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  1. I've try disable C-States and Power Supply Idle Control - didn't work.
  2. I've problems with my server after upgrade to b650 & 7600x. Before I replace board, cpu and mem in server I make 2-3 days of testing setting on windows - perfectly stable. After change - unraid restarts itself at random occasion, after messing with bios settings (C-State, other PowerSaving, memory settings), reverting back to stock I still get restarts until I disable ReBAR and 4G decoder. After that no more restarts.
  3. I've ask because taking 16/18TB as parity is pointless if other drives are smaller - no real benefit - longer parity check (have 12TB drives on parity - it takes 20-22h to do parity check) right now you have 26TB of space (12 drives - 10 data, 2 parity) - buy 3 14/16TB drives - 2 for parity, 1 for data - finally you get 26/28TB of space (6 drives, data 14/16TB + 3x 6TB, parity 2x 14/16TB) and in the future replace 6TB with 14/16TB
  4. recently I've change my home server from i5-11600 (set to 65W limit), 32GB DDR4 to 7600X (set 88W limit), 64GB DDR5 (6 HDD drives, SAS controller, 2 NVMe drives on intel, after upgrade 3 NVMe on AMD) on server I'm running some VM, game servers, Emby (GPU transcoding) At standard load <20%, 2 drive spin-up 11600 took 140-160W from wall, 7600X same conditions 80-85W Right now unraid making parity check, all drives running - it takes ~125W from socket, when I put CPU on full load everything consume 168W
  5. for that old CPU speeds are ok. with newer/faster cpu 100MB/s is no problem. unRAID is different than other raid's. what type of raid you have on synology ? Adding Cache drive is good option but you need to remeber that data on cache drive isn't protected unitl mover writes them to array. Better cpu are important too - i get >100MB/s writing to array (share without cache)
  6. Hi if its emulated copy all data from n5 to other data disks, shutdown, replace broken drive, boot unraid, Tools menu, New Config, put 4TB as parity and parity drive as data drive, start array, wait till parity rebuild, 3TB old parity precleari if needed and format
  7. checking ... after uninstalled SR-IOV, editing i915.conf everything works change MACVLAN to IPVLAN too Thanks ich777
  8. Intel UDH 750 not working On 6.12.2 everything was fine, after update i915 not loading. nas-diagnostics-20230715-2021.zip
  9. 1 unraid at home and 14 unraid servers at work
  10. ssd were passtru and working - when booted from iso I can access it, run check disk (no errors) but windows wont boot. When I clone entire SSD to raw image system boots without error.
  11. 2 of my systems have problems after upgrade to 6.10.1. Both have Samsung 980 passtru to VM - both unable to boot VM - i/o error 0xc00000e9, drives are visible when I boot from iso after restore 6.9.2 vm boots fine
  12. Put biggest drive to parity slot - rebuild it, then replace 2TB with 4TB "old parity" drive - your usable space should be 16TB or if you dont have cache drive add 4TB beside 2TB (6 drives total) and get 18TB space.