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  1. Have done a reboot, yes. Its gone and won't come back. ETA just tried three different browsers just for kicks, and its gone.
  2. "Docker safe new permissions" is gone from the Tools menu. I have removed and reinstalled CA Fix Common problems a few times now, and can't get it to reappear. Any ideas?
  3. Of all the times that unraid has hung on me over the years, whether it was the GUI that froze or the dockers that froze or a file transfer that hung or the command prompt that froze, when things like 'reboot' and 'init 0' and 'poweroff' and stopping everything by hand didn't work, the only thing that I have ever been able to do do fix a hung server is to temporarily put the ON/OFF device on the front of the server in the OFF position. And then cancel the subsequent parity check.
  4. Right. Still happening, got better after a reboot, started about 15 minutes into a large file transfer. One terminal window was performing a 'mv -vf * /somewhere' type command, and in another window, the command prompt completely froze for a 'du' operation. Could ssh in a third time, ps and htop worked fine, but ls and any other file-type operation did not. None of my Windows PCs could see unraid's shares for 10-15 minutes at a time to boot. Like I said, reboot unraid fixed it, then it came back shortly thereafter.
  5. "docker safe new permissions" disappeared after a reboot. I removed and re-installed CA and its still missing. How can I get it back?
  6. Windows always take 99999 years to move files, so I do it from the command line as often as possible. I've noticed in the past, and particularly lately, in fact this very instant, that file operations in general are terribly sluggish. Whether I use rsync, mv, or cp, and whether or not its from one share to another, or one disk to another, or many disks to one disk, a large list of files will be processed, and then there is a pause. A huge pause, generally, up to 30, 60, even 120 seconds, and then the file operation continues. I am not using a cache drive. I am using two parity disks. Is this some process where a large amount of data is moved, and then the process is paused while parity is calculated, or some other event is taking place? Thanks. ETA even something as simple as "ls" in another terminal window hangs when the file operation is also hung. And then both eventually wake up at the same moment.
  7. The Plex forums are utterly useless for support, so I am trying here: Server Version#: 4.34.4 Player Version#: Latest Roku On the Roku, and only on the Roku, Plex routinely (almost always) skips to the next episode within the last 3-5 minutes of the current episode. The files are not corrupt, and it does not happen on iPad or Android. It also does not happen on every show, but it does on many. When we return to the episode whose last few minutes were skipped, and then fast forward to the skipped part, it plays fine. This has been happening for many months, across numerous Roku and Plex software updates. Any advice would be great.
  8. My multimedia collection wouldn't need to go, that is replaceable. And I'm on an unlimited plan with my ISP, although I'm sure they'll limit my bandwidth after the first few TBs....
  9. Google is the great Satan, we all know this. Are you telling me storing data with them is safe? I'm being serious. Suggesting that I store data with google is very nerve-wracking to me.
  10. Thanks. I will look into perhaps replacing them slowly, as funds become available. If you can find me cloud storage for 88TB that doesn't cost and arm and a leg, I may consider it. But I don't like the cloud, and I don't like having my data on someone else's server. Hence me running unraid.
  11. How do I turn on ssh so I can ssh into pi-hole? ETA how do I make settings persist across reboots ie hostname etc
  12. Most of my drives have UDMA CRC errors, some have thousands, some have dozens, some have none. A few have "Reported Uncorrected," value number 187, whatever that means. Of 16 drives, those two errors are the only one that generate an orange line in the SMART value tables.