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  1. I have a GTX 1060 6GB and it seems to work... strange yours doesn't.
  2. @Geekd4d in the deluge WebUI, at the bottom right, you should see your "WAN IP". If this IP is the VPN ip, then i guess it's working in the VPN. There might be better way, just something quick I though.
  3. @hiptoss Great details! I didn't know of the limitation of changing it to QEMU Emulated CPU, so your details might solve issues for others
  4. @hiptoss You welcome. Glad you could fix it quick.
  5. In the VM tab of Unraid, click the individual VM you want to control.
  6. Change the CPU from Host passthru to Emulated. there is currently an issue with passing-thru AMD Ryzen 3000 series on QEMU 5.0 (what they ship 6.9beta22 with. You can do that in the WebGUI mode of the edit VM page, not even need to go in Advanced XML view.
  7. Seems to work fine. Small request: Can you add the full User Name of the users using the streams ? Just a big "F" or big "S" for lets say "Frank" or "Susan" is not useful when you also have a "Sylvain" and "Frodo" user...
  8. They probably update the driver for the e1000e in the 6.9.x Unraid (I just assume this, I have no knowledge of them doing so). 6.9 is on a lot more recent linux kernel also. This beta is at Beta 22, almost RC from what I understand. It is very stable for most of us running on it. If you run Unraid as a home user, i wouldn't be too much worried to run on it. If in Enterprise, that's another story
  9. Hi, I have a Rosewill RSV-L4000 if interested. It was modified with a kit from Spotswood computer cases during the mining craze (https://spotswoodcomputercases.com/wp/?page_id=9120). The modified allow the use of up to 7 GPU in the case. I have all the pieces from the original RSV-L4000, so it can be put back "as original" if needed. PM me if interested.
  10. @ryanhaver You can do it yourself using the new Unraid-Kernel-Helper docker. That let you build your own version, and you can add the new beta Nvidia driver.
  11. I saw the new bios, but did not installed it yet. I plan on maybe switching board and cpu with my other PC (asrock x470 with Ryzen 2700x) because I feel the 3900x will be more useful in a gaming pc
  12. @Killersplace Let us know if that helped thanks!
  13. Nice ! i'll check that !
  14. Anything but EFI, could be EFI-, EFI.old, EFIwhatever, etc.