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  1. Hello, I was using a different Plex docker, but was having a codec issue that randomly started up, and since I use a decent number of Binhex dockers, I decided to switch to this one. I work from home, and use the desktop Sonos controller to access my plex and listen to audiobooks that I have on my plex while I am working. On the last plex system I used, it would save my location when I stopped listening, and I would just push play and it would start back up again. With this one, after about 30 min it stops and goes back to the beginning. It wouldn't be a big deal if each track
  2. Wow! 9700 was one I was seeing on here as a cpu that has been used frequently. Yeah I was definitely thinking Intel for sure for the iGPU capabilities as well.
  3. Hello everyone, I've had my unraid server going for about 6-7 years now, and it was built out of a computer that was built years and years before than. Probably one of my first builds I had originally done. Needless to say, it's aged, and it's needing to be updated, and I'm needing some help and ideas on how much to boost it. I obviously don't want to spend a lot of money if it's not needed, but I'd like to not need to upgrade this for a long time as well. The main use for this server is Plex, 4k will be used around the house, I stream 1080p
  4. thanks, i'll play around with it and see what I can get to work.
  5. ok sorry, its me again...apparently my torrent site doesnt like the newest version yet. Is there somewhere I can go to get the build names to put in to the Repository field? I'm going to start moving it back a build at a time until I find one it likes again. I was looking here, but i'm not sure what part of the name I would actually put in the Repository field.
  6. thank you, once it fully updated the issues cleared up.
  7. At one time I had to prevent it from upgrading to 2.0. Now I want to constanstly upgrade to the newest version, I thought I had changed that so it had the right tag, but apparently I just put the newest tag at that time. Can you tell me what I need to put in the repository area so its just normal, and will just update as you push updates out?
  8. From the PIA site " Enable Port Forwarding: In order to enable port forwarding in our PIA app, first disconnect from the VPN. Right-click the PIA Tray icon and select "Settings". From within the settings, select the Network tab and check the "Request Port Forwarding" checkbox. You will now see, in the server list, the servers on which you can connect with port-forwarding enabled. Any server that is unavailable, will be blacked out. At the moment, all of our non US Servers offer port-forwarding functionality and you can find a list of all of the servers we offer, here: https://ww
  9. I can change that...but in that same area of what you quoted it says it does accept port forwarding....Is there a specific place I can go to see what options accept port forwarding?
  10. Hello, I'm having issues, I was having the issue where my WebUI wouldn't pull up, but if I restarted it enought it would eventually pull up. But I was getting tired of that, so I and started reading here, and saw the change I needed to make. I made the change, but now I'm having an issue pulling it up. Here is the log, any thoughts? I'm also not sure why it says france is a port forwarding location, but then in the log it says its not.... log file.txt
  11. Do you use privoxy? Was it affected? I'm less concerned about the torrents being lost, as I can just re-download them and with them in my incomplete folder, it'll reconnect. I'm more concerned about the privoxy as I can't connect to my private sites without that.
  12. Did this do something to Privoxy? It automatically updated, and now private torrent sites dont work. So I downgraded it (lost all my torrents) and privoxy does not work anymore. If I have proxy activated in my internet browser I cant connect to the internet at all anymore. Also double checked in diluge settings, it is still activated there as well. Any thoughts?
  13. Hello, I'm getting the System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): database disk image is malformed error on my Sonarr and Radarr dockers, and one of the things I read on how to fix it, is to run a backup that you have before the error started happening. I backup my system weekly on every Monday night. I need a backup from the 5/27/19 time. The only one showing is the last one done on 6/10/19. Is there a way to access an older backup? or does it save over itself? If it does, does anyone have any other ideas on fixing my Sonarr/Radar short of redoi
  14. yup, just checked it, I had my IP pulled on the computer, and it changed after the switch...then ran the curl check in the deluge console and they match
  15. Perfect!! Thanks so much, I guess I was thinking I had to install it to work on the browser. Either way, I got it resolved, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the help!