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  1. Updated from 6.7.1 to 6.7.2 with no issues. Thank you.
  2. Wow, first to reply. Updated my two server with no issues. Thank you for all your hard work!
  3. So far I like this docker application. Great Job!!! I have managed to create my two presets to match as close as possible to the ones that I use for the Windows version of HandBrake. The one issue that I am running into is for the subtitles. Using the docker app it would appear that it is always setting the first subtitle as default. How do I change this to not have it selected as default? Basically I do not want any of the tracks set to default.
  4. I looks like it is time for an updated version of CP, getting the "Code42 wasn't able to upgrade but will reattempt in one hour." message. Docker version is and the current version on Code42 website is
  5. My 3 systems: VM Server - 64GB Plex Media Server - 32GB Cloud Server - 32GB
  6. Updated all 3 servers and so far so good. Loving the new look. Thanks. 😊
  7. Yes, what I did was for my Nextcloud docker was add my two external storage paths as additional mounts inside the docker by clicking on "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device": Then enter my details: Then once I had them entered, go back to External Storages app and added them there.
  8. For myself I used the External storages 1.4.1 app to share two unRAID shares that I have outside of Nextcloud storage.
  9. I am also seeing this - is there a fix?
  10. Upgraded all 3 servers with no issues. Many thanks!
  11. Any plans to also compress the Flash / libvirt backups in the same manner as appdata backup?
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Just wanted to check on that, since ljm42 made a statement in the 6.4.0 Release Note thread about moving any customizations from the go file to User Script Plugin, so I thought I would check.
  13. @Squid I did a search trying to find any notes about the schedule options, most of them are clear. The only one that I do not understand is the one called "At First Array Start Only". Can you clarify that one for me? To me it would seem to run the script at the first array start after a server reboot/startup. Also found the quoted statement above during my search and it may help answer my question. Thanks, StanC
  14. Maybe I am missing something, but I tried searching the forum for it and cannot find it. But it appears that on the Plugins -> Installed Plugins page the Check Updates button is missing. At least on my system it is missing. I am running version 6.4.0_rc18f, upgraded from 6.3.5. The button disappeared after updating. I get the notifications that there are updates for plugins and recently they would show, but today I got the notifications for CA and Unassigned Devices being updated. I installed them on my 6.3.5 server but on my 6.4 server all of my plugins on the page say unknown for status. How do I get the button back? Update - 1/1/2018 @ 16:31 PDT: I tried running the script "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugincheck" manually but it did not work. I ended up rebooting the server and the the updates were there. But still no button on the page for checking updates. Would like to have that back.
  15. No worries. Just reporting a cosmetic issue.