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  1. Ockingshay

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Or in your router you could setup port redirection. I have mine as public redirect 443 to (local) dockerip:444
  2. Ockingshay

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    double post
  3. Ockingshay

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    OMG, dickhead...it was defined in the docker container haha. i'll leave this here though, just in case some one else is as stupid as me
  4. Ockingshay

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    August last year i set this all up and haven't touch it since, but my cert expired and so began the process of working out why auto-renew failed. In the end it was because there wasn't an "A Record" for heimdall that i set-up. But in the end I didn't use it, so i must have deleted it off of name cheap. I looked at the default file and i had commented out all the heimdall stuff, but when i look at the letsencrypt log it was failing due to it not being defined. I simply recreated the "A record", let the docker run it's auto-renew at 2am, like it does every night and it was successful. I would have thought that by deleting it from namecheap and commenting out the heimdall stuff in default, it wouldn't even know to look for it. There must be another location. Anyone with experience of this and namecheap have any idea where lets encrypt is getting it's info from? whenever i start lets encrypt docker it always references the 3 places i defined: Sub-domains processed are: -d www.xxxx.com -d start.xxxx.com -d heimdall.xxxx.com
  5. Ockingshay

    Request - NUT Server

    Would be great to see this running in a docker. https://github.com/blawar/nut The switch scene is really motoring forward atm
  6. Ockingshay

    Auto UnRAR

    Is there a docker torrents client the has auto unrar built into it as a post script? Or does anyone have something home made set up? I primarily use transmission and i can enable post scripts in the settings file, but i don't know of a script, nor do i know how i would have 7zip installed. I have the nerd pack that has p7zip and unrar, however i don't have the technical ability to put this all together. i would like a torrent client that is solely used for zipped files to once complete, unzip it and the place it in a folder that can be picked up by another automated job. thanks
  7. Ok, for the sake of completion and sharing the solution for others with draytek routers (Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B), this is what you have to do. Draytek call it LAN DNS and they have an article here that describes the process: https://www.draytek.com/en/faq/faq-connectivity/connectivity.lan/how-to-use-lan-dns-on-vigor3900/ Specifically for unraid you will need to use "Type - IP", where ip equals the local address of your server (in my case and "Domain - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.unraid.net" where xxx is the string that unraid tries to provision. (unraid will give you this is the error message)
  8. just a thought, but does unraid use a specific port to carry out this provisioning? maybe the firewall is blocking it?!
  9. The certificate created fine when i was using my Asus 87 router, so i don't believe that my ISP (plusnet) is providing any DNS rebinding protection. The DNS servers are to to automatically acquire from my ISP (same as my old router) I have raised a ticket with draytek technical support, so hopefully they should be able to assist. incidentally my son is not able to connect the companion app to red dead redemption 2 since moving to this new router. That connects and authenticates to rockstar's servers on app and ps4 and they can see each other but the handshake fails. Could be related... i'll let you know what draytek say.
  10. thank you for your reply. I had to reboot the server into GUI mode so that i could turn off "use SSL/TLS" I can now connect to the webgui on a network computer's browser I then deleted the certificates on my flash drive under /ssl/certs/ I then set "use SSL/TLS" to "auto" I then attempted to provision a new certificate where upon i receive the "DNS rebinding enabled" error message. I have tried to google Vigor 2960 <--- my new router/3900 (or it would seem as they share the same webgui and all their documents reference 3900) disable dns rebinding but it doesn't give me anything helpful. Does anyone have any experience with these routers 2900/3900 and would know how to disable the dns rebinding protection? This is also going to affect my plex server. many thanks
  11. I had a router hardware failure and so had to instal a new one. Now when i try to log into unraid by ip address it redirects to https but fails. I guess it's to do with lets encrypt built into unraid as i can connect to everything else. I tried clearing out my web browser cache, but will i need to reboot the server?
  12. Ockingshay

    Request: pCloud

    it is self hosting, but i'll give it a go. is there a preference to next cloud or own cloud?
  13. Ockingshay

    Request: pCloud

    Because that’s self hosting isn’t it? I like everything synced in their cloud and I just log into my account on any device. Ill take a look though. Thanks
  14. Ockingshay

    Request: pCloud

    Now that Dropbox doesn't work anymore, the "most like" alternative i have found is pCloud. It even imports everything from dropbox to get you started. Haven't seen it mentioned on these forums yet and there isn't a docker. It has a linux client. Is this something that could be ported over to docker?
  15. Ockingshay

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    well CPU and Memory load in dockers is a bit sexy! With so many little GUI tweaks it's hard to keep up with it and there seems to be these lovely little surprises when i click another button It wold be really nice to customise what is shown on dockers/VMs tabs. Basic view is too basic, and Advanced view is too crowded for every day use. Stuff that changes like loads is really useful but a long list of ports isn't so useful unless you're trying to troubleshoot. Amazing work guys, i've even reverted back to the default GUI. Spacing def needs tidying up, but really a great job. Many thanks for your continued development!