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  1. I managed to set up the VLAN. br1 is the main interface, for unraid and for plex. br1.10 is new VLAN interface, tagged with 10. I set up as unraid's IP address for this VLAN. However, in the docker edit for Plex, I cannot select multiple interfaces. How can I get Plex to answer across both networks, ie, accessible on the main network at and VLAN 10 at Thanks.
  2. Is there one? Not sure if this should go in the Docker area or not, so here it is. I have three VLANs on my network; an IOT and Guest network are totally isolated and can only reach the internet. The third VLAN is for phones and tablets and other less-than-secure devices that I do not want seeing other hosts on the network. However, a couple of those devices (Roku, iPhones) use Plex to reach my server, which has its own IP address as a docker on my unraid server. I would like to set up VLANs on my server in such a way as to provide the hosts on that third
  3. Is there a way to make headphones smarter about scanning folders for existing music? I have a share called "music," and in that there are 36 folders: 0-9 and A-Z. I have all of my artists arranged alphabetically and numerically, for the sake of ease of organization. Of course when I point headphones to "/music," it thinks there is no music present and I get everything downloaded in duplicate. Aside from having every artist in the /music folder, is there a better way?
  4. Dockers can't point to pi-hole, is my understanding, and my docker and plug-in update checks were taking upwards of 6-10 minutes. Also now I can do service on my server without taking down DNS for the whole house. The pi-hole docker is sweet but my needs are much better served with a real device.
  5. In order to install unbound and run as an upstream DNS server. I am trying not to use external DNS unless they are the root-level servers. I scrapped the docker and went back to running pi-hole on an actual pi.
  6. How do I configure pi-hole on docker to accept incoming ssh connections?
  7. Sonarr is finding episodes and sending them to sab, with the little notification "send to sab" and the little cloud download icon, but sab is not getting the request (or if it is, its not showing up on the download page). Some shows are working just fine, others seem not to be at all. Nothing has changed, configuration-wise, in years. Any ideas where to start?
  8. Lots of buffering lately. A Roku on a wired gigabit connection and a laptop with the web client on a 5GHz wifi connection. i7-2600 is virtually sitting idle, its definitely not resource related on the server end or network related. Shows will play fine, suddenly I get the gold circle, sometimes it plays again shortly, other times I get the error telling me my network connection is too slow (even on the wired gig Roku). Any ideas?
  9. Power went out a few days ago. After a few minutes, I went into the GUI and executed a proper shutdown. I then turned off the UPS. After power came back on, I turned on the UPS, and unraid. Now unraid cannot see the UPS, I get the red box of death "Communications Lost" in the status window popups, and under the UPS Settings it shows no communications with the UPS. During and after the power outage, nothing changed or moved, no cables were unplugged, etc. I just re-seated the USB cables on both the UPS side and the unraid side -- no effect.
  10. Have done a reboot, yes. Its gone and won't come back. ETA just tried three different browsers just for kicks, and its gone.
  11. "Docker safe new permissions" is gone from the Tools menu. I have removed and reinstalled CA Fix Common problems a few times now, and can't get it to reappear. Any ideas?
  12. Of all the times that unraid has hung on me over the years, whether it was the GUI that froze or the dockers that froze or a file transfer that hung or the command prompt that froze, when things like 'reboot' and 'init 0' and 'poweroff' and stopping everything by hand didn't work, the only thing that I have ever been able to do do fix a hung server is to temporarily put the ON/OFF device on the front of the server in the OFF position. And then cancel the subsequent parity check.
  13. Right. Still happening, got better after a reboot, started about 15 minutes into a large file transfer. One terminal window was performing a 'mv -vf * /somewhere' type command, and in another window, the command prompt completely froze for a 'du' operation. Could ssh in a third time, ps and htop worked fine, but ls and any other file-type operation did not. None of my Windows PCs could see unraid's shares for 10-15 minutes at a time to boot. Like I said, reboot unraid fixed it, then it came back shortly thereafter.