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  1. Quick question, I tried finding here but cant. Is there a way to disable all the ipv6? Just want to prevent "spaming" of the logs : 2021/11/03 03:06:46 [unexpected] peerapi listen("xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked") error: listen tcp6 [xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked]:0: bind: cannot assign requested address
  2. Thanks, i'm up and running on the Wireguard protocol now
  3. @binhex Hi! trying to find out if the DelugeVPN docker can use a Wireguard VPN .conf instead of OpenVPN? can't seem to find the info from that big 348 pages thread.
  4. Bienvenu @chtidj ! J'espère que tu y trouveras ton compte.
  5. In my case, this is the default theme. I only choosed the Dynamix : Black.
  6. Here is the screenshot of the Inspect Element. Like @JohnnyGrey said, it seems the height is fixed at 512px, causing the issue.
  7. running the stock 6.9.0-rc2. No custom themes or CSS. Seems i'm not the only one if i read the next replies.
  8. @b3rs3rk, Hi, The GPU Statistic seems a bit strange on my Dashboard when transcoding PLEX... The PLEX display a big elongated logo
  9. I will leave it "AS IS", in Unsupported state, since Ubiquiti discontinued it.
  10. Salut, moi j'utilise une GTX 1060 6GB. Pas trop cher et ca fonctionne très bien! Pour la limite de 2 transcode, c'Est bien le cas. Il y a des manip pour contourner cette limite, que l'on ne peux pas discuter ici, mais que je peux dire, fonctionne.
  11. UPDATE: I fixed it by re-installing the NVIDIA Driver. I closed the window while it wasn't finished. It said to wait, but it was confusing because the line just before said the plugin finished download.
  12. @ich777 Hi! I Installed the NVIDIA Driver from CA, but It can't find my GTX 1060 6GB. I was previously running your Kernel-Helper Pre-compiled Beta30. I updated to Official Beta35, Uninstalled the Unraid-Kernel-Helper plugin, Rebooted, installed the NVidia Driver Plugin, rebooted, re-enabled the Docker, but still, the Nvidia Driver page in Settings doesn't list my card. Any idea?
  13. It seems yes. Maybe OP need to update his language files to latest ?
  14. Tu pourrais peut-être essayer avec un des Builds du KernelHelper : Perso, c'est ce que j'utilise pour mon Beta30 avec ma GTX 1060 6GB et ca fonctionne #1.