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  1. With all these new features it would be nice to go back to simple fundamental functionality as mentioned: array shrink and native integration of unbalance. I should be able to add drives, remove drives and change file systems via the webgui and unraid manages that safely behind the scenes. all this new stuff is all very nice on newly rolled systems but those of us that have systems since the days of unraid 4 and earlier, need a little help moving with the times. I’ve upgraded my hardware several times on 2 pro servers that I have but struggle to control the arrays. and so if the most popular request is multiple arrays, surely before that happens, tools should be in place to manage it? after we have that, staying on the fundamental train of thought, data being the reason unraid began, as also mentioned, a way to back it up on or off site. Internet speeds have come a long way recently and it would be nice to backup my critical data to either another unraid server (extra sales) or cloud based storage.
  2. I've ordered a new drive, but in the meantime i wanted to learn a little more about what it's actually reporting as the failure. I've run extended smart and it came back ok, but i've attached diagnostics etc. Wondering if someone could take a quick look at it and enlighten me? Many Thanks ruby-smart-20230808-1440.zip
  3. I use safari on iPad only with authy app and for me to get this to work I had to do the following: my old password was strong enough to pass the new checks, so didn’t have to change it and it logged me straight in after the conversion. when I went to enable MFA it would hang when I put the code from authy on the webpage. In safari options I had to disable pop-up blocker. using the my servers app already installed on my machine, I signed out and then attempted to sign back in. It would take me to a new webpage and would tell me that my username/password was incorrect. I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and it worked first time. this has been a very clumsy implementation and for those that aren’t tech savvy will cause issues.
  4. when does linuxserver update their dockers? Fridays? 4.0.1 has dropped and is whitelisted on most sites now.
  5. It's time to give this a go! I have x2 14TB drives arriving today, so i thought i would start moving some data around with what space i have whilst i wait. 1) I would like to replace disk 1 (as that's the oldest) with a new 14TB drive, but formatted to XFS. 2) Once that is in place i will be able to copy the data over from other 3TB drives, remove them from the system and then add the other 14TB drive. I do not have any further sata ports, so i will need to remove a drive (1) before i can add a new one. What would be the correct procedure to accomplish part 1? In order to remove that drive (1), i will need to copy over the data to make it empty? Many thanks for your help! Part 1) Replace disk 1 with new 14TB drive and formatted in XFS. **I have the unbalance plugin to copy (instead of move as per your suggestion?) and there will be no other activity happening on the server whilst this completes**
  6. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the enlightening response. I'm going to tackle this over the Christmas period when i have some free time. I have a Parity drive that's 14TB and 3 14TB array drives already; the rest are 3TB, being a mixture of XFS and reiserFS. If i understand your steps i will be able to: copy over the 3TB drive data to the 14TB format them to XFS or remove from the array set new config run a parity ? That sounds very doable! but i may need to clarify with a few screenshots if that's ok before i press go!
  7. Just been checking my log and noticed this. My server is very old and has gone through V4, 5 and now 6 of Unraid and as such 7 disks are REISERFS. I have never dared attempt to replace my file structures as the only way i can think of doing it would be to move all the data off a drive via something like the unbalance plugin, remove the drive from the array, rebuild the array, add it back in and then rebuild the array again. Doing that 7 times on an array with 14tb drives doesn't appeal to me 🤣 and so although the date is 2025, will Limetech work on any sort of array manipulation GUI tools? i would also like to get rid of some of my old 3TB drives and replace with fewer 14TB and cut down on my energy consumption. I even bought a second license key with the idea of just building a new server and copying over 96TB of data, but again that doesn't really appeal to me either! As technology and storage tech improves, it would nice to be able to upgrade the array just like we can with mobos and processors etc. kernel: REISERFS warning: read_super_block: reiserfs filesystem is deprecated and scheduled to be removed from the kernel in 2025
  8. This!! @bonienl can you please change the colour to anything other than orange or red please?! 😄 The heart sank when i saw an orange drive after i'd physically cleaned the dust out my server and turned it back on to check everything was all ok. Perhaps a different shade of green? enough to notice the difference when moving your mouse, but not something we've been programmed to fear after many years of traffic light colours. other than that, update went smoothly ☺️
  9. setup: transmission client Cache enabled download share I have been using transmission for years and after a file has downloaded and seeding, mover will kick in on it's schedule (11am) and as long as there's no activity on that file, will move the file to the array. so far so good and has always worked a treat. I now have 1gbps and transmission doesn't seem to handle that speed. The webgui will become unresponsive and the torrent will max around 70MB/s. So i decided to try another client and my first attempt is rtorrent with the rflood UI. Set it all up and my goodness it's fast! i'm now downloading at LAN gigabit speeds of around 110MB/s! The only issue i have is that mover will now not move the files. Same scenario with files simply seeding, but mover recognises them as always open (even with manual invoke) and obviously won't do anything with them. I've read someone had success by enabling pre-allocation but i have added that to my config file but still no movement. Before i try another client, has anyone been able to get this to work as i really like this client?
  10. Can anyone get onto their discord server? https://discord.com/invite/3SnkuKp I just get invalid invite
  11. Where is this setting please in the webGUI? ok, found it in cache on main tab
  12. @itimpi Can this thread's title be changed from "solved"? I too just had this issue, @bonienl is this something that you have been able to look at/replicate/fix? i am using the 6.10rc1
  13. can anyone please share their ombi default config: i've been using it for years as location /ombi { return 301 $scheme://$host/ombi/; } location /ombi/ { proxy_pass; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $server_name; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Ssl on; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme; proxy_read_timeout 90; proxy_redirect https://$host; } if ($http_referer ~* /ombi/) { rewrite ^/dist/(.*) $scheme://$host/ombi/dist/$1 permanent; } but it has stopped working all of a sudden. When i look at ombi help docs it gives a very different config and the sample swag config is different again. this is using base url/ombi
  14. is there a way to safeguard against this? i'm sure it's fun for the person downloading the stuff but what about the server owner who's upload/hardware resources are being used?