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  1. Yes Tom, that's how I viewed it when we developed the Nvidia stuff originally, it was improving the product. The thread has been running since February 2019, it's a big niche. 99 pages and 2468 posts.
  2. You know you could have discussed this with me right? Remember me, the original dev, along with @bass_rock! The one you tasked @jonp to discuss how we achieved the Nvidia builds back in December last year? That I never heard anything more about. I'm the one that spend 6 months f**king around with Unraid to get the GPU drivers working in docker containers. The one that's been hosting literally 100s of custom Unraid builds for the community to use for nearly five years. With all due respect to @ich777 he wasn't the one who did the bulk of the work here. Remember? You'll be pleased to know I will no longer be producing any custom "unofficial" builds for all the things you've not wanted to pick up and support for the last 10 years. A bit like unassigned devices and @dlandon, hell that should have been incorporated half a decade ago. In fact, I won't be doing anything here from this point on. Nearly 5 years of DVB and nearly 2 years of Nvidia. You're welcome to them. DVB is all yours now as well. Good Luck.
  3. @trurl Please lock this thread. Due to an unexpected announcement from @limetech about Nvidia, I have since made the decision to do no further development work on Unraid. I'm quitting Unraid work. Anyone who wants to use DVB on Unraid, you have two options. 1. Ask LimeTech to include it as they should have years ago 2. Compile it yourselves using the available docker container. LS.io will no longer be hosting any custom Unraid builds.
  4. @trurl Please lock this thread. Due to an unexpected announcement from @limetech this is no longer required. I'm quitting Unraid work.
  5. Yep, I've sent a PM to LT. I'm out of here. They can sort DVB out as well. I am very officially retiring from any form of Unraid development.
  6. Hi

    Are you planning to create a Joblin container template?


    1. CHBMB


      Why would I?

  7. Depends what I have going on in my life at the time. Last 6-9 months have been pretty full on, last 3 months have been particularly hectic. New job, new baby and seeing as I work in front line healthcare as a clinician in one of the initially hardest hit areas of my country in terms of Covid, any dev work has kind of taken very much a back seat.
  8. Ok, so I have some idea, send me a PM, or better yet, hop on the linuxserver discord and ping me and we can chat about how to move forward.
  9. We've already been building Nvidia in a container for a while, DVB I've been kind of stuck with real life stuff, if someone who uses DVB actually wanted to collaborate with us, that would be awesome. The whole idea of me supporting something I don't actually use at all is pretty untenable.
  10. That's because I've written routines into the plugin to parse the cards/adapters and output it to the plugin screen, this happens at boot rather than every time the page loads.
  11. I could probably dig it out from somewhere, I gave up playing around with DVB and Nvidia combined as I don't have DVB hardware and never got any answers more detailed than "It doesn't work" which made progress impossible. I'm amenable to working with someone to get it working, but chucking builds out without decent testing with constructive /useful feedback is largely pointless, as from my perspective it should have worked.
  12. CrazyCat removed his source code. Nothing I can do about that. I tried building what he has left against the TBS stuff, but no dice.
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