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  1. I believe this is showing you what the size of the cache drive is. Anyone feel free to correct me on this. I do not see anything wrong with your setup, and will work as you expect it to. Note, you will be able to still write to the drive after the 1T, it will simply start to write to the array as the cache would be full.
  2. 1) UNRAID is capable of delivery those speeds as long as your setup is configure correctly with the right hardware. UNRAID is not the limiting factor. 2) The Mover, moves data from the cache drives to the array. I'm not sure what you mean by "need to access it through data drive". It will simply move it from the cache drive to the array.
  3. Great job! Hope it gets baked into UNRAID.
  4. This will be fixed in Unraid v6.10.
  5. Is this a fix that will be coming to unraid, or should I just change the name of the share?
  6. Updated 6.9.1 -> 6.9.2 without issues....except
  7. Updated from 6.9.0-rc2 -> 6.9.0, and everything went well! Thank for the upgrade!
  8. Just wanted to report back, the drive is back in the array working as normal, healthy. It does look like it was a hardware issue or something.
  9. It was "kinda" working. While it would work sometimes, upon close/re-opening origin or restarting the computer, it would suddenly not find the game and prompt for a re-download/install of the game. During the install you have to key in the path as it also won't just let you select it normally. They are REALLY against it, don't know why.
  10. Had an issue during an overnight mover event (appears to be a writing error). It appears that my Parity drive was disabled somehow. I restarted (twice) the system and the Parity drive did not show up. I shut it down, and then the Parity drive showed up and had to be assigned. Nothing out of the norm was happening before this issue. Currently, the Parity drive is being emulated while the system does a 'Parity disk, parity-sync' - 'Parity sync / Data rebuild'. Uptime was 17 days which is the longest I've been able to have rc2 running for, (The VM with GPU passthrough has not been working for me at all without crashing the host).
  11. Just to clarify, does a GPU need to be unbind from vfio as well to work on a VM? Does the binding to vfio be the same as editing the 'Syslinux Configuration' to add a GPU's IOMMU Group?
  12. Having issues with my VM's (again). Shutting them down is causing the server to essentially crash. This was an issue I had before and had resolve. Also small request, can we have at least 1 VM that can run without the array being started? Mainly for pfsense or VM testing. I'll even pay for this extra feature. It appears to be back with rc2. @htpcnewbie I had this issue too. If you have 'Tips and Tweaks' plugin, and you use the 'schedule' or 'power saving' mode I found that on this revision it severely slows down the performance and causes high CPU usage. I changed it to 'performance' and the problem went away. Try that.
  13. Just wanted to note that I have upgraded to 6.9rc2 from 6.8.3 without issues. Server has been up for 5 days without problem. Thanks for the update.
  14. I am seen this too. Trying to figure out what could be and no luck so far. I will be doing some testing later tonight. The only meaningful thing I've done was changed from SSD to NVMe where the vdisk was stores but I should of gained speed if anything. I've also changed from btrfs to xfs.
  15. Is anyone experiencing major VM slowdowns, and/or way above average cpu usage by VM's?