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(6.9.2) Can’t connect to my Unraid IP

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IMG_0886.thumb.jpeg.fc2e5738bafbb0c64a2b5cf87e2b1cdc.jpegI moved my PC to a different room. Took advantage and cleaned all the dust. 
It’s boot up and shows my IP as normal. But I can’t connect. Made sure the Ethernet switch is connected to Ethernet. By using my laptop. 
although the boot show this. See image. Not sure this is what is holding me from accessing my UI. 

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Thanks you for the reply. 
“If the GUI cannot be accessed, then use SSH, telnet, or a keyboard/monitor attached to the server to login and type diagnostics. This will save the diagnostics.zip file to the "logs" folder on your flash drive.”

I couldn’t SSH with Ip. No connection 

The keyboard and monitor are attached and booted with same Nvidia fault 

/bin/bash: line 14: nuidia-smi: command not found

It won’t let me type to log in to get to  “ Diagnostics” 


Thanks in advance 


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I created a new disk with backup. That’s an old version. 6.9.0.Berta 22. And my disk configuration was different. I had 300gb disk and it’s not recognized. I didn’t want to format yet with the current 1TB. 

So I copied the original Config to the new drive. And booted with no error but I can’t access GUI. 
looks like have a bad config file!  
is any folder from the original USB can help you determine what it the problem. 

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6.9.0-beta22 is really old, I would not go anywhere near that or its config folder.


Stick with your current version and current config folder. In that config folder, carefully edit ident.cfg and change:





Then boot the system. With that change you should be able to SSH to the system and run 'diagnostics'

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Sorry, I am realizing this is 6.9.2 (I just added that to the title). It has been years since most people have looked at that, especially with the version customized for nvidia.  


You might have luck booting in safe mode, or reverting to stock Unraid 6.9.2 rather than the custom nvidia version.  Maybe someone else will have more specific advice.


Ultimately you'd want to upgrade to the current release to get back into a supported environment.

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  • ljm42 changed the title to (6.9.2) Can’t connect to my Unraid IP

I didn’t have a choice but to upgrade to 6.12.1 with a new USB drive by transfer my keys I am panicking right now   all my containers docker are not showing up. Everything is empty one of the disc has to go through a parity because it was recognized as an old drive because I used an old backup config. i’m not sure if this is because the cash drive was not installed. I’m not sure if I missed it in the initial installation and I started to the server. How do I get all of my docker back. my share files still there. Thank you for your help. 

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Ok I installed the cash drive. I have my docker back although I cannot start them but for now what I want to resolve is the lock disk it’s  encrypted in the old version before I start the docker before I start the server need to request a master password to  unlock the disk. This time it didn’t require that although after restarting the server, the server cannot access the disk. It says it unmounted missing, encrypted key. How do I enter the key to unlock the disk or is possible to removes the encryption on the disk 

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Yes. I regret. Because before this revision. Every time I reboot I need to enter a password. And I could get it to auto reboot. Complicated. I need to to remove the encryption. But iam not there yet I need first to get my server to work. It has important stuff I need for my regular work. Like Nextcould. Etc..  

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