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  1. @ich777 Take all the time you need, it's not life-threatening
  2. Here is mine.unraid-diagnostics-20220923-1611.zip
  3. You rolled back to 6.10 and uninstalled driver etc ? Because I uninstalled Drivers on my 6.11, rebooted, Reinstalled the driver, and rebooted again, and it is still not seeing any GPU on mine.
  4. Same issue for me and a friend. I upgraded from 6.11-rc5 to 6.11 final, and GPU can't be find now.
  5. For me, it was easy. I went to plex.tv/claims, copy the new Claim ID, then edit my PLEX docker (from Plex INC) and put the new claim-id into the variable called "PLEX_CLAIM" and save and restart the docker.
  6. @PTRFRLL Will you upgrade T-rex to Latest 0.25.15 ? You should add an Environment Variable that we could use to specify a version of T-REX, this way you won't have to update it as often
  7. Welcome to UNRAID fun! started my "Unraid" journey in 2013 😮 Now have 118TB Array with 80TB already filled up!
  8. Quick question, I tried finding here but cant. Is there a way to disable all the ipv6? Just want to prevent "spaming" of the logs : 2021/11/03 03:06:46 [unexpected] peerapi listen("xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked") error: listen tcp6 [xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:masked:masked]:0: bind: cannot assign requested address
  9. Following my Upgrade, my PLEX docker (using official PLEX Inc. docker) doesn't work anymore.
  10. @SpencerJ Any new translation needed for the 6.10 ? email me if you need!
  11. Thanks, i'm up and running on the Wireguard protocol now
  12. @binhex Hi! trying to find out if the DelugeVPN docker can use a Wireguard VPN .conf instead of OpenVPN? can't seem to find the info from that big 348 pages thread.
  13. @guy.davis Hi! Just couple of newbie questions. For the Plotting SSD, would you use SATA SSD, NVMe on a PCI-e card or NVMe on Mobo ? I guess SATA SSD cheapest, but slower of the lot? For the final Farming, would you all put that outside of the array using Unassigned devices or for the farming part, using the Free space of the array is good enough?
  14. Je ne crois pas qu'il est possible car ca prendrait un Passthru du chipset mais je ne crois pas que ca marche, sinon ca prendrait une émulation du X570, encore là, je ne pense pas que ça marche. Donc, en gros, soit tu éteint la VM quand tu ne l'utilise pas, ou tu active le "sleep" (?) ou que tu le tolère comme ça.
  15. L’important c’est d’être au moins en gigabit filaire et éviter le wifi
  16. Peut-être installer le plugins Unassigned, ensuite monter un share du syno sur le Unraid, puis utiliser quelque chose comme le docker binhex-krusader pour lancer la copie. Ça tourne dans le docker donc direct sur le serveur Unraid
  17. Bienvenu @chtidj ! J'espère que tu y trouveras ton compte.
  18. @FlippinTurt Just want to know if you plan on updating to latest pi-hole versions or if there is a way to update them with variables or from within the Docker's console. Thanks for the good work!
  19. In my case, this is the default theme. I only choosed the Dynamix : Black.
  20. Here is the screenshot of the Inspect Element. Like @JohnnyGrey said, it seems the height is fixed at 512px, causing the issue.
  21. running the stock 6.9.0-rc2. No custom themes or CSS. Seems i'm not the only one if i read the next replies.
  22. @b3rs3rk, Hi, The GPU Statistic seems a bit strange on my Dashboard when transcoding PLEX... The PLEX display a big elongated logo
  23. I will leave it "AS IS", in Unsupported state, since Ubiquiti discontinued it.