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  1. Thanks for the info guys, yes i blew it up already trying to update lol. had to re-install. the only problem with the other docker that is frequently updated is it doesnt support the easy webcam setup. @Phoenix Down if you migrate over and get the webcam working please let me know how.
  2. @Tergi Hello just wondering what version of octoprint you are using? hasnt been updated in a while. is there a way to update octoprint? Thanks
  3. Hello, is there a way to upgrade Octoprint or do I have to stay with the 1.4.0 that is with this docker install? Thanks
  4. Thank you for this. If anyone else is like me and needs instructions on how to edit in vi mode this article helped me:
  5. thanks for the reply. I was hoping that ECC ram wasnt as necessary as people on the other forum said it was. Since this is my first build and I have a small amount of data and only have basic requirements I am going to keep this build affordable (non-ecc). Maybe in the future 5 years or so I will build something more powerful with server grade components when/if my requirements change. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I did a lot of research on the freeNAS site before I discovered unRAID. I think unRAID is better for me because of the features it offers and I am hoping it is more user friendly. I would like to build a server for mainly storage of full quality blu ray rips and FLAC music files. I do not anticipate the need to transcode anything, I will barely need to access my server when I am off my local network. I plan on using xbmc or plex for accessing my media. On the FreeNAS forums they say the best thing about freeNAS is the ZFS manager. Most insist that ECC ram is a must for the ZFS manager and as much ram as you can afford. I do not see ECC being talked about as much on this forum. I was hoping to see what everyone here thinks of ECC ram and if it is strongly advised to build a system based on that requirement. Money is a big factor for me, and building a system based on ECC ram requirement really makes the cost jump for the server build. I really want to know if it is necessary. Thanks for any advice.