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  1. probably a dumb question, but how do i "not use parity"?
  2. I've just built a new server/array and because of some hardware failures in my old array, i'll be moving everything over from each disk to the shares in the new array using Krusader. my question is, should i turn off "use cache" on the share i'm copying to? I'm going to be moving several TB at a time and my cache has only 500gb free. I believe that without cache, it'll write straight to disk and be slower, but i'll be filling up the cache in minutes anyway. any advice?
  3. okay, after some more messing around, i ran a reiserfsck (in maintenance mode) on the drive. after a LOT of "bad_indirect_item" errors, it tells me to fix the corruptions using --rebuild-tree. Maybe i should try that first. comments?
  4. I have my Unraid running with 12 total data drives of varying sizes. One of my drives recently started giving me a bunch of errors saying it cannot write to disk, and the smart tests don't look so great. I can't replace the drive right now due to cost, but I have enough free space on the array to get rid of it. My question is: Can I pull the drive, let it run emulated and use unbalance to scatter the data to the rest of my array? Then i would just reconfig without that drive. thanks,
  5. So I've been running Unraid for 7 years now over multiple hardware iterations and have about 12TB of data. Over the years I've lost data (nothing critical, mostly media) that has made the wife a little leary of storing her personal stuff (and our family pics) on it, and I don't blame her. So now, I'm looking to implement a backup solution. I'm already using CA Backup for my appdata and usb, but want to backup the whole array to my own offsite server. The offsite server will be windows 2016 (or would Unraid be better?). Connection type: tbd (i'm trying to decide what kind of vpn solution, ideas?). And the backup solution, I've seen several ideas here like duplicaty, using rsync, etc. What are some pros and cons with the different backup solutions for my setup? Hopefully, when my unraid is nice and backed up, we can start consolidating all our storage (getting off of all our externals and such). thanks!
  6. I haven't. Should I run the boot option memtest?
  7. Is this good enough, or is there a need for me to dive deeper into the smart logs?
  8. I put it back and it did a parity check/rebuild afterwards.
  9. Here you go. Thanks for taking a look! server-diagnostics-20200221-2215.zip
  10. I've been missing a LOT of my media in Plex lately. When I browse to the folder (ie TV), it shows up as empty. If i share out the drives themselves, I see my missing files, but cannot read or write to the drives. I've consoled in and it won't let me move or delete files because permissions are missing. I've tried to fix the permission issues, but it won't let me. I've tried to write new data to replace the messed up files and Plex picks it up...but only for a couple of hours, then it disappears. I'm assuming it was because it was readable while it was in the cache but get messed up when the mover kicked in. Any ideas? I'm not sure if it's a problem with the share or several drives. Parity ran fine. I've also removed the drive from the array and mounted it separately, still no luck. Again, I can see the files and folders, but can't read/write/delete. Please help!
  11. Well, this is strange. I've selected that folder a dozen times and it was empty, so I assumed it was the wrong folder (another TV folder buried where I couldn't readily see). I wake up this morning and when I selected it to send you a screenshot, all my shows are there. Problem solved, lol. Thanks.
  12. I've installed Sabnzbd without too much trouble, but I'm having trouble with Sickbeard seeing my existing TV share. If I click on the path in the volume mapping, it takes me right to the share. I've also tried the mapping above the tv folder, it still won't appear in the directory choice in sickbeard. any ideas? Choose_Directory.pdf
  13. I was pretty sure it was. First I tried the new (128MB) flash drive with a clean 5.0 install, and I checked bios. apparently, my bios sees the two flash drives differently. my original drive is seen as a hard drive, my spare (128MB) flash is recognized as a "removable device". I DID need to change the bios settings...and it WORKED! unfortunately, I tried to put my original flash drive back in with a clean install of 5.0 with the bios settings doublechecked for that device (the original flash recognizes as a hard drive, not removable device) and it still gave me "Boot Error". It seems like I can't get the original flash drive to work with 5.0, and I don't really want to use a 128MB drive (I plan on putting quite a few addons and such on it) so i'm thinking I should get a new flash drive. Any recommendations on make/model/size? also, is there any way I can get another install key to replace the one I can't upgrade? I'm open to any other ideas also!
  14. Just did it. Same result. It just hangs at the Syslinux version line. i also tried to put 5.0 (totally fresh install), on a spare flash drive (little 128MB) i had. It just hung at a blank screen with a blinking curser. I'm starting to run of ideas now. what else should i try?
  15. No Luck. i first did as you recommended and got the "Syslinux 1994-2008 blah blah" line...then it hung. (i DID also copy my config files sans password and smbpassword files, might that have been the issue? should i try it like a fresh install?) i also tried leaving the syslinux, syslinux.cfg and ldlinux.sys....same result as above. i was going to try some other random acts of desperation, but the wife was starting to freak out, lol. if anyone has any other ideas, i can try them later tonight.