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  1. Hey brother. Me again. Before I post this issue about USB pass through. I see that is resolved but I can’t get it to work. With the new option to pass thought with 8.9 update I still get my Unraid crash when I pass thought USB controller on a VM. What is your work around?
  2. Please could you add a warning before starting a VM saying you GPU is in use by Plex! are you sure you want to start the VM i keep forgetting that my plex is ON and when i start my VM the server crash. we need to have something for that in 8.9 update
  3. Are you sure you don’t see the difference. “https://okavangonextcloud” should be https://okavangonextcloud.dickdns.org.
  4. Your config php doesn’t look right. Did you follow this.
  5. Did you edit Letencrypt Ngix Nextcloud.config.sample to match your domain? did you edit Nextcloud config file as instructed from space invader. Post your config files.
  6. How do I use GPU-Z if i can't access windows from unraid, should i transfer the GPU to another computer and run GPU-z? I tried teamviewer but couldn't connect. techpower vbios does't work for me.
  7. How did you solve it?
  8. Thanks for your help. I will keep this thread for record until we find out what is the mister behind this issue.
  9. Sorry, I have not followed this video, i was thinking that was the pass through GPU video. i will let you know when I try this. pease
  10. I did follow this video and made sure that my GPU video and Sound are under the same group. I doubled check the XML and modified the slot as instructed from Space invador but still i have a black screen.
  11. IOMMU is enabled and SVM Mode enabled
  12. I upgraded my CPU and MB and I can't pass through WIN10 VM. Black screen. My Win10 works find on VNC ( works fine not really, I can't even play a Youtube video very slow) Can someone help me setup the BIOS to it best option for VM , Gaming, and general speed for unraid. I did some reading and Followed SpaceEnvador videos but could not figure that out. I am using the GPU in Slot 1. I was reading somewhere that it could be a problem, can anybody confirm. my system: MB Asus Rog croshar VIII, CPU ryzan 7, GPU Gforce 1080. I even updated to the latest BIOS I enable of course VM in bios as seen in the settings attached what should I do to get my VM win 10 working,thanks
  13. Saarge. Your answers have been always hints. Do you want to help here or give a hard time. Of course I search google and read forums before I post. The answers I found did not work for me me. That’s why I am seeking this forum help. If you want to help I appreciate it but it you don’t. Don’t give me hints that don’t lead anywhere.
  14. Just change the IPv4 address to static in network, go to setting --network