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  1. Hi. So I think I have everything set up correctly. I'm running a minecraft server on Port 25566, I added it into the allowed application ports in the networking config. I have port-forwarded it on the AMP container itself. I cant connect to it on minecraft however (Just on the local network, same as the server) The endpoint says Is this correct? Shouldn't it be saying 172.17.X.X or something, the container IP's? Very confused, any help is much appreciated
  2. Here they are I hope those are the right ones 🤣
  3. Hi there So. my server keeps dropping off the local network, as it says in the title. It is still running, it doesn't shut down or overheat or anything, it just disappears. I got the syslog which i've attached and it says something about failing to renew DHCP. I've not really got a clue what to do. Any help would be much appreciated syslog.txt
  4. So, I'm unable to upload files from outside my network on my URL. I've set my limit to 20GB, and I can upload the files inside the network. Screenshot Any idea what the problem might be? I'm stumped