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  1. Remove the entry from custom servers, as you already have that server selected in the list above it.
  2. Custom Servers should only be used if selecting a server from the list isnt working. Looks like right now you have SUBASIC-CABLE ( selected in the list and then also defined in the Custom Servers list, remove that entry and I suspect you'll be fine.
  3. Switching to EUFI boot made me be able to boot again, so I am not sure whats going on.
  4. I upgraded from 6.11.1 to 6.11.3 and as soon as I rebooted i can no longer boot, as I am getting Boot Error
  5. What are you looking to have fixed soon?
  6. You should definitely only use one IP per server. I'll try to look into this shortly
  7. No this is not normal, can you make sure you only have one of the servers IP addresses selected in the options.
  8. Currently it no longer generates the graphs, and just outputs texts. This was a quick work around to remove the dependency issues, I'll be adding graphs back in a future release, using a different approach.
  9. Fix is out there for this now.
  10. Once it gets the token you should see it trying to reload the servers list, is that happening? What browser are you using? Essentially that servers list is populated by a call to the central plex API, to get the list of servers from them.
  11. Yes, you need to login to plex as that's how it gets a token. It works against plex's apis.
  12. I'll get a fix out for this today
  13. @Squid would it be possible to get the deprecated tag removed from this plugin?
  14. Updated plugin has been released to address this issue. Sorry I dont use plex for audio too much and there is where the issue occurred.
  15. Thanks I'll get this fixed ASAP.