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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have a look at how we can link this in.
  2. That looks like it should work, similar to my setup except using subdomain instead of subfolder... When it's applied, what happens when you go to the host/hastebin? (what error are you getting, or is doing?)
  3. Do your other containers have issues with timing out? By 'plugins webpage' do you mean the plugins tab on unraid? If it is the tab, i would say there is a bigger underlying issue which is effecting this container as well Also make sure that your unraid DNS isn't set to the docker container, and set to your router instead.
  4. ^ What he said. I really like what testdasi did with his pihole, however it wasn't being maintained. Only real way to update it was to fork the repo to create my own docker from it - this also meant other users can install this overtop without any errors
  5. That is quite odd, was this installed from scratch or ontop of testdasi's repo?
  6. There will be an update coming in the next CA sweep to fix this. For the interim, could you both please manually add in port 7777 to the container, feel free to delete the existing one.
  7. Check the first post You will need to enable advanced mode to see this setting This would probably be more of a 'PiHole dev' request, but I can definitely look into manually adding it into the container
  8. Sorry team - should be all sorted now
  9. Description Haste is an open-source pastebin software written in node.js, which is easily installable in any network. It can be backed by either redis or filesystem, and has a very easy adapter interface for other stores. A publicly available version can be found at hastebin.com The current configuration is set to save files to the /app/data folder You can setup static pages by editing "documents": { "about": "./about.md" } In the config.js Links: https://hastebin.com/about.md https://github.com/nzzane/haste-server
  10. If you set this Pihole to x.197, and change your routers dns to point to the, are you able to access the webUI then? It almost seems like there may be a clash if it works on one IP and not another
  11. Was this installed over an existing PiHole installation or existing config directory in appdata?
  12. Try add port 4711 on the PiHole docker, and see if you can telnet into it that way? https://docs.pi-hole.net/ftldns/telnet-api/ If you are trying to access the FTL that is
  13. As @Spectral Forcesaid, you can change the max filesize in the settings of YouTransfer (Settings - Transfer - Max file size) What kind of connection issues are you having / what email provider option are you using in YouTransfer?
  14. If you set the Base URL to your domain that you are accessing it through, that warning should go away (Make sure to include https if you are using encryption
  15. This almost seems like a router issue, where it sees the DNS go down and doesn't attempt to reconnect after. What type of router are you using & is it the latest firmware? (There is a setting in Backup/Restore that allows dockers to keep running while it is backed up, I have found that enabling this on PiHole doesn't cause any errors, might be worth giving it a go even if it is just a temporary solution)