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  1. yup, just checked it, I had my IP pulled on the computer, and it changed after the switch...then ran the curl check in the deluge console and they match
  2. Perfect!! Thanks so much, I guess I was thinking I had to install it to work on the browser. Either way, I got it resolved, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the help!
  3. Im having an issue here, and i'm not sure why. I downloaded it, and installed the windows version then I went to cmd prompt I have it C:\Program Files (x86)\Privoxy>privoxy --install Then I get this error "Cant open service control manager - Service install failed! Admin rights are required to create a service." Yet im signed into my admin account on my windows computer.
  4. Thanks, I'll look into how to enable the privoxy portion.
  5. OK you are correct. I use PIA, and use openvpn on my server to access my server away from when needed. I'm also wanting to do what you mentioned at then end. Right now I don't necessarily use my VPN on my desktop because it's not needed. The torrenting is done on the server which runs through the VPN, so no problems. However, this site says my ip that actually accesses the site, to click/download the torrent, has to match exaclty the same as the IP that my server is showing. This is the issue I'm running into. I don't know how to make my pc and server go through the same tunnel when needed. Thanks!
  6. I used the openvpn originally that so I could access my server away from home. Is there a way to use both together?
  7. Hmmm well I use openvpn, but binhex deluge. I'll have to look into it too figure out how to try that
  8. I do use that, I'll check that out thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm not real sure where to put this, so I will start here. I have unraid newest version running with Deluge, using OpenVPN. For a site, I'm needing my browser IP to match exactly to what my deluge IP is using, and I'm not sure the best way to go about that. I generally only use the VPN through unraid, and dont use one on my person computer, but due to the rules of this site. Whatever IP I use to access the site has to be the same IP that the torrent downloads through. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks
  10. That's not the issue, it says the drives won't even start, and when I was swapping it yesterday into different bays, I could feel the drive spinning.
  11. Yes, they are. The other port that hooks to the other 4 drive bays doesn't work either. I'll Google that, and see what I find. Thanks
  12. There are 14 disks installed and 1 SSD. 3 of the HD are going to 1 card, but it's only detecting 2 of them. 8 disks are going to the other card. And the other 4 are going to the sata ports directly on the board.
  13. The card that I'm running is SUPERMICRO AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 PCI-Express 2.0 x8 SATA / SAS 8-Port Controller Card. As to is it showing in the bios, I'm not sure. There is no monitor attached to the server anymore, or one near. So I can't see the boot up process. Here is diagnostic. tower-diagnostics-20190306-0633.zip
  14. Yeah, the system is up and running right now. I have one of the new 10 TB drives doing a preclear on the drive before adding to the array. But more drives won't even show up in the unassigned devices section.
  15. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have an unraid server running 13 drives. I have bought 2 more drives to add to the system. But it is only detecting one of them, and I'm not sure why. Do older motherboards actually have a limit of 14 sata drives? I was hoping to not upgrade the whole system until I was ready to go 4k, as it works fine as it is currently. Here is the setup. My case supports 20 drives, I've got 16 of them wired up right now. One row only has 2 drives in it, and I have one cable running for that whole row, so I know they should all be good to run. Any thoughts? Here are a few pics. Not really sure what you'd need to see.