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  1. That's easy, there is an app called appdatabackup if i'm not mistaken. That will do exactly that, i backup weekly to my unraid and then if sh#t hit the fan i can restore
  2. wow oh really! I think that might been the case, but i'm using PIA with socks5 now to avoid things
  3. Hey guys it's been couple times that my server has done this. Any thoughts? Normally I reboot the container Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. I'm curious with this option. Added support for Intel GVT-g, which lets you split your Intel i915 iGPU into multiple virtual GPUs and pass them through to multiple VMs, using @ich777's Intel-GVT-g plugin. how do i set it up?
  5. Mine went fine lol @clowrym sorry to ping you man. But by any chance is the privoxy option not available anymore? That's the only thing that stopped for me, I know not a lot of people use it. My use case is to make sure the searches by jackett happen behind the vpn.
  6. lol i fixed it long ago! There was a default behavior in docker settings This fixes it
  7. @Squid @trurl Thanks!! I'll give it a try. Now I understand
  8. Oh yes! Agree, It's that I need to understand the process beforehand. Normally I never go to the previous apps at all. Quote ---- Appdatabackup plugin General Procedure On How To Restore Your Appdata Replace your cache drive if necessary Recreate your appdata share (and set it to be cache only) Recreate your docker.img file if necessary (ideally, this should be performed regardless) Select a backup set (if using dated backup sets) and hit 'Restore' Sit back and have a coffee Ideally restart your server Re-add your previously installed docker applications via CA's Previous Apps section. No adjustment of the templates should be necessary
  9. So in removing the template tab, i'm forced to go to the community applications and restore apps so to speak. I can work with that, and If i understand what you are saying then, i can still click edit app and modify the template's host paths, ports, variables, etc. I'm going through the scenarios in my head in case my usb breaks or something. I'm also using the appdatabackup plugin, that it's literally saving the templates to be restored from the community apps
  10. I'm super confused with this. So, basically now you download an app and that's it? How are you going to modify paths, add variables, etc. Like now with the templates from the GUI. I think all of my apps have stuff modified when it comes to variables and paths, hell some are even in different folders for the config file.
  11. I saw this coming from a mile away when the feature was advertised via the plugin. Port forward can be quite dangerous if not done right. I rather use openvpn still for that. Thanks @jonp for the post!!
  12. To me something happen where I had to recreate my docker image, but that don't matter to me really as all the appdata is in the right place Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. oh man you good! Maybe that's the kicker because i'm using public free trackers. I wish someone sends me an invite for those private ones.
  14. Question What speeds you get from the docker container using PIA over switzerland? I don't seem to get more than 80mbps I currently have 200mbps
  15. quicksync in general is good. But this container doesn't have optimal settings so the quality is not as good as x265. If you want to do it you have to manually add the commands. Additionally, this container will overwrite your media, make sure you copy that somewhere else to then compare.
  16. I have a silly question here. With the new update I started getting this I don't know where would I make the change. I'm assuming the let's encrypt file, but i've seen that htaccess somewhere too. There are some warnings regarding your setup. Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/webfinger". Further information can be found in the documentation. Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/nodeinfo". Further information can be found in the documentation. Your installation has no default phone region set. This is required to validate phone numbers in the profile settings without a country code. To allow numbers without a country code, please add "default_phone_region" with the respective ISO 3166-1 code ↗ of the region to your config file.
  17. you might have to complete the update in cli. And that I don't know, maybe someone will like to jump in
  18. hahaha that vnc check got me good the other day. I was going crazy I'll update later.
  19. You have to do it manually with the commands. which i haven't got the chance to learn. if you find your sweet settings let me know lol
  20. the quality on quicksync sucks in unmanic, but it's because it's preset to a lower quality encode. Something I like is that is quick, but I don't know how to tweak the custom script. It would be nice if we can get a slider for quality, something simple like quantitazation parameter?
  21. I have 2 little problems. I have my VM from the old installer and I lost my xml. How do I get that one working with the new docker? Also, I will like to keep doing qcow2 instead of having a 100gb raw file if i decide to just do a new one
  22. Hi Everyone, Recently I upgraded to 6.9.0 stable to give it a try. I'm trying out the My servers plugin, setup everything like in the instructions say but I find this error that really doesn't make sense. Can someone from enlighten me here? At least the backup is working. One thing I'll say, I'm not so fond of the idea of port forwarding to my unraid server. I thought limetech was going to implement something similar to what ubiquiti and a lot of vendors do for remote access without opening ports. Although, the wiki says there's a relay, first I gotta get this fixed to try it out.
  23. The staging seems to be working good. Although I have not used it anymore, because I don't know how to work with the custom settings here. I will like to use quicksinc because the fact the doesn't kill my cpu or increases my energy bill