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  1. I'm sorry, I'm probably asking a stupid question. But I do not understand. mydomain.ru/ghostnot/login So write? Or what?
  2. I'm trying to go to the admin panel of my site on the Ghost. mydomain.ru/login and getting a 404 error, what could be the problem?
  3. The www-data user is the default in Nextcloud, if you have another user, you can return everything this way. open terminal on docker nextcloud, and write: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/data
  4. I have permissions to the "appdata/nextcloud" folder of the www-data user. You most likely have another user, so the error.
  5. Removed this plugin. It all worked. Thanks for the help.
  6. Yes, I tried it and left it for later. I don't use it yet, but it's installed
  7. The latter installed the duplicate container. Then I wanted to delete it, and there was such a problem. All commands work, except START/STOP/PAUSE. The last one I installed was the DUPLICATE container, changed the repository to the official duplicate / duplicate. After the web, I did not like it, I returned the LinuxServer repository again. I set it up a bit, and then decided to delete it. And I noticed that the STOP command does not work. Also START AND PAUSE does not work muwahhid-diagnostics-20200727-1652.zip
  8. После установки этого контейнера команды Docker start stop restart не работают
  9. На сайте много пользы, плюсую.
  10. We have a small Russian-speaking Unraid community. There is a site with guidance and reviews. We also want a thread here on the forum. Is it possible? https://myunraid.ru/
  11. Could you give a link to your subdomain? To check if it works for you?))
  12. error_page 401 =302 https://auth.myDOMAIN.ru/?rd=$target_url;
  13. Hello. I want to share, because I myself was looking for Old. I have NextCloud production, nextcloud repository: production-apache. Version 17. 1. I entered the script from the topic in the terminal sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144 2. I installed 4 plug-ins with a magnifier in the NextCloud, on the NextCloud web. 3. I installed the plugin for NextCloud. ingest-attachment Entered in the terminal: docker exec -it elasticsearch bash /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment 4. Then I made the settings in NextCloud, as in the photo. 5. Then started indexing. In terminal: docker exec --user www-data nextcloud php occ fulltextsearch:index ______________ I hope this helps someone.
  14. I set up authelia, and I understood how it works. But there is a snag. If I give a link to someone, for example radarr.myDomain.ru. THEN this person has an error 403. In the address bar, it can be seen that the redirect gives the authorization address of the hostel + secure point, but the address of the secure point does not come out 'https', but 'http'. To avoid this, he needs to first go through the authorization of the network, then the cookies are saved, and the errors are also ok. Or he can manually attribute the letters 'S', go through authorization, and also, after saving cookies, there will be no 403 error in the future. I will send you a PM my web so you can see for yourself.