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  1. this is also happening to me with both sab and deluge
  2. Need to run to get the image name that the container is using and find out where the image is coming from and what it is.
  3. Docker containers are titled with an adjective followed by a scientist by default if they are unnamed locally.
  4. the Leia branch of OUR docker container is pulling the release version of kodi 18.
  5. the Leia branch is now pulling the release version of kodi 18
  6. Unless you have the config files from the mounted volume or a backup of them, there is no way of restoring settings.
  7. sounds like a browser issue , clear cache and cookies.
  8. if your webui password resets when you update the docker image, then i would expect that you're not mounting the config volume locally....
  9. the logs are mounted locally in the volume mount for config, if you're docker.img is filling up then you either are not mounting the config files or the image is downloading into the image file. on a side note, if your image is filling up when the docker log is ~500 mb , you have bigger problems and need to expand the size of the docker.img. post screenshots of your volume mountings from the unraid webui and the Downloads section of the webui preferences for deluge itself.
  10. i'm really confused what you're asking for here. you say an update from 5.6 beta 4 to 5.6 beta 1, that's going backwards surely ?
  11. you need to ask this on the jackett github page. we don't make the app itself, we just package it in a docker image.
  12. I think you may be able to change the port by looking at /config/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf and specifically the line Connection\PortRangeMin=6881
  13. The underlying image should be updated, at the very minimum whenever an update nextcloud is released and preferably more regularlry. In the case of version changes to nextcloud, there may be changed/additional dependencies. On the subject of more regular refreshes, if there is a security issue with one of the dependencies or an update to say nginx or php for example, just updating the app in an existing container will not pick those up.