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  1. Damn, will have to wait longer to get back the "CPU temp" and other temps working on Ryzen 3000 series (x570 boards) . but good idea to not release as "stable" when knowing it's not stable
  2. Ok thank you! I'll leave it as is since there is no issue and it might come back working
  3. @ich777 Hi, I'm using the DoH-Client container. In my understanding, I can use it without the DoH-Server (wich is more to serve mobile devices outside the LAN?). I also pointed my Pi-Hole to the IP of the DoH-Client docker. It seems to works well, but inside the DoH-Client "Log window", I see a bunch of those : 2019/11/23 21:43:08 HTTP error from upstream https://doh.dns.sb/dns-query: 503 Service Unavailable is there a way to fix that so it doesn't spam the Log ?
  4. I think you can change the "all" to the # of the card in the NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES variable of your PLEX docker. That will isolate what NVIDIA card is passthru to this card instead of passing it all.
  5. Lol just realized now I was in the Plex thread 🤪. Good that you know about the security flaw, I suppose we’ll see update to all your dockers that have nginx Pretty quickly?
  6. Hey LinuxServer team, did you see this vulnerability: https://nextcloud.com/blog/urgent-security-issue-in-nginx-php-fpm/ pretty sure it impact multiple of your dockers?
  7. don't be hard on yourself, there is so much stuff in the move regarding Unraid, VMs, Dockers... it is easy to forget small details
  8. Someone already told me this simple Rule : GPU can be shared among Dockers (at the same time) GPU dedicated to a VM is only available to that VM until that VM is powered down Applying that rule to your question, I would say that no, it won't fallback on quicksync on the docker. If you turn off the VM, then maybe I guess ? (can't test since i'm running a Ryzen 9 3900x on my Unraid, so no quicksync).
  9. and did you went inside the Plex Settings to make sure that in section « transcoder », a checkmark was in the checkbox to use Hardware transcoding if available?
  10. definately the issue! : My Ethernet is : PCI device 0x8086:0x1539 (igb) (igb, I suppose it's Intel ixgbe?) EDIT: Oh, no it's 10G card, my Intel Card is only a 1G card... Anyway, back on the 6.7.2 stable UNRAID build and will wait for other people to try the next rc of 6.8.x
  11. Ok. 6.8.0rc1 NVIDIA build, I loose Network. 6.7.2 Official, Network works, 6.7.2 NVIDIA build, Network works too. So, it seems that 6.8.0rc1 doesn't include the X570's boards NIC card driver (?), strange.
  12. I had to download official from Limetech, because even from GUI, no network... Now retrying 6.8.0rc1 to see.
  13. @CHBMB How can I put stable 6.7.2 UNRAID-NVIDIA without using the GUI ? if I boot, I don't get network with 6.8.0rc1, so I can't select a different version. I would like to just overwrite files on my USB key from a windows machine to go back to previous version... ?
  14. Tried the 6.8.0rc1 Unraid-Nvidia... No network anymore I have a ryzen 9 3900x on a ASUS WS X570-Pro motherboard. I'll check if I can again delete the .cfg and retry.