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  1. Hey everyone, sorry for my absence in the last week or so, my life is crazy lately and I have very limited free time (if any 😆) I see a lot of you had some sync issues, well turns out I had the same issues lately. I've opened up my 8444 port in my router and that seemed to have helped a lot (I sometimes had like 1 peer. but now it's never less than 20-30). As tjb_altf4 said, 1.1.6 was released and It confirmed that there was some issues in the network itself. Personally, all my problems went away with this upgrade, so I suggest anyone with sync problems to at least do the port forward and the upgrade to 1.1.6 and test again. Don't forget to disable upnp if you do the port forward. I see also a few requests about adding some things (like swar manager) to this Docker, sadly as I mentioned earlier this is not something I can do unless I make my own docker image. This unraid template is for the official docker image and I have no plan (nor the time) to create a new one, so don't expect this to change. Any issues regarding the docker itself should be directed towards the official Chia-Docker github. That being said, any request to the unraid template I have no problem of doing/adding. On another note, @guy.davis released a promising docker to CA called Machinaris, It brings plotman and a webgui to the official docker, I suggest anyone who is interested in this to take a look. I've personally began using swar plot manager in the official docker so I will definitely take a look at Machinaris.
  2. Thank you ! And indeed thanks for everyone that is contributing and helping. You caught me before going to bed 😉 You are correct, you will need to add another path for the second temp directory. Let's say you called it plotting2 and that this plotting2 folder is pointing to your 2nd unassigned device. You can then start some plots with this as your plotting temp folder venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 1 -t /plotting2 -d /plots And some others with your first unassigned device (let's assume it's named plotting1 ) : venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 1 -t /plotting1 -d /plots At the moment there is no better way than with the console for this docker (or via the tmux console, see OP for details on this) EDIT: The template variable would look like this :
  3. What you are describing to me is queuing plotting. What you did is you ran 3 plots in parallel. When you do this command, n is the number of plots you want to queue : venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 1 -t /plotting/plot1 -d /plots If you want to start plots after plots, you need to queue plotting, for exemple : venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 5 -t /plotting/plot1 -d /plots ☝️This will do 5 plots one after the other, but NOT at the same time. If you want to do multiple plots at the same time, you have to start multiple tabs like you did. So you could do three process of this command (with n=5), and that would enable you to do 3 plots at a time, 5 times in a row ! After setting it to INFO you will need to restart the docker for it to take effect. Anything else is optional (making it stdout to the console ui of unraid is optional, but if you want to do it see OP)
  4. Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure why at the moment either, I'd need to investigate a bit but I already have my hands full with work and answering questions 😆, I'll try to see once I have some time The plots are moved to /plots only when they are finished. This process can take a few hours, are you waiting long enough ? Both work, you can add multiple plots directories if needed. In my case I'm using the array and I have good challenge time for my plots (less than 1 second). I'm guessing it's the syncing but hard to say didnt check my cpu usage when it was still getting synced. Do you still have this issue ? I can see why that could be frustrating. I'm not seeing anything in the config.yml file to change this sadly, and the docker itself is out of my reach (since it's the official one). One solution could be making your own docker and adding this in the dockerfile so that way it will always have this inside once it's built. Other than that I would suggest making a user script to add this when your docker restarts (or with a schedule, something along those lines) To view logs, read my original post (it will guide you to the correct folder). To view progress of ongoing plotting I would suggest using tmux (see my OP). It says not synced because it is still syncing, you can see the current block height and target block height that it is trying to reach at the moment.
  5. Not that I am aware of, of course I don't know what's inside since it's not my docker (it's the Chia team's docker) so hard to say, for your logs if you don't already have debug level set to INFO that would help the debugging !
  6. Your node and wallet are not synched or only the wallet ? Either way I can't say with no other information, we would need to see your logs
  7. Plotting does not give you any reward. How you gain rewards is when you are farming. To farm, you need plots, and to have plots you need to be plotting of course. The more plots you have, the better the chances of winning. So once your HDDs are full, the only thing you have to do is keep farming and you will still be trying to earn rewards. Of course, the network space will continue to grow so you will have less and less chances to win if you stop making plots. I suggest you try to do this (from user ropes) : Hmm that's a very good question. I only have 10 devices in my array right now so I don't have any experience regarding this. I don't have another solution that the one you're describing, except maybe starting a second server but I understand the $$$ aspect involved lol. If anyone else has an idea that'd be great. Just saying this so you know I didn't skip over your question ! If you are farming and plotting correctly I think you will still be able to earn chia. It's just that you won't be able to see it on your wallet since it's not synched (that is until it is synched). That seems weird if everything else is correct, can you show us what your logs looks like ? If the plotting process is truly finished, you will see them in your whatever your /plots folder is. You only need to start the docker and as long as it has farming enabled, it will start farming on it's own from these plots. You can see it with 'venv/bin/chia farm summary'. It will tell you how many plots are farming. On top of what Cloggerdude said, if you just started the docker for this first time you have to give it some time to let it sync. Once it's fully synched then I suggest you worry about the wallet, not before.
  8. Yes that should mean that you're good to go, I didnt need to open any ports either. If you check your logs you will see more info on what's happening (and even more if you change the default logs settings, more on that on the topic post)
  9. Sorry for everyone I've been super busy with work in last few days and had quite a few emergencies to fix lol. Here's a few new things I've seen on the chia scene : new faucet website for chia : Here's a link to one of the first legit soon to be chia pool : (you can join the discord for more info atm) I'm very interested in your Docker, looking forward to it ! Do keep us in the loop 😃
  10. saw it here lol : You don't really need to change anything on the unraid share side, your appdata is still going to be in /mnt/user/appdata/chia, it's just that the container will have it called '/root/.chia' for itself. Then you'll have to change other place where you used /config for /root/.chia (like for the mnemonic), After that I'm betting it will work if you change your log host folder for /mnt/user/appdata/chia/mainnet/log
  11. Try this in your Host Path for logs /config/mainnet/log instead of config/mainnet/log (missing first /). If that still doesnt work I would try going back to the /root/.chia for your appdata
  12. Can I see your appdata value in the template ? Just wanna be sure I'm getting this right
  13. Just did a re read of what you said and if your appdata container path is in /config, it's possible there is some confusion with the /config folder inside of the chia appdata. Check if there's any log file in chia/config. Other than that the only difference I have with you is the appdata location (mine is /mnt/user/appdata/chia ) 🤔
  14. Awesome find ! I'm putting this on the topic post. I'm not seeing anything about opening port 8559 online (only port 8444). Maybe you already have something running on port 8559 ? Yeaah I knew about other versions, I just wasnt sure how unraid knew if there was another version available, but :latest it is of course. Oooh very good to know I'll probably do that I'm using that docker for a few things lol
  15. Oh I see, then yes I think this is possible, didnt test with only harvester but that might be the case ! Do you have any debug.log file at all in your mainnet/log/ ? If not then I guess that's the case