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  1. dorgan

    Getting Phlex to work

    I just set the networking to bridge and remapped 443 to 4443 on the host.
  2. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    New version released that fixes the log spamming and removes the dependency on Dynamix.System.Stats
  3. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    Correct, I just need to do some final testing and I will be releasing a new version.
  4. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    I’ll make this update and the other on above tomorrow. Sorry life has been hectic lately.
  5. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    This is spammed in the syslog every time I have something download on my windows VM. Anyway to fix? Yes, actually meant to fix this. I’ll get it updated this week.
  6. dorgan

    Process for copying to flash

    I am looking to move data in/out of /var/lib/vnstat which I believe gets cleared on each restart. So my thought here is it move it over to the usb drive when the stopping_svcs event occurs and then when the svcs_started event occurs copy the data back over.
  7. dorgan

    *ALL* shares are *GONE* ... ??? (unRAID 6.6.1)

    Network Stats plugin was fixed with today’s release. Sorry for causing all the issues.
  8. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    If I include this it looks like there is a config path hardcoded into this page file, i wouldnt want to do that as it could then conflict with that plugin if installed.... Suggestions??
  9. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    New version release 2018.10.10 this reverts to the old path to store the vnstat db(/var/lib/vnstat) that will not persist across reboots. This should solve any of the unintended issues i have cause with peoples unRaid setups. I'll work on a future release to copy the vnstat db in/out of memory and will utilize emhttp events on when to do this, and not impact array functions.
  10. dorgan

    User Shares Missing after update to 6.6.1

    Alright I just release a new version that reverts to using the default database path (/var/lib/vnstat), that will not be persistent across reboots. This should remove my "bad mark" as well as fix any problems people with having with array shares not being visible or stopping array from stopping. I will work on another version that will listen for the events and utilize those to copy the db in/out of memory.
  11. dorgan

    User Shares Missing after update to 6.6.1

    Excellent, thank you for pointing this out. This helps in coming up with a fix on this. I appreciate this. I will add event scripts for array start and stop and not create the location inside /mnt/user/ until after the array has started.
  12. dorgan

    User Shares Missing after update to 6.6.1

    I am working on the issues called out in plugin support thread however I has been stated by several people that they do not believe it is my plugin causing the issues noted in this thread.
  13. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    Ok it looks like it’s trying to output an image. What web browser are you using?
  14. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    Can you open the image source in a new tan and add “&debug=true” to the URL?
  15. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    Only a pair of broken images, or images for eth0 and then the broken images?