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  1. a Little help please I tested the quality with default settings and i can tell the difference. The part i don't know much is the custom settings via extra parameters
  2. Silly question is this able to use intel quicksync ? One thing is me exposing the card to the docker, another is the docker able to use it.
  3. Cool, I like a middle of both, I'm trying to read the documentation and I'm lost there
  4. Oh nice! so this is new. I have an i5-6400 your same setup most likely. I plan on doing h265 instead of h264 you know saving space. Question, will this ovewrite my current movies/tvshows because i will like to compare before anything
  5. intel quicksinc does not seem to work with this container. I know because i'm trying to get away of handbrake that forces SSA subtitles causing transcoding in plex
  6. Lol yeah man unraid networking is crazy. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Mine got sent in an email from the smtp that i previously setup
  8. Me i'm kind of confused with this plugin. I've used it since forever. But it's one of those that well, if you don't get errors then you are good. But I'm kind of hoping to see a log with all good. All I have are the exports from 2019 and no logs. Currently i'm doing a manual check to see. I'm hoping to see a notification or something.
  9. Thank you Sr! i rebooted the swag container to make it work. Just out of curiosity, what does this setting do? because if you go to a website to check it, it says that is not possible because is a subdomain and all that stuff.
  10. This might be a simple answer. I'm getting this warning in my nextcloud instance. Where do I need to add this in the swag proxy.conf or in the nextcloud conf? The "Strict-Transport-Security" HTTP header is not set to at least "15552000" seconds.
  11. I'll test I found the video from spaceinvader lol
  12. I just checked the files and see no difference whatsoever. I increased the quality output in the profile. Now I have a question, I noticed how the automatic encoding stripped the subtitles inside the video already. Any way I can prevent that from happening?
  13. I'm using it because most my devices use it anyway. I'm trying to save some space honestly with some specific shows, although I was try to find them already converted it's not always the case.
  14. Even if the files are noticeable smaller as well? I just did the an episode of live action TV show. Using MKV preset 1080p 30fps h265 just that. original file 2.49gb QSV 1.14gb Software 373MB