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  1. Have you tried the Use SSL Connection option? If that doesn't work I can send you a url to go to to see what it returns. Also what version of plex are you using?
  2. This is nice, maybe I will rework some of this into identifying applications, and then you can just select which applications to track. Do you know if the network device change upon reboot??
  3. Have you tried adding your plex server via custom servers field? Only other person i have had that reported issues, i added the custom field for and it worked just fine.
  4. What of you go to the plex stream tab, do you get anything on that page?
  5. I'll look into this next.
  6. please update to the lastest version released today and try added your server to the custom servers list
  7. Also can you tell me what theme you are using?
  8. Can you tell me are you using a 2 or 3 column layout?
  9. This is now fixed in the latest version released today
  10. Try clearing your cookies.
  11. I need to look at the entire dashboard approach right now, so I'll look at this as well
  12. Just to close the gap here in the thread after working back and for we have come up with a solution to the issue where Plex isnt aware of the connections available, thus not passing them back to the plugin. So I have added the customer servers feature in the latest version 2021.02.11a.
  13. Can you please visit the following page on your plex server and send me the output via DM? /plugins/plexstreams/getServers.php?useSsl=1
  14. This is now included with the release of 2021.02.09 I will continue to look into this for the next release, what version of unraid are you running?
  15. This should now be fixed with the release of 2021.02.09