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Question regarding Unraid OS version 6.12.0-rc6 release

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limetech wrote the following,


For exclusive shares we made an implementation change.  We found issues using bind-mounts with ZFS pools with internal nested child datasets.  To overcome this problem, symlinks are created in /mnt/user instead.  For example, for an exclusive share named "myshare" which exists only on "mypool" this symlink is genreated:


/mnt/user/myshare -> /mnt/mypool/myshare



Shouldnt this be     /mnt/mypool/myshare -> /mnt/user/myshare    

or am i just not reading this correctly ?





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I set Enable User Share Assignment to no, due to I was having issues with RC5 where the data in the user share could be different then  what was in the dataset disk share.

that is how i found that appdata path could not be set to a zpool if enable share assignment is set to no. but you can set the docker vdisk location,

Possibly the  issue  with different data in user share and the pool dataset no longer an issue with RC6 ? sounds like some changes where made regarding using bind-mounts in zfs.




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