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  1. Hi, Looking into this topic, I can't find anyone asking to use a nfs mount in staid of SMB. I would like to export a nfs mount from one of my unassigned disk. I dont need to be in the pool array. Anyway to achieve this ? I tried manually adding the share in /etc/exports.. it works but if I add/mod/delete a share in the pool array, the nfs mount disappears . Thank for any info J-F
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I just need a little more time to test out some of the VM features and then, should buy soon Thanks, J-F
  3. Hi, Where can I request a extention trial period ? There are no links/button or else in the registration page on the server and the docs says that there should be one. Thank you, J-F
  4. Hi, I just bought a LSI-9211-8i and installed it on a SuperMicro X11SSH-LN4F-O The firmware on it is P19 and I think that the MPT2BIOS is 7.xx The card came already flashed in IT When starting the server, it "hangs" for about 2 minutes on the MPT bios strings then start. entering the bios on the card works. So does the card. I also set the card for boot to DISABLED in the firmware. But is it normal for the card to take so long to boot ? Thanks
  5. The 4 ports is something that is great. and further more, I have a 24 gigabit switch Layer2 with LACP support so, I should be able to make a 4Gig trunk. The 8 ports on the newer board is a bit short on me since I have almort is not all the HDD to fill those ports. but Yes, going towards the newer version. I dont actually need more slots as I dont want to put GPU cards and have them passed to VMs. (only windows/linux without GUI). so I think this board will do nicely
  6. Hi all, I'm new to unraid but seen the stuff this can do i'm in instance of purchasing my hardware and confronted between 2 motherbords. I would like my setup to do : storage of course, a couple of VMs, and a couple of Dockers. both are supermicro #1 : X11SSH-LN4F with v5 e3-1230 xeon processor and 32Gb DDR-4 RAM #2 : X10SL7-F with v3 e3-1231 xeon processor and 32GB DDR-3 RAM setup #1 is latest (i think) but dosent have a LSI controller and 8 SATA ports directly connected to the C236 chip I know that #2 is quite older (a bit more than 3year old) but has a LSI controller that need to be flash in IT mode to work with unraid Thank for any advise on this J-F What would be the best choice AND do I need to flash anything on setup #1 ?