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  1. Ok I happen to use this plugin, so I'll take a look...
  2. You may have to re-connect with plex via setup. I noticed I had to do that the other day. To do this go into the settings for this plugin and click on Get Plex Token, then re-select servers and hit save. So if you require SSL be sure to select Use SSL Connection.
  3. I believe it already does, but will double check and if not will look into adding it. He reported his issue as resolved with the last update, if you are still having an issue please let me know what version of unraid you are running and attach a screenshot so I can see what its doing.
  4. Ok I will look into this, what version of unraid are you on?
  5. You should be able to see the full name if you hover over the name for a couple of seconds.
  6. This should now be corrected in 2020.07.23
  7. Really wierd I am using the same layout and do not have this issue. I am using the beta, so let me see if something is broke with what is being called "legacy" supported layouts.
  8. Do you require SSL on your plex server, if so then I would suggest selecting the Use SSL Connection option, and seeing if that returns your servers.
  9. What version are you running? I thought I noticed and fixed this in the latest release.
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. NVM this was a netplan issue.... Not sure why i didnt have the issue with Desktop VM.
  12. Previous to upgrading my Ubuntu VM was able to connect to the network just fine. Now just one of two my Ubuntu VM seems to be bringing up the network device properly. if I search for it its there, and I can bring it up and run dhclient for it, but it never gets an IP. I have made sure the VM config is using virtio-net on the interface. Not sure whats going on as its not working for the Ubuntu Server VM, but working just fine for the Ubuntu Desktop, same Ubuntu version.
  13. Thanks I will look into this.
  14. Warning issue should now be resolved, with version 2020.06.30b. Also, so should the dashboard display, but let me know if not and I will down grade to previous version of unraid without translation support
  15. Hmmm looks like a couple different bugs. I'll look into these this week.