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  1. Looking for some advice. My current Unraid array already has 36 drives so its at the Unraid capacity for drives. I have an additional 12 drives that I'm looking to use only for Chia plots that are sitting in my unassigned drives. I either was thinking of passing them all through as individual plot locations to the container (creating a separate parameter for each, etc.) or passing them all through to a VM. I am just looking to run the full node and harvester on my unraid server and have my other servers be plotting and moving to the plot locations. My two concerns I have is how the plotte
  2. Had the xmrig warning appear. I do not do any mining on my unraid system at all. After running FCP manually it did not return that warning again. Is there anything I can do to check my container images to see if any might be triggering xmrig to be running? What would your recommendations be? EDIT: here are the only lines I can seem to find in the diagnostics that reference it - ### [PREVIOUS LINE REPEATED 1 TIMES] ### May 3 15:59:00 UnraidCore root: FCP Debug Log: root 32685 0.0 0.0 3848 2884 ? S 15:58 0:00 sh -c ps -aux | grep -i xmrig ### [PREVIOUS LINE REPEATE
  3. I am having this issue as well except I am missing it for UHD P630 since I have a Intel E-2288G. Assuming this is happening for all of Coffee Lake CPUs. I'm also on the most recent beta25.