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  1. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    yeah i am sitting in LA now after business hours and my flight is delay, so I have another 3-4 hours before I have to be at the airport
  2. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    The only main difference I see is the lowercase/uppercase "u" in Unraid-networkstarts. Am I missing something?
  3. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    looking now
  4. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    This is controlled by Community Applications. I would recommend removing the plugin and reinstalling via Community Applications.
  5. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    The issue of displaying the images has been corrected. Something must have changed in PHP.
  6. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    I do apologize for not being active in responding. I have been in the processed of moving and have not had a chance to take a look at things. Regarding losing data on restart, yes that is currently known and stated in the thread. I am still determining the best way to copy the data to the usb, or another location between restarts.
  7. dorgan

    Getting Phlex to work

    I just set the networking to bridge and remapped 443 to 4443 on the host.
  8. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    New version released that fixes the log spamming and removes the dependency on Dynamix.System.Stats
  9. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    Correct, I just need to do some final testing and I will be releasing a new version.
  10. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    I’ll make this update and the other on above tomorrow. Sorry life has been hectic lately.
  11. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    This is spammed in the syslog every time I have something download on my windows VM. Anyway to fix? Yes, actually meant to fix this. I’ll get it updated this week.
  12. dorgan

    Process for copying to flash

    I am looking to move data in/out of /var/lib/vnstat which I believe gets cleared on each restart. So my thought here is it move it over to the usb drive when the stopping_svcs event occurs and then when the svcs_started event occurs copy the data back over.
  13. dorgan

    *ALL* shares are *GONE* ... ??? (unRAID 6.6.1)

    Network Stats plugin was fixed with today’s release. Sorry for causing all the issues.
  14. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    If I include this it looks like there is a config path hardcoded into this page file, i wouldnt want to do that as it could then conflict with that plugin if installed.... Suggestions??
  15. dorgan

    [Plugin] Network Stats

    New version release 2018.10.10 this reverts to the old path to store the vnstat db(/var/lib/vnstat) that will not persist across reboots. This should solve any of the unintended issues i have cause with peoples unRaid setups. I'll work on a future release to copy the vnstat db in/out of memory and will utilize emhttp events on when to do this, and not impact array functions.