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  1. I don't know. I had it set up from default settings. But you also have way more ram than me and probably processing speed. I have an i5-6400 (a quad core) with 8GB. Plus several containers that maybe use 2 gb all together binhex-krusader, DiskSpeed, PlexMediaServer, sonarr, radarr, netdata, phpmyadmin, speedtest, mariadb, nextcloud, Transmission_VPN, letsencrypt, jackett, tautulli, QDirStat,Boinc
  2. I found you fix it by updating libffi-3.3-x86_64-1.txz Did that and started working
  3. That i figured. So I configured daily schedules. But If I'm going to keep doing this, I gotta up my ram at least to 16gb.
  4. Hi, Randomly, my cache drive gets speeds for read and write for 350Mb/s I'm trying to use netdata, but it's hard. Can someone recommend me a good option to look this up. I wish unraid had a task manager like the one in windows 10 or something similar to work with.
  5. Thanks!! Although I had it setup for 50% and 90% when not in use. It was leaving nothing available for other apps. I set it exactly to use 37% Also good question. Is it possible to do it at the docker level for other apps?
  6. I'm having an annoying problem. The Boinc docker is crashing my other dockers because it's eating all the ram. I already dropped the CPU to 75% but it manages to eat 5GB of ram. I have 8gb only. Where do I limit the ram for this little puppy
  7. That happens to me. And I stopped caring long ago, I know I'm not going to fill up Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks! This might be a dumb question but, does it know when to release CPU to other dockers? I don't want to hog Plex or other parts of the server by doing this
  9. I was going crazy. I knew something was off, thanks! Also, doesn't the docker has a webUI?
  10. This was a leftover I got. I find the drive reading at times out if nowhere and can't find what is reading or writing to the drive. Also I get this errors from plex all the time now. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. I bought a cheap BX500 from crucial and as I don't have enough ram I have to use the ssd for transcode. The speed goes to 255Mb/s for no reason all the time, plex freezes, at some point. I thought my plex library was getting corrupted or something like that, but it's the SSD. Have any of you encounter issues like this?
  12. gacpac

    Configure usb UPS

    Cool! Thanks!
  13. I barely touch my server in how tuned up it is. But this threw me off completely. I removed that setting as I had mine already set.
  14. gacpac

    Configure usb UPS

    HI, I have a usb APC UPS, currently connected to unraid, I saw a reddit post that you can set it up to turn off a pfsense box as well at the same time, but no explanation whatsoever. Someone knows how to do it?
  15. I think he means DLNA? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk