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  1. Can i get a CORSAIR 1000D logo please . Here’s my custom build in one.
  2. Yeah im not sure why this error has crept up, but i think it might have something to do with the patch notes from rc2 where it states This seems to have introduced a permissions issue for some people using rclone as there where no issues in rc1.
  3. I tested 99/99, it did not work for me and the file permissions continued If you run in command line, you will see that Unraid uses 'USER NOBODY' on ID 98, and "USERGROUP NOBODY" on ID 99. At least for me it was I woke up early and updated my server to RC7 and now it works fine, before none of my dockers utilizing the gdrive folders would work and threw file permission errors in the log.
  4. adding the below to you mount script should resolve the permissions issue if your updating to 6.10 RC7, i will test in approx 12 hours if this fixes the permissions issue with docker containers and plex. if you run the below from cli it should confirm what USER nobody is set too
  5. @DZMM I @ you in this thread but for awareness of everyone else using RC, seems to be a permissions error with rc builds as LT updated how the permissions are managed from 6.9.2
  6. can you please confirm where you added the commands to in your script?? Are you @DZMMscript to mount? Dzmm may need to update his script as im getting these exact errors. im testing adding the GUID and UID to the extra commands section of his rclone script now
  7. All sorted with the update, sorry forgot to update this thread. My next issue is it seems to have stopped all my ARR containers from having file permissions between each other. Is it related to this in patch notes
  8. Ok more progress (but more failures). Manually updating using the usb flash tool and manually copying over my config folder from backup has got the server to boot, but now it just shows a black screen with a flashing cursor in GUI mode. Failed to mention, i manually set the IP address in the usb tool but the server isnt coming online via the network so i cannot configure it remotely I have attempted to boot in safe mode but still no dice
  9. I've just tried to run this as ive also had the server not boot after upgrade. Error shows UNRAID device not found on boot. Running the make_bootable file also shows error saying: E:\syslinux\syslinux.exe -maf E: Writing MBR: Access is denied. Did not successfully update the MBR; continuing...
  10. Not to sure how to do this on Ubuntu, the easiest way would be to delete the container, and set it up as a new container with the correct config path.
  11. Once again @ich777 thankyou very much for helping us RGB nerds. Your willingness to help this community is amazing.
  12. As long as you are running rclone 1.58 or newer then rclone will continue to work normally. Essentially what is happening is google is deprecating the copy paste method for the client ID and secret from the admin console but only for ios,android and some other devices. The method rclone uses in 1.58 to re-authenticate to google is different. TLDR: Ensure your rclone plugin is up to date and everything will continue to work fine.
  13. Edit your docker template so that the container path says /config for your config path