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  1. I can't seem to get it to work. I followed your guide, and I can log in. But once I log in I can't see any photos at all, not even JPEG. via console I can see data has photos in it, but still no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. I may to tired, but after numerous google searches (the only hits is actually this thread) I cannot to my death not find anything on how to Enable host access for a docker. I am currently using "testdasi/pihole-dot-doh:latest" have I chosen the wrong image? Any help is greatly appreciated... /Alphahelix
  3. aaand now it works. Thanks for confirming I am WAY off.
  4. It looks like prometheus.yml is no longer available. Or is it me who is way off?
  5. I was checking the settings as per @tjb_altf4 post, it turns out it is already set to enabled?
  6. Thanks for the solution, I will do that when I can stop the array, but atm I cannot. thats why I was hoping for a here-and-now solution, until I can stop the array. Again thanks for the solution. /Alphahelix
  7. Hi, I know this has been asked many times, I have tried all the solutions I could find (that did not involve stopping the array) but to no luck. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried to rename the file: /var/log/docker.log to /var/log/docker.logx in hope it would generate a new file, but no. I even tried to: touch /var/log/docker.log, again in hope of unraid to use the new file. But still no luck. So I need help. /Alphahelix
  8. Hi, TLDR: request for manually naming and sorting disks in the array (and unassigned if possible), under the main tab as well as in shell. I have been happy with "location plugin". But I think a possibility to rename array disk to give an instant idea of the disks location in the server. I know it would be a few people who will benefit from this. But I think (I am not burdened with a lot of knowledge of the Linux systems' inner workings) this would be a fairly easy task. As unRAID already using disk1 disk2 disk3 etc and not sdb sdc sdd etc as designations. I have tried to search the forums but did not find anything useful like a editing a file (not said that it may be out there, I just did not find it). I did try to edit the /etc/mtab file but it was unsuccessful. So now I make this change request for manually naming and sorting disks in the array (and unassigned if possible). I know devs like a use case so for my case it is much easier to find the disk in my system that currently has 36 drives (not including the usb boot). I have 24 accessible from the front, plus 8 SSD residing on an air-shield within the system. With possibility to manually rename (example disk1 to diska1) will quickly give me the info needed to locate the drive. Therefore reducing the risk of mistaken physical disks. I know most of this is covered by the before mentioned plugin. But I like to see the physical location in shell too. Unfortunately the plugin does not help me there.
  9. Hi Wlshwzd, Did you ever find a solution for this? I asking as I have 8 drives with this error (yup lucky me, all at once) /Alphahelix
  10. Hi! First, super cool plugin. Its now super easy to install dockers and plugins Thanks! I hope it is ok to bring suggestions. I personally would love the idea of being able to tick and untick categories of interest. Right now you only have the option of choosing one category at a time. /Alphahelix
  11. Hi Uno, It is baked into the GPU itself. This is done to be able to provide video-feed through USB-C. But to minimize the complexity during production they leave the USB controller in the GPU even if they do not provide the graphics card a USB connector. Or at least this is what I think is happening. I am not in the GPU business but I makes sense to a have a basic platform and if only 10-15% of all graphic cards in a generation is without a USB connector and the controller is relative cheap, they left it in. /Alphahelix
  12. Unless you can be more specific about the setup it is hard to help more. It will be a whole lot if ifs and perhaps.
  13. Hi wan59 If your motherboard have PCIe slots, one option is to use PCIe extenders. But you my have a hard time finding a case to mount them in. But a mining rig could do the trick. /Alphahelix
  14. Hi all, I hope one of you can help me. I need 3 IP addresses, each on their own subnet, for one NIC. I have tried to give an example below: eth0 -> 192.168.1.x/24 eth1 -> 192.168.1.x/24 eth1:1 -> 192.168.3.x/24 eth1:2 -> 192.168.5.x/24 eth2 -> passthrough to pfSense eth3 -> passthrough to pfSense I have tried to look in the forums but I could not find a guide, I did find some threads, but I did not find a how-to. I then tried to look for a solution on the big bad internet. I tried to follow a guide to alter the /boot/config/network.cfg. Again no luck. Does someone out here know of a way to accomplish this? I am running unRAID 6.9.0 beta 30 Thanks in advance /Alphahelix