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  1. Ok perfect then I do have a backup as I thought I remembered setting up backup for flash. Yes server is on, but running with no array and invalid key as I am waiting on key from unraid since I have to go with manual swap of key
  2. using a new usb key. Working on getting replacement key as this is the second time in a year. Also seems like unless CA backup does a flash backup i might now have a backup nor do I know which drives were in which slots in the array. So anyone know how I can figure that out??
  3. plugged in drive to windows system and its saying the usb drive is not formatted?? Tried to format and windows cannot format it... I am assuming this drive is shot?
  4. It seems once again my usb boot device is mounted as readyonly. Not sure why this keeps happening, my system is protected by a UPS device and hasnt had any downtime in the past couple months yet all of a sudden today the device is mounted as readonly.... Any ideas on how to fix or if I just need to buy a different usb stick. I am using the following usb stick for boot: SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ43-032G-GAM46
  5. yeah i am sitting in LA now after business hours and my flight is delay, so I have another 3-4 hours before I have to be at the airport
  6. The only main difference I see is the lowercase/uppercase "u" in Unraid-networkstarts. Am I missing something?
  7. This is controlled by Community Applications. I would recommend removing the plugin and reinstalling via Community Applications.
  8. The issue of displaying the images has been corrected. Something must have changed in PHP.
  9. I do apologize for not being active in responding. I have been in the processed of moving and have not had a chance to take a look at things. Regarding losing data on restart, yes that is currently known and stated in the thread. I am still determining the best way to copy the data to the usb, or another location between restarts.
  10. I just set the networking to bridge and remapped 443 to 4443 on the host.
  11. New version released that fixes the log spamming and removes the dependency on Dynamix.System.Stats
  12. Correct, I just need to do some final testing and I will be releasing a new version.
  13. I’ll make this update and the other on above tomorrow. Sorry life has been hectic lately.
  14. This is spammed in the syslog every time I have something download on my windows VM. Anyway to fix? Yes, actually meant to fix this. I’ll get it updated this week.