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  1. unraid-api restart fix worked for me also! thanks for the help
  2. Had the same issue with mounting, thanks for the tip
  3. I tried what you suggested but still had the same issue with the provisioning button being grayed out, I was using ms edge web browser, I switched over to firefox and the button worked, but, it then told me that dns rebinding was being enforced, which I believe was the root of my problem to begin with, I had recently got a new Goggle Nest Router and had to configure the dns to custom. then I was able to provision, all is working now. thanks for your help!
  4. something happened recently where I can no long connect to unraid via Https when I go to the Management Access screen, I do not have the ability to renew the certificate, button is greyed out. can anyone provide some guidance please
  5. Thanks for the information, I was able to get the Cache drive back by re-seating it, reboot alone did not do it. I am going to try monitoring read/write errors Thanks again. Bob
  6. -- I am using (2) Sabrent 512GB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD's for my cache pool. one of two the NVMe M.2 chips now shows up as "Not Installed " the server is still up running but I either need to re-seat the chip or replace it, I'm looking for recommendations on how to proceed so as I don't create more issues for myself. I have attached the Diagnostics zip file. thank you in advance for your support. MediaServer kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p1): error writing primary super block to device 1 Bob
  7. I have now done so, thank you for the suggestion!
  8. Think I am back in business, at least for now, reformed the USB, used USB creator, and it finished successful, reimported my license, and and I back in UNRAID.
  9. purchased a new cruzer fit 32gb usb, then purchased my license online 2 days ago, everything went fine until I reboot today, would not boot back up, so I try to re-run the USB creator, but when it finishes I get this error "error occurred when trying to lock the volume. error 5" please help,
  10. thank you for your response, you were correct, this was a server i just purchased used and i was not aware that there was an additional raid card inserted on the MB, I suppose needed to support the 6 drives configured. i pulled the card and connected the 4 Drives to the MB SATA connector, rebooted to unRaid and magically the drives appeared, setup one as a parity disk and the 3 others data, parity disk is rebuilding, 2 hours to go, right now everything looks great, thank you very much for your quick response, very excited about exploring unRaid potential. bobC
  11. Newbie Question watch a few of the online videos, all looks simple enough but cant seem to get it to work. trying to eval unRaid, have it booting on an HP N54L MicroServer, have (4) 1TB SATA Drives, and (2) SSD drives previously to testing unRaid, the drives were configured as follows 1 logical drive for the 2 SSD, RAID 1-0 1 logical drive for the 4 SATA drives RAID 5 I have deleted the logical drives in the HP RAID Card Bios. I can see all drives there, when I boot to unRaid, the and go to create an array, there are no drives in the drop down lists, if i recreate the original HP Raid card configs, then boot UnRaid, I see the two logical drives, but still not the individual drives because this is my first attempt, i am sure its something i am missing, any and all help would be greatly appreciated bobC