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  1. Glad you got your issue sorted! 😁 My solution isn't really a solution, I upgraded my motherboard (due to wanting more Ports) and everything just started working after that - BIOS settings as close to the same as I could get so unsure what actually changed.
  2. Thanks for your response, Tried that and still seem to be having issues (also swapped the GTX970 to the first port to see if it makes any change) Attached diagnostics; minerva-diagnostics-20220611-0838.zip
  3. As stated, when passing through a gpu to my windows 10 vm, it appears the vm gets stuck and won't boot fully. Screen connected to card shows nothing, and RDP stops working (won't connect) When unpassing through the card RDP works and vm doesn't show any errors See attached logs and diagnostics. Card is EVGA 970 4GB Vbios is installed and updated per spaceinvaderone's videos Unraid 6.10.2-rc3 HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Have tried every fix i could find in the forums and couldn't find anything that helped. VM Log Vm XML minerva-diagnostics-20220610-1519.zip
  4. As stated, Upgraded to the latest 6.10.0 from RC7, and am now getting crashes when using vm's. VM will boot up fine, and run fine for 10-15 minutes, will then drop the network, and the unraid ui will fail to load - everything else is fine and running, syslog shows nothing abnormal either. Only way I can get back into the webui is try http (or https if i was in http). Only way I have found to fix this is reboot the server, as turning off and on vm's in unraid settings results in another error and won't start libvirt. Have attached diagnostic logs. minerva-diagnostics-20220519-1223.zip
  5. Cheers for that, Tried direct to Mobo and same result. I have contacted the supplier to arrange for a DOA return Also thanks for the tip on Marvell, I will look into getting a better controller, probably go down the HBA route - from the supported hardware page this time haha.
  6. And another diagnostic from the unraid preclear trying. Possible DOA drive? minerva-diagnostics-20220510-0942.zip
  7. Hi all. Having some issues with a new 6TB Ironwolf I installed yesterday. Since installing UNRaids normal preclear kept failing with write errors, so I swapped the sata cable, port, and swapped the power cable with no change. From here I plugged it into a windows computer, and ran a extended smart test, which it passed with no issues. Back into unraid, and still having issues, am currently trying binhex's preclear docker, which appears to be writing data, but throwing I/O errors constantly. Attached is the diagnostics zip Appreciate any help / input minerva-diagnostics-20220510-0817.zip
  8. Unfortunately not, however you can edit it by opening a console into the docker; Click the docker, click console nano /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf and check out the pihole documentation for explanation on the ratelimit setting https://docs.pi-hole.net/ftldns/configfile/#rate_limit Essentially, you can set 'RATE_LIMIT=0/0' to disable rate limiting, or you can play around with the default RATE_LIMIT=1000/60
  9. I have just had a look at the code testdasi is using to install Cloudflare and it looks like it is finally updated - so I would say that yes he has updated his repo. Both mine and his appear to be the same now
  10. No worries! The only way I have been able to replicate this is installing testdasi's version ontop of the current version - If possible can you try uninstall pihole-dot-doh (and remove the appdata folder for it) and reinstall? (This error started when cloudflare moved the download location & name of cloudflared - causing the docker builds to miss it)
  11. Have you updated gravity after editing the lists?
  12. You can setup a task in Unraid to automatically check for docker updates at set intervials
  13. How did you go about changing the hostname, through docker environment variables or within the container itself?
  14. Yep, Just been waiting on the official pihole docker to update - which it has now so will be pushing out an update shortly
  15. Stubby has always been setup that way (In this docker at least) however the way pihole is setup, it uses cloudflared by default, this is still the case after the update as well