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  1. Good Morning all, Krusader has become unresponsive using the GUI, so I have copied the repeating log section from Krusader and the Diagnostics for Unraid. I have no idea how to change this as the log states. Error: Can't open display: :1Openbox-Message: Failed to open the display from the DISPLAY environment variable._XSERVTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root_XSERVTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root I am at a loss and the array is useless right now Any help is greatly appreciated as always. "Update" Went t
  2. I am not running a Ryzen processor but experiencing the same thing. Im am using an AMD 7860K. I pulled the Log file from the Krusader app and copied the part that keeps repeating. Thanks in advance System diagnostics are attached as well. Fatal server error:Couldn't add screenBacktrace:0: X11rdp (0x400000+0x1801f) [0x41801f]1: X11rdp (0x400000+0xcf39) [0x40cf39]2: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x2b334ef49000+0x36d40) [0x2b334ef7fd40]3: X11rdp (0x400000+0xd390) [0x40d390]4: X11rdp (0x400000+0x151e3) [0x4151e3]5: X11rdp (0x400000+0x15655) [0x415655]6: X11rdp (0x400000+0
  3. Rebuild completed with no errors. Happy camper again.
  4. These forums are great, I just had a disk error as well but was unable to retrieve the log files as the server GUI became unresponsive which forced me to hard reboot. The unassign/reassign disk seems to have done the trick and rebuild is ongoing now. I will update as it progresses.
  5. Very Strange, but i was able to delete the file using Krusader. Thanks for the assistance
  6. no error with the mover. it starts and stops as if there is nothing to move. I have been moving a lot of data and this is the only file I've had an issue with fix common problems shows the file in cache, which is why I'm looking to delete it in Dolphin.
  7. Sorry but I do not see where to find diagnostic files in Dolphin
  8. Probably something silly but, there is a movie file in my cache drive that I cannot move or delete with the Mover or Dolphin. Keeps giving me errno. 5 I'm using unraid 6.3.3. tried using the help in Dolphin and I get "could not find service 'khelpcenter'" appreciate any suggestions. Permissions of the file are "can read and write"
  9. Right, I originally looked in the Unassigned App, and not the Krusader app. Thanks for your patience and tolerance.
  10. How do I go in and change this? When I go into the installed apps and select setting it looks like it only allows me to add a new folder. Question being, do I need to delete the original and recreate the UNASSIGNED folder?
  11. Microcenter has these older model Seagate NAS drives on sale in store only 6TB is $149.99 8TB is $199.99 3TB is $59.99,200_RPM_SATA_III_35_Internal_Hard_Drive
  12. HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5" 5TB 7200RPM SATA III 128MB Cache Internal Hard Drive Retail Kit : 0S03835 Price is 119.99 If you have a Frys electronics near you these are 119.99. Want 2 but they wont ship.
  13. Well thank you for the clarification Trurl, As far as the Cache pool goes I am a bit confused now. The Unraid Manual states on page 11 "The unRAID cache pool is created through a unique twist on traditional RAID 1, using a BTRFS feature that provides both the data redundancy of RAID 1 plus the capacity expansion of RAID 0." Is that not what is really occurring?
  14. Keep in mind that one of the 8TB drives will need to be used as a parity drive. (Parity must be equal to or larger than other drives in the array.) This will give you 49TB of array data with 8TB parity. Are you not going to have a Cache drive? If you decide to add multiple cache drives, keep in mind that the cache pool will sum the amount of memory and then divide by the number of drives. Example being: you have a 240GB and a 480GB SSDs as a Cache pool, it adds these (720GB) then divides by 2(for the 2 drives) Total cache memory is now 360GB. Just something to keep in mind of.