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  1. thanks for you help and answer ! I followed your instruction but isn t working. I removed the HD, start the array, stop again, setup and format the new HD, added on the array, after the parity was done, it s stop to work again I also can't remove the disk 6, I don t know why ? Where is not disk on this slot, nothing ! On top of it, my PLEX library crash after the parity check I don t understand. I lost all the meta of my library and the movies it's like I just added them ( ADD 7 hours ago, but it s wrong, I added then long time ago )
  2. Thanks ! So I stopped the Array, I unassigning the disk 3, I restart the array. Then I stop the array again, select the disk I want to add to disk3. Now I have Array Started•Parity-Sync / Data-Rebuild 0.1 % Do you think it should be ok ? Thanks !
  3. ok I stopped the array remove the HD and added it again, Now the HD on the array is '' unmoutable '' I don t understand ... Thanks for your help !
  4. Thanks for your answer, I just added a new HD, no replacing one broken The one I added is ''DISK 3""
  5. Hello, I don t know why, but I can't install a new HD. I clean and format the HD with PRECLEAN When I stop the array to add the new HD I start the Array then the HD start to works and show me the message: DEVICE IS DISABLE ... I can t find a way to make it work If someone could help me ... Thanks a lot ! ATTACHED My diag... Cheers
  6. Hello, The problem is back ! all my dockers stop to work at the same time :((( Please kindly find attached the diag file... Thanks a lot for your help !
  7. Sorry I read to fast ... So, I followed exactly what is on the wiki page. I m waiting the issue to re-occurs, and I ll post again the diags Thanks again for your help !
  8. Thanks for your answer ! Where and what do I need to check ? I m sorry, I m a noob... I had previously a corruption disk on disk 1 but now it s working well, look ok from the unraid page. Thanks !
  9. thanks for you answer and you help ! I was waiting it happen again to post the diagnostics. and boom! it s happen again tonight It s maybe something with my cache HD ... ?
  10. Hello ! I m running Unraid 6.8.0. Everything work well, but sometimes, I don t know why and how, all my containers stop to work in dockers. I m using PLEX and it s always a problem when the conteners stop work. I m looking for a solution to always restart plex in any situation, to have it ON 7/7 24h I try to use a script in CA USER SCRIPT ''docker update --restart unless-stopped plex'' But it s seems It doesn't work well ... Sorry I m a noob... Maybe I m doing something wrong... Thanks for you help ! Cheers
  11. Hello, I m running out of Sata port on my X9DR3-F Supermicro MB. I m looking for a 4 port SATA 3 extension card.... I saw the 9211-8i SATA3.0, but I don t need 8 port, I only need 4. Do you have any suggestion for a 4 ports? I plan to plug 8TB hard drive on it... Thanks ! Cheers !
  12. Okkk I processed ! looks Fine ! It s was stressful but seems now OK Parity-Sync/Data-Rebuild in progress.... Thanks a lot for you help !!!!
  13. Nothing happen from the ssh terminal, is it normal ? The failed disk was setup as DISK 4, so I change invalidslot 3 by 4, is ok ? thanks
  14. They two parity disk are valide . What is the invalid slot command? The disk I want to rebuilt is the last one on the list What I would like do, is just to cancel the new config I started and get back to the previous array config to avoid to erase the parity disk before rebuilt the failed Hard Drive.. Now I m afraid to start the array, I m afraid Unraid erase the two party disks before rebuild the new hard drive. I don t want to lose the data ! Thanks for your help