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  1. Thank you this was exactly what I need to solve this. Just pushed an update that should fix this, please give it some time to show up.
  2. If you are using unraid 6.12 click the little lock icon in the up right bar. Then you can move any panel where ever you want, if you are using an older version I am sorry that is not supported.
  3. Can you please elaborate on the problem you are experiencing?
  4. Added for unRAID 6.12rc2+ in today's release, it should show in the dashboard widget
  5. and another update is out there to fix incorrect stream count for dashboard widget
  6. Can you do me a favor and go back to the settings page, and click save, and then tell me if its displaying both streams on the dashboard widget. Once I added the 2nd server and hit save it then showed up on the dashboard widget. But I am also just putting together a release as the counts always seem to stay at 1, so there will be a release shortly to correct that.
  7. Hmmm, ok let me dig into this...
  8. Well for 1, I would definitely recommend upgrading to a more recent version of the plugin as that one is pretty old. I just released a version with a fix for legacy unraid versions as well, so I recommend starting there . Let me know if you have further issues after upgrading
  9. Take the entry out of custom servers as you already have the same server selected above in the list.
  10. Can you show me your setting page, of course blue out the token.
  11. Excellent, please dont hesitate to suggest more features/improvements. I am always willing to add more to this plugin.
  12. @bbrodka @beasthouse Please upgrade to the latest version 2023.03.29a and let me know if that resolves your issues. I added the piece to not have the JS get cached, as well as a bunch of other fixes I found for defects. @bonienl Thanks for letting me know about the autov function.
  13. Going to downgrade my machine to 6.11 and see whats going on there. 6.12rc2 is working for me, I will add what bonienl has suggest and get that out as well today.
  14. Maybe try clearing your cache, I've seen the JavaScript file gets cached and that's what updates that piece.