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  1. Nevermind now I understand.... OK let me see if I can introduce something that looks at the config file during install...
  2. If you could document the steps I will try to recreate exactly what you are seeing, and I may not be following your issue. Then once i can reproduce I can figure out next steps
  3. Try an additional refresh after the page loads. Unfortunately the plugin code runs after the menu.
  4. With the latest version you now select the server. I'll be updating soon to support multiple servers, but right now only one at a time.
  5. Latest version should get you up and running
  6. go ahead and try this with 2020.05.27a
  7. Please go ahead an install 2020.0.27a once it appears in CA. You will need to go back to the setting page and pick a server.
  8. Curious, do you have a Plex Pass?
  9. I knew there would come a time for multi server support. I have a plan to implement this.
  10. This is a bug, should only be three streams max. I'll look into this.
  11. Let me see if I can integrate with Plex signing system and see what I can do.
  12. This has been added as well as turning on/off the dashboard widget in 2020.05.20b. If you turn it off you can access it through the widget or under Tools->System Information.
  13. Let me see what I can do
  14. These have all been fixed/added in 2020.05.20. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback and reports of issues.
  15. Right now only movies. Let me see if I can squeeze in an audio update for today.