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  1. I was not able to connect to my zoneminder. i conect with to access my consol. i used and 8443 for port forwarding. it is not working. any advise
  2. I want to make sure by PC you means the old PC not the Unraid server right. i don’t know what you mean with “allowing access from outside LAN” i use LAN to access the internet. In case I use this old PC how do I prevent it from accessing my network mean my server and other computers. I want to use is only to access the internet. i will reboot the server and post the diagnostic. should I ignore that warning or just reboot.
  3. It Was just seating in the basement doing nothing until todays power outage. What’s is all these ports with IP, I don’t have none of them open!! And how could my PC try to log in to my unraid server?? I don’t get it. It’s disconnected now. Did you see anything else on the system file?
  4. Yes. But what should I do to prevent this attack from happening internally to my unraid. Like I said the IP I see in Sys was my old PC. should I ignor the warning ⚠️ now in unraid
  5. can you guide me what else do you check other then syslog? to find out
  6. is one of my desktop that I haven't use for a long time. somehow we lost power and that desktop turns on automatically i wonder if it was a virus?
  7. who the F** is this guy?? i see in the Syslog multiple failed attempt. please see below attachment. what should i do?? error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER Mar 2 13:00:53 Tower sshd[22552]: Failed none for invalid user admin from port 51262 ssh2 Mar 2 13:00:53 Tower sshd[22552]: Failed password for invalid user admin from port 51262 ssh2 Mar 2 13:00:53 Tower sshd[22552]: Connection closed by invalid user admin port 51262 [preauth] Mar 2 13:00:57 Tower sshd[22566]: Invalid user admin from port 51887..... syslog
  8. Hi there, someone else posted this a year ago, but the string didn't have a clear answer. what should I do with this warning?I On Mar 2 there were 301 invalid login attempts. This could either be yourself attempting to login to your server (SSH / Telnet) with the wrong user or password, or you could be actively be the victim of hack attacks. A common cause of this would be placing your server within your router's DMZ, or improperly forwarding ports. This is a major issue and needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY NOTE: Because this check is done against the logged entries in
  9. I did like a mentioned in my note from 1t to 500G. But in unraid VM I think I need to SSH to drive to shrink it. I don’t know how.
  10. I have install window on a physical drive that i passthrough as a VM, using Space invador Dual disk boot video. i have 1T SSD i would like to shrink it to 500G. I went to the disk management and physically shrink it to 500g, no i have 500g unlocated drive, then i tried to reduce to the size on the VM but it fail. i am not sure how to do it with SSH. can you please guide me thanks
  11. Hi all. I have an issue getting Zoneminder docker to work with Nginx. I have all my other docker works flawlessly thank you for that. the only difference I see with Zoneminder is that it requires /zm after the port in order to work. For example works but won’t. When I set up the reverse proxy where can I tell it to add /zm to my subdomain.domain ?
  12. Hi there, i am really struggling with this auto start. for know i want to try to auto start without FTP i know it defeat the purpose of having an encrypted unraid but until i get a DNS that will host an FTP i want to autostart. I created a key file and in the keyfile and added my passphrase, then i added this #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & cp /boot/config/keyfile /root/keyfile to my Go file, but it doesn't work?
  13. I need to pass through a SATA SSD drive that has windows but the SATA drive is with one of my unraid drives Iommu. I have the new Unraid revision I thought that will be easier to pass through. I am not sure if I can follow space invador video since he is using an old unraid rev. I don’t want to mess up my Graphic card and USB’s that already passed through.
  14. Hi there, when I encrypted my drives I created a pass phrase not a keyfile, i am a little confuse how do i auto strat my unraid server with my pass phrase. i followed the video to auto start with keyfile but couldn't fine the key file since i guess i didn't create one. is there another tutorial for that please help