVME Samsung 950 pro on that motherboard I lost half my SATA ports, YMMV I'm running 8TB WD REDs in my Fractal Node 804 no problem My two Cents worth @TinkerToyTech
  8. the Home backup solution which is how I backed up 5 clients plus two drobos plus my unraids. but this is no more. At the end of my annual contract I'm toast. They have arrangements to sign up for their business product or carbonite at an initial discount. We will see. The other set up and forget it is EMC Retrospect, which I beta tested a long time ago on Macintosh and they have Linux support, what I need is one of you geniuses to tell me what flavor of linux would be best or to just setup the server: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/which_versions_of_linux_and_unix_does_the_client_support This software will set me back some bucks, it will cost me 1 or 2 8TB drives depending on what I get... Perhaps this would be a good thread to cover your backup strategy... @TinkerToyTech
  9. you will need to look up the core pairings for your individual cpu, but if it's similar to mine (3770 4Cores, 8threads ) vm's, one for just the workstation / single gaming, one for gamer1, one for gamer2, one for other multiprocessing docker only duties such as Plex, FileBot, vpn + rutorrent, Krusader. cpu threads 0, 4 Unraid "root" processing minimum cpu threads 1, 5 misc. processing dual gamers: gamer#1 cpu threads 2,6 + gpu#1 + 3/8'ths of the ram gamer#2 cpu threads 3,7 + gpu#2 + 3/8th's of the ram Workstation: cpu threads 1,2,3, 5,6,7+gpu1+gpu2 3/4ths the ram docker "application" multi-processing: 1,2,3, 5,6,7
  10. Sure this is how I helped another i7 dual gamer tweak his setup to work https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/59380-vm-core-assignments/ read through each of the replies, it'll cover the highlights in broad strokes, I can try to help more should you need it, if not me then others.
  11. qBittorrent being a QT app will suck up and be slow from a gui perspective I've found. All of the qt apps that I've used while being portable and all that I'm seemingly always 4 steps ahead of how fast the UI should be running... I personally like rutorrent, I"ve used it on seedboxes back in the day and it grew on me. Look up "SpaceInvader One" on youtube. He has about 100 videos up on various aspects of unraid configuration, including everything that you're looking to run here. I think I've watched every one 3 times and when it came to actually implementing a videos' worth of server tweaks/setup what I did was to watch the ideo through twice, then on my 3 monitors I would run the video on the left, webgui in themiddle monitor and be looking stuff up on the 3rd.a/b inputs being my batttlestation 3rd head or on the vga input the server itself. He'd say add this from here, do this this and this. back the video up and watched those 30 seconds, do it, check to be sure it's perfect three times, then goto the next step. I think you get the idea. Just my newbie 2 cents worth, @TinkerToyTech
  12. Take a look at this thread: https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/59380-vm-core-assignments/ it's how you can fix up your VM's to run t the same time... Have fun. @TinkerToyTech
  13. How are you serving up the files to your clients - the media files? How Many streams to TVs at a time? what are the Plex clients? From reading the forums, I'm seeing that people recommended a PassMark score of 2000 per stream. for secure banking, why not use a Chromebook instead of an Ubuntu vm? Will the streams all be running while you're gaming? Just a few things that would be helpful answered.
  14. Are you trying to add these to mutiple Virtual machines like linus tech tools demo video? or do you want to run 5 monitors off of the Maui Linux? what 6 core cpu? an AMD 1100T? How many potential Hard drives are you going to put in this machine? inquiring minds need/want to know more...