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  1. Thanks for all of the work on these, @ich777. Valheim is up and running beautifully. One question, if anyone knows, how can we access the console within the docker? I want to set up a cron for some save/stop/restart automation.
  2. Also getting this issue. The new beta fixed VM issues i was having with beta 25(a windows VM with ATI card was not starting) but has now borked my Blue Iris VM with this disk issue.
  3. Following because I have very similar needs/use case and unfortunately no advice or data on good mobo's to use. Feels like you wrote this use case specifically for me. What case did you get?
  4. Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my old E5-2670 system to a modern AMD system, most likely based on a 3800, 3900 or potentially 3950. The threadripper v3 pricing is just too steep right now. Current system has 1 parity, 9 data, 1 cache and 3 unassigned devices. 8 of the devices are on a card. 2 video cards and 2 usb cards. New system would replace cache SSD with an NVME. Transfer all parity and data disks. Transfer 1 of the unassigned devices(WD purple passed to my blue iris system). I would probably consolidate the 2 unassigned devices SSD's to the NVME cache or put the
  5. I don't understand what this even is?
  6. If you are not running multiple graphics cards, then stick with the lower wattage power supplies. 400-450 watt sounds just fine for you. Power supplies are in their peak efficiency around their mid-point of output, so try to keep your power-supply sized as close to your average demand as possible, while still staying within your peak demand. For example, I have a dual processor e5-2670V1, 11 HDD and 3 SSD, GTX 1050 Ti and 7850 HD and do just fine with a 750 watt. It is higher than needed for my average demand but within my peak demand. Server typically sits around 200 watts.
  7. I am investigating updating my current dual CPU e5-2670 server to a ThreadRipper 2950X. Single core performance looks to be far superior on the TR 2950x over the 2670. Plus ill get more modern storage options. Use Case: 1. Windows VM for Blue Iris Server. Currently 3 core 6 thread, 8 gigs of ram 2. Windows VM for home automation server. Currently 2 core 4 thread, 4 gigs of ram 3. Windows VM, Home theater 1. GTX 1060 passed through. 3 core 6 thread. Some medium gaming and home theater via Plex 4. Windows VM, home theater 2. GTX 1060 passed through. 3 core 6 threa
  8. I use a powered USB hub at the end of a USB over ethernet connection and it works just fine! 2 xbox 1 wireless controllers, a mouse, keyboard and an all in one keyboard with built in mousepad.
  9. Do those support TRIM for SSD's? I've got 3 SSD's in the system currently...
  10. Upgraded parity disk to a larger one and.... somehow ended up with parity2... I believe I added the second, rebuilt. removed the first, then never did anything else.... And none are USB.
  11. Are you running the VM off of the array? I noted you said you have no cache drive.... Definitely dont want to run dockers or a VM on the array. Drop those on a cache drive or unassigned devices. I bet your IO WAIT time is through the roof. And try this for the audio/video desync. The MSI_UTIL program makes it easy, and it solved the issues I was having.
  12. My dockers tab has become unresponsive. The dockers are running, I just cannot load the dockers or dashboard tab of my GUI. Mar 18 11:39:04 BigBang nginx: 2018/03/18 11:39:04 [error] 8777#8777: *408549 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerUpdate.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "bigbang", referrer: "http://bigbang/Docker" Mar 18 11:42:17 BigBang nginx: 2018/03/18 11:42:17 [error] 8777#8777: *408549
  13. Does this puppy support TRIM on SSD's? I am failing at google
  14. Anyone here using a ASrock EP2C602? I am having some difficulty getting full speed out of my SSD's on any of the 14 ports. They are topping out at around 225MB/s. If I throw them on my LSI 9220-8i, I get the full ~550MB/s, however lose TRIM support.
  15. Sweet! Thanks for all the details! Pushed any gaming yet?