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  1. No worries! The only way I have been able to replicate this is installing testdasi's version ontop of the current version - If possible can you try uninstall pihole-dot-doh (and remove the appdata folder for it) and reinstall? (This error started when cloudflare moved the download location & name of cloudflared - causing the docker builds to miss it)
  2. Have you updated gravity after editing the lists?
  3. You can setup a task in Unraid to automatically check for docker updates at set intervials
  4. How did you go about changing the hostname, through docker environment variables or within the container itself?
  5. Yep, Just been waiting on the official pihole docker to update - which it has now so will be pushing out an update shortly
  6. Stubby has always been setup that way (In this docker at least) however the way pihole is setup, it uses cloudflared by default, this is still the case after the update as well
  7. Fixed now, please force update (Or select check for updates) Have also updated cloudflared to the latest available version (2021.9.0) Sorry for that! Should run even better now though
  8. Fixing this now, apologies! Will post a comment once the fix has been uploaded
  9. Yep! Will be pushed out tonight when I get a chance to build it :)
  10. Not much point in using pihole if you aren't using pihole to block sites Check out https://firebog.net/, if you go to the bottom of the page, under 'Other Lists', there are some lists there that should help. You can add these URL's to the 'Adlist' Section under Group Management (Group Management > Adlists) Alternatively you can block certain domains; Group Management > Domains and add in the domain you want to be black listed
  11. Update pushed through now Had to change things up due to dockerhub removing the auto build for free accounts haha.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have a look at how we can link this in.
  13. That looks like it should work, similar to my setup except using subdomain instead of subfolder... When it's applied, what happens when you go to the host/hastebin? (what error are you getting, or is doing?)
  14. Do your other containers have issues with timing out? By 'plugins webpage' do you mean the plugins tab on unraid? If it is the tab, i would say there is a bigger underlying issue which is effecting this container as well Also make sure that your unraid DNS isn't set to the docker container, and set to your router instead.
  15. ^ What he said. I really like what testdasi did with his pihole, however it wasn't being maintained. Only real way to update it was to fork the repo to create my own docker from it - this also meant other users can install this overtop without any errors