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  1. Following this I was able to get this configured to my Kingston M.2 ssd as well, however my cache is an crucial mx500. Poking about with the query, by setting the Serial# to the SSD, then AND Name, it appears none of the metrics appear for my SSD. The Smart Attribute is Total_LBAs_Written, yet querying the db for that appears to have no data for the serial number of my SSD. Looking at the smart attributes table, looks like the Serial# for my ssd is missing and in infinity symbol appears instead. How curious. Edit - Managed to get it working by look
  2. I have set this up but haven't got any images for my VM's or my Dockers. Is there some specific that looks at these that I can check out?
  3. So firstly, this drive was connected using a cheaper sas to sata connecter, and only 2 of the 4 are populated. One of the unused sata connectors from the HBA somehow wiggled loose of it's chains and appeared to be hitting the front fan? (I run a Node 804). No idea how this happened, however have used some more velcro staps on them. Suspect either the cable quality or fan assult to be the root cause, can't see any other reason. After I posed this I restarted and both drives connected to that cable were missing. I cable tidy up and reboot was able to rebuild back onto the d
  4. Plot twist, the system become unstable with 70% CPU running something called cmdhotplug=apply. I have just forced a shutdown, was unable to extract the logs :-(. Something going on here.
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first time having a disabled drive in Unraid. The drive is not that old and has not produced any SMART errors in the lead up to this. It is connected using a Dell H310 HBA card. At the moment I suspect this is a cable issue? What would would be the suggested next steps? Stop array, unallocate the drive, run a smart test, then assuming all good rebuild onto the drive? Thanks!
  6. There was some changes to passthrough with the latest version of Unraid, perhaps I'd start there. Do you current use an unbind script?
  7. Do you have a link to the video? That sounds.. very unsafe.
  8. Are you avoiding upgrading because of the need to reboot?
  9. Hi Squid, I didn't realize it was CA mover until this arvo, happened around the same time as installing a bunch of stuff and upgrading. I'll do a post over in the CA mover threat with all the details.
  10. Thanks I didn't know that! Is the disk connected via SATA on the motherboard, or USB?
  11. Okay I deleted the CA Mover Tuning plugin and the issue went away.
  12. okay I deleted the CA Mover Tuning Plugin and my problems went away. Recommend giving it a try.
  13. I'd start with posting diagnostics. Sounds like a faulty drive, but I think unraid only disables a disk if it can't write to it, not if it can't read. So curious that this would happen during a large reading task.
  14. I had this issue with telegraf and Auto Fan. Resolved by removing auto fan and disabling smart readings in telegraf conf file. Don't think anything in unraid natively does this that can prevent spindown, must be an app or the features that can hopefully be disabled to get through until 6.9.1?