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  1. at this point I see webGUI login screen but can't logon - root/mypassword that works in SSH not working in webGUI. I've try to reset root password - not working (reset only root password, reset all password). After I delete root password and manually remove dynamix.unraid.net.plg from plugins I've manage access to webgui, started array. But when I set password to root account - again can't logon webGUI (login screen accept my password but redirect to login page again, wrong password gives me warning "Invalid Username or Password") Right now I will try to restore usb backup & again install plugin
  2. I have a different problem - after switching SSL/TLS from Yes to auto I need to logon again with http:// but after i enter root password and hit login nothing happends - entered data dissapear, no information about invalid username/password. I can ssh to server with this password
  3. SEAGATE ST12000NM0027 success
  4. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?94753-What-are-PSS-Support-and-NX-Mode
  5. There's something wrong with encryption on 6.7.0-rc - CPU utilization is very low (2% on 6.7.0-rc and 12% on 6.6.6) and writing to encrypted array is about 1/10 of speed that I get on 6.6.6
  6. Have encrypted XFS array, on 6.6.6 I get 160MB/s write speed to array from cache, after update to 6.7.0-rc2 about 10-16MB/s, switch back to 6.6.6 and again ~160MB/s with TurboWrite. There's something wrong with encryption on 6.7.0-rc - CPU utilization is very low (2% on 6.7.0-rc and 12% on 6.6.6)
  7. maybe your GPU working at full speed until VM start's and then goes to low power mode ? You could try to run unraid without Vega and see what power consumption will be. I'm use my unraid on several configurations (G1620, i3 540, i5 750, i5-2500k, i3-4300, TR1920x, Ryzen 1300X, Ryzen 3 2200G) and everything working fine
  8. After update to 6.7.0-rc2 when moving data from SSD to array is very slow - about 10-16MB/s, switch back to 6.6.6 - speed went out to ~160MB/s. What I'm notice that n 6.6.6 process /usr/local/sbin/shfs uses about 12% of CPU but on 6.7.0-rc2 it use 2%. I've try to change Tunable (md_num_stripes), Tunable (md_sync_window), Tunable (md_sync_thresh) but speed remain very slow - right now I've switch back to 6.6.6. diagnostic from 6.6.6 and 6.7.0-rc2 attached below. tower-diagnostics-20190205-2103-670rc2.zip tower-diagnostics-20190205-2039-666.zip
  9. grumpybutfun & ironicbadger thank you for your guides. Right now I move from unRAID to Arch with snapraid. Have w7 running on arch with VGA pass thru and have insane data transfers between host & vm SSD host to SSD VM
  10. ASROCK Z87 Extreme4 supports VT-d. Yesterday I finally got worked PCI pass thru on Arch/KVM. LG G2 - Tapatalk 4
  11. I use to have second ssd for apps mounted as apps folder at cache drive (/mnt/cache/apps). Haven't got any problems with writing to apps trough SMB Wysy?ane z mojego HTC One X za pomoc? Tapatalk 2