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  1. definately the issue! : My Ethernet is : PCI device 0x8086:0x1539 (igb) (igb, I suppose it's Intel ixgbe?) EDIT: Oh, no it's 10G card, my Intel Card is only a 1G card... Anyway, back on the 6.7.2 stable UNRAID build and will wait for other people to try the next rc of 6.8.x
  2. Ok. 6.8.0rc1 NVIDIA build, I loose Network. 6.7.2 Official, Network works, 6.7.2 NVIDIA build, Network works too. So, it seems that 6.8.0rc1 doesn't include the X570's boards NIC card driver (?), strange.
  3. I had to download official from Limetech, because even from GUI, no network... Now retrying 6.8.0rc1 to see.
  4. @CHBMB How can I put stable 6.7.2 UNRAID-NVIDIA without using the GUI ? if I boot, I don't get network with 6.8.0rc1, so I can't select a different version. I would like to just overwrite files on my USB key from a windows machine to go back to previous version... ?
  5. Tried the 6.8.0rc1 Unraid-Nvidia... No network anymore I have a ryzen 9 3900x on a ASUS WS X570-Pro motherboard. I'll check if I can again delete the .cfg and retry.
  6. @Leoyzen Just a question then. When LimeTech will release a 6.8 with the 5.2.x kernel, and I assume "LinuxServer.io" update their Unraid-NVIDIA version, Will we be able to just add all the patches you mentioned on top of the new version ? I mean the Zenpower, Vega reset patch, navi reset path, other fixes, etc.
  7. doesn't work at all. I was never able to do anything with it.
  8. Let us know. Also, what cable you are using for the breakout? As for the "Lights Out", i never was able to do anything with that... I specifically bought this board to have some sort of IPMI, coming from a Supermicro since the last 5 years, I was used to use this when I needed to see the screen or reset the device.
  9. They wrote : 418.30 or newer, not 430.18 or newer We have : 430.14, so higher than 418.30 ?
  10. With the new PlexPass build that include the built-in Decode?
  11. I’m ready for a 6.8-rc1
  12. @limetech Is newer Kernel (at least 5.2.7) still on track for 6.8 ? Us on the new X570 chipset want our System temp back You can see details of the issue in that thread :
  13. Finally, I upgraded my BIOS today to the 1001 version (the one with AGESA 1003ABBA) and when I was checking the BIOS settings, I saw a "U.2 mode" with valeur of PCIe or SATA. I changed it to SATA, but haven't tried again my Cable...