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  1. Was this installed over an existing PiHole installation or existing config directory in appdata?
  2. Try add port 4711 on the PiHole docker, and see if you can telnet into it that way? https://docs.pi-hole.net/ftldns/telnet-api/ If you are trying to access the FTL that is
  3. As @Spectral Forcesaid, you can change the max filesize in the settings of YouTransfer (Settings - Transfer - Max file size) What kind of connection issues are you having / what email provider option are you using in YouTransfer?
  4. If you set the Base URL to your domain that you are accessing it through, that warning should go away (Make sure to include https if you are using encryption
  5. This almost seems like a router issue, where it sees the DNS go down and doesn't attempt to reconnect after. What type of router are you using & is it the latest firmware? (There is a setting in Backup/Restore that allows dockers to keep running while it is backed up, I have found that enabling this on PiHole doesn't cause any errors, might be worth giving it a go even if it is just a temporary solution)
  6. Description YouTransfer is a simple but elegant self-hosted file transfer & sharing solution. It is an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer by offering similar features but without limitations, price plans and a lengthy privacy policy. You remain in control of your files. Created to be installed behind the firewall on private servers, YouTransfer aims to empower organizations and individuals that wish to combine easy-to-use file transfer tooling with security and control. You can follow the project on Twitter, or read our blog. This is thanks to the wor
  7. Ah yep.. That would definitely do it 😂 Apologies, I didn't pick up on that earlier. Glad you two got it sorted though
  8. Could you please try the latest update and see if you still have this issue?
  9. Yep, just updated to FTL 5.6 etc. Hopefully have managed to set it up correctly so that the docker automatically updates - will keep an eye on it for now.
  10. This is quite odd. Could you please try force an update for the pihole (Hit basic view slider to make it advanced, and then click force update on the pihole docker) After the update is complete please try start the docker again and see if the web UI loads correctly
  11. That'd explain it 😂 Thanks for helping them out then And that's all good, glad it's working well for you guys @Zorlofe @trig229
  12. I'm not too sure what you're getting at here sorry. That is your dockers IP address - which it gets from your router. You will need to set a static IP for the container that aligns with your local IP range ( or etc)
  13. Just hit install on my repo and keep the same settings (ip, docker name etc) and it will overwrite the main system files and will leave your config untouched. The only thing that may change is the hostname, but that's an easy fix.
  14. Hey there, To edit the whitelist you will have to go into the container itself, whether that be via ssh to your tower, or clicking on console on the docker. There is a command you can use once inside the container 'pihole -w' https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/misc/whitelist-blacklist/ This will also check if the domains are valid and add them in for you - might be easier than adding them into the list file.
  15. Yep, this can be installed over without any problems - I will add that into the main post now, thanks for reminding me!