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  1. Thank you !! I knew it was something simple :). It was in fact in /boot/config/pools. There was a file called ._cache.cfg with the real one cache.cfg, probably created by when I did use the USB in the Mac.
  2. Hi, at some point, a new device called ._cache appeared on my Unraid. I can't find where I can remove that!! it seems to think it's a Pool Device. It's probably a file that was created by MacOS when I navigate somewhere on the drive, but I can't seem to find where !!! Any idea?
  3. @ich777 Take all the time you need, it's not life-threatening
  4. Here is mine.unraid-diagnostics-20220923-1611.zip
  5. You rolled back to 6.10 and uninstalled driver etc ? Because I uninstalled Drivers on my 6.11, rebooted, Reinstalled the driver, and rebooted again, and it is still not seeing any GPU on mine.
  6. Same issue for me and a friend. I upgraded from 6.11-rc5 to 6.11 final, and GPU can't be find now.
  7. For me, it was easy. I went to plex.tv/claims, copy the new Claim ID, then edit my PLEX docker (from Plex INC) and put the new claim-id into the variable called "PLEX_CLAIM" and save and restart the docker.
  8. @PTRFRLL Will you upgrade T-rex to Latest 0.25.15 ? You should add an Environment Variable that we could use to specify a version of T-REX, this way you won't have to update it as often
  9. Welcome to UNRAID fun! started my "Unraid" journey in 2013 😮 Now have 118TB Array with 80TB already filled up!
  10. Quick question, I tried finding here but cant. Is there a way to disable all the ipv6? Just want to prevent "spaming" of the logs : 2021/11/03 03:06:46 [unexpected] peerapi listen("xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked") error: listen tcp6 [xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked]:0: bind: cannot assign requested address
  11. Following my Upgrade, my PLEX docker (using official PLEX Inc. docker) doesn't work anymore.
  12. @SpencerJ Any new translation needed for the 6.10 ? email me if you need!
  13. Thanks, i'm up and running on the Wireguard protocol now
  14. @binhex Hi! trying to find out if the DelugeVPN docker can use a Wireguard VPN .conf instead of OpenVPN? can't seem to find the info from that big 348 pages thread.