Dynamix System Temp + AMD 7000 Series

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I was building a new machine for my dad with a 7700x which is working great except that I cannot get the CPU temp sensors detected by Dynamix. I found a GPU temperature from manually scanning for sensors but had no luck manually adding that to the sensor list for the plugin. I am assuming I cannot scan for sensors because the chipset and CPU are too new for Unraid or Dynamix to completely understand. But, my issue could also be a problem with Perl since it is no longer installed/enabled via NerdPack. I found it within the Unraid files, so I assume it is now included with the Unraid OS. But, I have no idea if it is available to Unraid by default or not. Does it need to be installed? If there is a way to get temp sensors detected on Unraid, I'd appreciate an updated instruction set.

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From my limited research support for our sensors and chips with Ryzen 7000 should be added in a future Linux version, and as Uraid gets updated hopefully we get working sensors again. This might apply more specifically to ASUS motherboards for reasons I cant fully articulate, but something to do with the way ASUS handles superIO chip communication.

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